Things To Do When Your Car Catches Fire: What to do when car catches fire?


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Do you have any idea what to do when car catches fire? If not, read on to know the things that you must carry on when you have your car on fire.

Predicting what will happen in the future is something that no one can say. Likewise, we don’t know what might happen to us on the road while driving our car. When you are on the road, any unforeseen situation can take place such as a flat tyre, fuel leakage, or a sudden fire engulfing your car engine and so on.

But are you prepared for any such fatal situation of your car being on fire? Do you know what to do when car catches fire? If you are looking for such answers, you must read on. In this blog we are discussing how a car can catch fire and what you must do if you find your car on fire.

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Possible Reasons for a Car Catching Fire

Your vehicle gives away warning signals when there is something wrong with the machine and that is the right time to visit a mechanic.  So, it is important to understand and note such warnings to avoid a car on fire.  For this, you should first know the precise reasons when your car might catch fire.

Here are some reasons when your car can catch fire:

  • Collision – If your car gets into a collision due to accidents or mishap, it might catch fire.
  • Engine fault – If there is something wrong with the setup of the  electrical wiring of your car, it might be on fire.
  • Failure in fuel system – If there is a failure or malfunction in your car’s fuel system even in that case there are chances of your car getting fire.
  • Fuel pipe breakage – This is another reason for your car to catch fire if there is any fuel pipe breakage in your car.
  • Accidental fire – This is another reason that might cause fire in your car. So, if by chance you leave a burning cigarette or any other such substance in the car it might ignite fire.

Signs that Indicate Fire in your Car

There are certain signals that your car will indicate to convey that it is likely to catch fire. However, the important thing is to read such signs timely and act accordingly before your car catches fire. Taking immediate action is very important and so you have to be fast in reading such warning signs. It is also important to note such signs to save your car from damage as well as to ensure the safety of the people sitting in the car.

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7 Signs to Note if you Don’t Want your Car to Catch Fire:    

  1. You might experience repeated changes in the temperature of your car engine. Constant change in the fuel and oil levels.
  2. You might see a loose wiring.
  3. You might hear a loud sound coming from the exhaust system of your car.
  4. The fuse of the car might blow continuously.
  5. There might be loose or broken hoses.
  6. If the oil filler’s cap of your car is missing.
  7. If there is any oil leakage etc.

All the above and many other signs will predict that there is something wrong with your car and a fire might catch anytime. So, if you notice any of these signs, you must not use the car for driving and call a mechanic immediately.

Moreover, with regular servicing of your car you can reduce such a situation and tackle it easily before it becomes serious.

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What to do when a Car Catches Fire?

Here are the things that you must do if you see your car catching fire or if you see any flame/smoke coming from any parts of the car in case of a car fire accident:

  1. Immediately bring the car to a halt and turn off the engine of your car. Take out the car keys, get down from the car and stand away from the vehicle. Turning off the engine is important to cut the supply of fuel coming to the engine to lower the risk of fire.
  2. Immediately when you see smoke or flame in your car, vacate the car and stand away from the car. Also, help others sitting in the car to leave the car instantly, while you keep the hood of the car open.
  3. Stand at least 100 feet apart from the car to stay protected from the poisonous smoke coming from the car.
  4. The next thing to do is to call the police and the fire service centre for help by informing them about your location.
  5. Now, you have to inform the mechanic or the car service centre and inform them to come and aid you with the situation.
  6.  Also, you must inform your insurance company about the situation by making a call to them as soon as possible. This is a necessary step to facilitate claims on the damage that you will incur in the repairs of the car.
  7. Do not step near the car to retrieve any item left in the car as it might be dangerous.
  8. Also, do not try to act smart and take any measure to control the fire on your own.

Does your Insurance Policy cover Fire Damages in your Car?

Whether your insurance policy covers against fire damages in your car or not actually depends on the type of insurance policy. A comprehensive car insurance plan will allow coverage of the loss caused to your car due to fire. However, in case of a third-party liability insurance cover, it will not protect you against any damages if your car catches fire.

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Safety of the people sitting in the car as well as located outside the car is the first priority in case of a fire on car. The next important thing is to follow the safety instructions and inform the concerned authority as mentioned above in the blog. By following the required measures, you can get the fire extinguished quickly and avoid any major loss.

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