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Updated on Jan 17, 2023

Whether you have already started a family or not, buying a life insurance policy can never be the wrong idea for anyone. It in fact is one of the smartest decisions one can take. You can use the money for protecting the financial future of your family or purchase a house, and many other things. You can start this by opting for SBI life insurance 50,000 per year plan for 5 years.

You can find several life insurance plans offered by SBI that come with a tenure of 5 years. If you are interested in SBI life insurance 50000 per year, you can even use the online calculator to have an idea of the value that you are getting.

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Why you should buy an SBI life insurance policy?

Buying an SBI life insurance policy is the wisest thing that you can do. Here are some of the reasons explaining the same.

  • The nominee or family members of the policyholder will receive the death benefit in case the latter passes away during the policy term
  • If the policyholder survives through the policy term, he/she will receive maturity benefits
  • As you take an SBI life insurance 50,000 per year plan for 5 years, you will receive a high return on shorter investment
  • You can have proper planning for your future.

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If you are interested in opting for SBI life insurance 50,000 per year plan for 5 years, then here are some of the plans that you can consider.

Names of SBI Life Plans Plan Type PT/PPT/SP Entry Age Maturity Age
Retire Smart Unit Linked Pension 5 Years 30 Years 80 Years
Shubh Nivesh Variable Savings 5 Years 18 Years 65 Years
Smart Platina Assure Endowment 6 Years 3 Years 75 Years
Wealth Builder Unit Linked 5 Years 2 Years 70 Years
Wealth Assure Unit Linked 10 Years 8 Years 70 Years
Grameen Bima Micro Finance 5 Years 18 Years NA

Let us know a bit more about these plans.

SBI Life Retire Smart

Planning for retirement is one of the most important things that we should do. You must make plans ahead so that you do not have to be dependent on anyone post-retirement. This is where the SBI Life Retire Smart plan works perfectly.

Highlights of the plan:

  • Guaranteed additions of annualized premium help in boosting the fund value
  • The vesting age can be postponed
  • You can choose regular, limited, or single premium payment options at your convenience
  • For regular, the minimum annualized premium is INR 24,000; for limited, it is INR 40,000; and for single premium payment, it is INR 1 Lakh.

SBI Life Shubh Nivesh

It is a non-linked, non-participating, and insurance-saving product and lets you choose a Whole Life Coverage. The benefits can be broken into a regular income stream.

Highlights of the plan:

  • The coverage can be extended to the whole life
  • The payment mode can be regular or single pay
  • The coverage can be boosted by choosing riders against an additional premium
  • The minimum single payment premium is INR 43,000, while there is no cap on the upper limit.

SBI Life Smart Platina Assure

It is an endowment plan which is non-linked and non-participating. By paying for a limited time, you can get guaranteed returns under this policy.

Highlights of the plan:

  • Along with guaranteed income, the plan offers life cover
  • Depending on the policy payment term you choose, you can get assured guarantee additions of 5.25% to 5.75% at the end of each year
  • You can choose 6 and 7 years for policy payment for 12 and 15 years term
  • You can pay the premium either monthly or annually
  • The minimum premium that you can pay yearly is INR 50,000.

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder

It is an individual-linked and non-participating plan that helps the policyholders to plan their retirement and create a wealth corpus accordingly.

Highlights of the plan:

  • Additions are guaranteed
  • The plan comes with a lock-in period of 5 years
  • The premium payment is available in all the options such as regular, limited, and single payment
  • The minimum payment for a single premium is INR 65,000.

SBI Smart Wealth Assure

This is a unit-linked plan and targets individuals who want to invest in higher yields through market-linked tools.

Highlights of the plan:

  • By paying a single premium, you can avail of life coverage for the policy term
  • You can check out all the seven market-linked funds and choose any one to earn higher returns
  • The lock-in period is for 5 years
  • You can add riders to boost your coverage
  • The minimum premium you have to pay is INR 50,000, while there is no cap on the upper limit.

SBI Life Grameen Bima

It is a microfinance life insurance policy that is non-linked and non-participating.

Highlights of the plan:

  • You can pay the premium only once
  • Depending upon your finances and affordability, you can choose the premium to be paid
  • There is no pre-medical evaluation carried out; instead, enrollment is done based on a questionnaire
  • The minimum single premium is INR 300 and the maximum is INR 50,000. The amount changes depending on the age bands.

Now, all that you need to do is to choose from the SBI life insurance 50,000 per year plan for 5 years. To check the premium, you need to pay for certain plans, you can even use SBI Life Insurance Calculator.

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FAQs on SBI Life Insurance Plan for 5 Years

What is a 5-year-term life insurance policy?

A 5-year-term life insurance policy provides coverage to the insured for five years.

Is SBI Life better than LIC?

It totally depends upon your choice though. Although the Claim Settlement Ratio of LIC is 96.69% and SBLI Life is 93.09%, you can check out and compare the plans of both life insurance providers and then choose accordingly.

What are some of the best SBI Life insurance plans for 5 years?

Some of the best SBI Life insurance policies for 5 years are Retire Smart, Shubh Nivesh, Smart Platina Assure, Wealth Builder, Wealth Assure, and Grameen Bima.

Is SBI Life insurance safe?

SBI Life insurance is absolutely safe. You can get some of the best life insurance policies at the most affordable premiums.

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