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As humans, we all have a name for an identity, and the same vehicles have a registration number. These four-digit vehicle registration numbers are issued by Regional Transport Office or RTO in random order. However, some people are interested in getting the so-called VIP number plates for their vehicles. 

Also known as Fancy Numbers, these specifically chosen numbers can be fetched by following a step-by-step procedure. The fees and processing time to get a fancy number may vary for a car and a bike, and also on the type of number you want to register.

So, can anyone get a fancy number for car of choice like 9999 or 1111? Who can get such VIP car numbers, and how? Let us acquaint you with a complete guide to getting fancy numbers for your vehicles.

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What is a Fancy Number Plate?

Whether it is an urge to show some exclusiveness or for the sake of numerology and luck, sometimes, we prefer going specific even when getting a vehicle registered. Investing in a vehicle, whether a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler is a matter of great joy, and the joy can be enhanced further by flaunting a fancy number plate on the vehicle.

Numbers like 0001, 9999, and 7777 are rare and are not easy to get for a vehicle plate. They are bought by paying some extra cost and are called fancy numbers or VIP numbers. RTO charges additional for such special vehicle numbers to raise extra funds for the government.

Rules for Fancy Vehicle Numbers

According to the latest number plate rules, all vehicles, new or old must have an HSRP or High-Security Registration Plate that ensures standardization and steadiness of the vehicle registration plate PAN-India. The Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 states that all new vehicles will be available with an HSRP, and it applies even to fancy number plates.

How to Check the Availability of a Fancy Number Plate?

The procedure to check for the availability of a fancy number for a car goes as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Step 2: Choose the “Choose Number” option at the bottom right side of the page

Step 3: Once redirected to a new page, select your state and the respective RTO

Step 4: Check the available fancy car numbers

How to Apply for a Fancy Number Plate?

You may be aware of how to apply for a number plate, but is the procedure the same to apply for a choice numberfor a vehicle? Yes, not only the procedure to get a fancy number is different from a normal number, the amount for the two varies too.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to apply for fancy numbers:

Step 1: Submit a duly-filled application for a fancy number at the respective RTO office

Step 2: Post approval for a lucky number, you will have to pay for the charges for the same

Step 3: If there are more people interested to get the same fancy number, then there will be an auction for the same

Step 4: Complete the fancy number registration within 30 days, else the booking will become invalid

How to Bid for Fancy Number/ V.I.P Number for Vehicle

The RTO choice number list has several VIP numbers preferred by many vehicle owners for their two-wheelers and four-wheelers. When more than one person is interested in getting a fancy number for the vehicle, then he/ she needs to follow a centralized bidding procedure that goes as follows:

Step 1: Register online on the official portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway

Step 2: Sign Up for a New Account

Step 3: Activate the account

Step 4: After login, you will see 2 options: Proceed to Auction and First Come First Serve Process

Step 5: Select the first option that says Proceed to Auction and select the fancy number for bidding

Step 6: Reserve the price for bidding on a fancy number

RTO Fancy Numbers Price List

If you are keen to get a fancy number for your vehicle, then it is important to be aware of what is the cost of such a unique preference. Remember that the vehicle registration fee may vary from state to state for a particular fancy number. Therefore, please ensure to check the exact price of a fancy number for a car in your state before registering for the same.

The table below will give you an idea of how much it cost to purchase a lucky number for a car or two-wheeler:

Fancy Number Category  Types of Fancy Numbers Fancy Number RTO Booking Price for Car Fancy Number RTO Booking Price for Two-Wheeler
Super Elite Number 0001 Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 50,000
Single Digit Number 0002, 0004, 0009, and so on Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 20,000
Semi-Fancy Number 0111, 2222,4444,5555, 0100, 7000, and so on Rs. 70,000 Rs. 15,000
Miscellaneous 0099, 0786, 0010, 9009, 0123, and so on Rs. 50,000 Rs. 10,000

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Remember, the process of booking a fancy number for a vehicle is different from actually buying a vehicle. If you are an auto enthusiast and want to flaunt a uniqueness, then there is always an option to choose a lucky number for your vehicle, but do so only after researching well about the rules, price, cost, procedure, and availability of such special vehicle numbers in your state.

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FAQs: Fancy or VIP Number for Your Vehicle

How long does it take to get a fancy number plate in India?

It takes 10 days to get a fancy car number plate in India. It includes 3 days of registration and 2 days of the bidding procedure for the same. After that, it takes the next 5 days to complete the entire procedure.

How much does the 9999 number plate cost in India?

The biggest amount ever spent by someone to own a vehicle number plate 9999 in India was Rs. 1.12 Crore. It was for a two-wheeler registration in Himachal Pradesh.

Why is the 0001 car number plate expensive?

Numbers like 0001, 1111, 2222, 7777, 9999, and so on are not random numbers for any vehicle. These are also tagged as VIP numbers, so they are offered at extra cost.

What is the most popular car number in India?

The most popular car number in India is 9999. Apart from 9999, the other popular car numbers in India are 7777, 1111, 0001, 0007, and 0786.

Can a car number be 0000?

No, a car number cannot be 0000 because it is an invalid registration number as per the RTO rules. According to the RTO, a car number should be visible and legible, and 0000 is not legible in that respect.

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