International Day of the Girl Child 2024 – Check History, Timeline, Facts and Importance


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Girl child abuse, gender inequalities between boys and girls, and discrimination & violence against the girl child are some terms that many fortunate women living amidst the warmth of their loved ones may not understand. However, the fact is that there are a large number of girls living under such circumstances globally and waiting to get rescued from such conditions. International Day of the Girl Child is an event that was initiated to address the challenges and inequalities faced by girls across the globe. The day is observed on 11th October every year to help girls with education and training to make them self-sufficient and successful. Let us discuss it in detail in this post.

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History of International Day of the Girl Child

In 1995, Beijing hosted the World Conference on Women, where several nations unanimously adopted the Beijing Declaration. This was the first blueprint ever that recognized the need to address the concerns faced by young girls across the globe.

The success of the declaration called for a proposal in the 55th United Nations General Assembly to observe the International Day of the Girl Child. On December 19, 2011, finally, the resolution was passed by the United Nations General Assembly, which declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child.

The day was initiated to recognize the rights of the girls and the challenges faced by them. The first International Day of the Girl Child was observed on October 11, 2012. Focusing on the empowerment of girls and to eliminate their challenges.

International Day of the Girl Child Timeline

Here is the timeline of International Girl Child Day 2024:


World Conference on Women – (The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action was the first platform where the outline towards the rights of girls was discussed.)


International Day of the Girl Child – (The U.N. passed a resolution to adopt 11 October as the International Day of the Girl Child)


Observed for the First Time – (The first year of observing the International Day of the Girl Child was focussed on ending child marriages of girls.)


The Day Gained Attention – (2,043 activities and events were observed on this day globally by 2013)

Things You Can Do to Observe the International Day of the Girl Child

1. Sponsor a girl’s education and empower her:

On the special occasion of International Girls’ Day, you can take up the responsibility of an underprivileged girl child by sponsoring her education and giving her wings to fly

2. Join a group or NGO that works towards empowering girls:

On World Girl Child Day 2024, you can volunteer your services by joining a non-profit that works towards empowering girls and making them self-sufficient

 3. Make a poor girl smile:

You can also donate or gift something to underprivileged girls in the neighborhood. It needn’t be an expensive item. Even small things like toys, books, pencils, pens, etc., can be offered to bring smiles to their face

4. Participate in events taking place on International Day of the Girl Child:

You can look for events that take place in your vicinity related to this day to uplift the girl child. You can partake in such events and contribute towards their success   

Some Facts That Might Amaze You

Here are some facts related to girl child that you may not be aware of:

  1. Around 96% of human trafficking cases are related to girls and women who are trafficked for sexual exploitation
  2. Every year, millions of young girls and women get HIV due to the flesh trade
  3. Over 44% of girls (within 15 to 19 years) endure cruelty done by husbands like beating, domestic violence
  4. Girls spend twice the time as boys doing labor. Small girls within the age group of five to 14 years work for over 28 hours

Why is it Important to Observe the International Day of the Girl Child? 

Here are the points that specify the International Girl Child Day significance:

1. For the empowerment of girls:

To work for the rights of little girls is important because they are too vulnerable to fight for themselves. Girls are precious souls who lighten up our lives with happiness. It is unfortunate that many girls are still unable to reach school, study, and be self-sufficient despite so much development in the world. A skilled and educated girl contributes to society with her skills in her adulthood.

2. To eliminate gender-based discrimination deep-rooted in our society:

In many societies, gender-based biasedness has been common across the globe. This has been passed on for generations now and is deep-rooted in society. The International Day of the Girl Child aims at eradicating such prejudice

3. Empowerment of young girls causes empowerment of women:

If girls are empowered at a young age or during adolescence, they can become confident and liberated women. This impacts society positively. Thus, the observance of International Girl’s Day is an occasion to allow a platform for underprivileged girls to get equal rights to education and skills and support them in raising their voices against inequality.

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To Sum Up

11 October is a special day in India and across the globe because it is the day of the International Day of the Girl Child. This is a day celebrated across the globe to focus on the challenges and inequalities faced by girls.

If you have girls in your family, love them and cherish their presence. Allow them the opportunity to be self-sufficient by giving them quality and skill-based education. Taking care of the health of the girl child is also important. And for that, you can invest in a good health insurance plan for your child so that she can stay away from the worries of various women-specific illnesses.
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FAQs: International Day of the Girl Child

What was the theme for International Girl Child Day 2024?

"Invest in Girls' Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being"

When is International Girls’ Day Observed?

The observance of the International Girls’ Day date is October 11 every year.

When is Antarrashtriya or International balika diwas (अंतरराष्ट्रीय बालिका दिवस) or International Day of the Girl Child?

It is celebrated on October 11 every year. The first International Girl Child Day was started in 2012.

What is the National Girl Child Day 2024 theme?

India celebrates National Girl Child Day on 24th January every year. The slogan for the National Girl Child Day 2024 is “Digital Generation, Our Generation”.

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