World Consumer Rights Day 2024: Check Theme, History, Significance, and How to Observe?


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Every year March 15 is celebrated as World Consumer Rights Day to educate people about the rights and needs of consumers across the globe. Let us take a look at the history and facts about this day, in this post.

World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated globally on March 15 every year. This event aims at raising awareness about the rights that a consumer has. So, what exactly is consumer rights? Consumer rights implies that every consumer who buys various goods and products has the right to get all information related to the price and quality of the goods or service.

Not only this, the consumer also has the right to file complaints against products and companies if they are not satisfied with them from anywhere, anytime. Also, there are many other aspects of consumer rights that most buyers of products are not aware of. Thus, by observing the Consumer Rights’ Day, it is aimed to make people aware and to educate them about the rights to seek protection and to stay safe from the fake brands and products in the marketplace.

So, let us take a look at the details, the significance and other information about this day starting with its history.

History of World Consumer Rights Day 2024

The World Consumer Rights Day, observed annually on 15 March, aims at making sure that consumers globally are equipped with all the required information that supports them to make informed decisions.

The annual event of World Consumer Rights Day has been introduced and managed by Consumers International, which is an international consumer federation founded in the year 1960. The federation was introduced as an influential autonomous voice for consumers.

The day was first observed in 1983, which is the same date when U.S. President John F Kennedy delivered a speech to the U.S. Congress in 1962. The president coined four key rights of consumers in his speech, which are right to safety, right to choose, right to be heard and right to be informed.

Ever since its inception, the World Consumer Rights Day has received huge popularity. The celebration of the day is associated with a particular theme chosen for every year.

As consumers, it is important for us to know our rights because it helps us to understand if the particular brands and companies are making a fool out of us or cheating us while buying products. Further, it helps us to raise our legal opinion against goods or services bought against our rights.

Theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2024

This year 2024, the theme of world consumer rights day is “Clean Energy Transitions”.

What is the Significance of World Consumer Rights Day?

The significance of the World Consumer Rights Day is due to the fact that this day recognises the rights of a consumer or the buyers and educates them to act upon such rights.  As such, it is important for everyone to be aware about their rights as a consumer. This is because the steps taken by consumers as per their rights open ways for many others living under confusion or dilemma.

How is World Consumer Day 2024 Observed?

On World Consumer Day, the organizers arrange events and activities where discussions regarding protection and respect of the rights of consumers are discussed. Further, no discrimination is done on the basis of the background of the buyer or the product being purchased. The day was observed to influence consumers about their power and knowledge and against social injustice and market abuses.

To join the celebration of World Consumer Rights Day, you may;

  • Join events organised for consumer rights. In fact, numerous events are held worldwide on consumer awareness, which you can be a part of
  • You may also take the help of social media platforms and other means of communication to educate your friends and family about their rights as consumers

You can share your story as a consumer if you have gone through any situation under which your consumer rights were violated and what you did about it.

Some Facts About Consumer Rights You Should Know

  • Do you know that you do not need a lawyer to appear in a consumer court
  • A person can represent their case on their own and do not need any lawyer
  • As a consumer, you have the right to know about all product information of goods or services before you buy them like its quality, purity, price, quantity etc.
  • Each and every consumer has the right to pick the goods and service they want or to choose its alternative
  • A consumer can seek compensation against unfair business practices
  • Around 80 countries in the world have included the principles of consumer protection in business regulations for online shopping.

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To Conclude 

It is important to stay safe against unfair trade practices and such companies who cheat their buyers. World Consumer Rights Day allows people to raise voices and awareness against fraud practices. People look forward to World Consumer Day as a day to raise awareness and to bring changes for the betterment of world consumers.
The way consumer rights day talks about safeguarding the rights of consumers, similarly insurance talks about safeguarding the health and wellbeing of individuals. Be it a health insurance or a life, term, bike or even a car insurance, a comprehensive protection plan of insurance supports people or the consumer to feel secured.

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FAQs on World Consumer Rights Day

When is the world consumer rights day observed?

The World Consumer Rights Day is observed annually on 15 March.

World consumer rights day was inspired by which political leader?

World Consumer Rights Day was inspired by President John F Kennedy, who addressed the issue of consumer rights at US Congress on 15th March 1962.

What duties does a consumer should perform? 

The duties performed by a consumer include - to be aware, to be vocal, to be ethical, and to respect the environment.

What rights does a consumer enjoy?

The basic rights of consumers are;

The right to value for money
Right to safety
Right to information
Right to choose
Right to consumer education, and 
Right to representation

What do you mean by the Consumer Protection Act?

The Consumer Protection Act ensures easy, smooth and fast compensation with regards to consumer grievances. It encourages consumers to talk about flaws in consumer goods and services.

What happens if someone promotes misleading products?

If a renowned personality promotes misleading products, they may be banned from promoting anything for up to 3 years. They might also be penalised for up to INR 50 lakh, according to the Consumer Protection Act 2019.

When is World consumer rights day celebrated?

The World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated annually on 15 March.

What is product liability?

Under product liability, a manufacturer compensates consumers if the products offered by them are damaged or it causes any injury. Product liability complaints can be made against defective products or providing faulty services.

What is the penalty for a false or misleading advertisement?

For false advertisements, a penalty of up to INR 10 lakh or jail up to 2 years may be charged.

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