How to check vehicle owner details, name by number plate or registration number throughs SMS and VAHAN website?


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RTO Vehicle Information & Owner Details: Check Vehicle Owner Details, Name by Number Plate!

In many circumstances, it becomes necessary to check the details of a vehicle owner by registration number. For instance, in case of hit and run accidents, you need the vehicle owner’s details to find his/her name, address and so on. In such cases, one can easily find the details of a vehicle owner name by number plate details or by accessing the registration number.

Moreover, for people who want to buy a second-hand bike or two-wheeler, they can know the bike owner details by using the vehicle registration number or the number available on the number plate of the vehicle. Even in this case, you can find the details of the vehicle and the vehicle owner by using the registration number of the vehicle.

To check vehicle owner name by registration number, you can use the SMS option or go through VAHAN app/portal which is a government database portal having records of every vehicle in the country.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can check the details of a bike owner with the help of the registration number of a two-wheeler.

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How to check vehicle owner details by registration number online?

The two methods listed below are the primary ways to check a vehicle registration certificate’s (RC) details.

  1. Through the Parivahan Website
  2. Through Using SMS

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Steps to check vehicle owner details by number plate or registration number through the VAHAN website?

VAHAN is a portal launched by the ministry of Road Transport and Highways with a database of vehicles. The central government initiated this portal to make the process of finding vehicle details by number. Being a centralized database, anyone can access registration related details of as many as 28 crore vehicles in the country with the help of Vahan.  With details of such a vast number of vehicles at one place, VAHAN serves as an extremely useful portal for people. Not only two wheeler details, here you can find all other vehicle owner details by number plate online or registration number, such as cars, buses, trucks and so on.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: As a first step, you must go to the official website of PARIVAHAN –
  • Step 2: Now, at the top of the website on the navigation menu, click on “Know Your Vehicle Details”.
  • Step 3: Here, you must submit the Registration Number of the vehicle. If you don’t remember the registration no., you can even submit the number available on the number plate of the vehicle to get the other details.
  • Step 4: Now, the website will ask for a captcha code, which you must submit and click on the ‘search vehicle’ option.
  • Step 5: A page will appear in front of you with details of the vehicle owner and with details of the vehicle.

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What details of the vehicle owner can be obtained using VAHAN website?

By following the above mention directions, you can access different details of the vehicle, such as:

  • Name of owner
  • Date of registration
  • Registration number
  • Type/class of vehicle
  • Fuel type
  • Details of road tax
  • Details of motor insurance expiry date
  • Details of emission norms
  • Registration certificate status
  • Model no. of vehicle and its manufacturer’s name
  • Expiry date of Registration
  • Partial details of chassis and engine number
  • PUC certificate expiry date.

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Steps to find vehicle registration details through SMS

Besides checking the registration details of the vehicle owner on the VAHAN website online, you also have the provision to do the same via SMS. Here’s how in 2 easy steps:

  1. Go to Compose in your messaging app on the phone.
  2. Type VAHAN <space> enter the registration number of the vehicle
  3. Send this message to the number 7738299899

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Tracing vehicle owner details by number plate: In what case do you need to find vehicle details by registration number?

There are innumerable reasons where you might require to find vehicle insurance details by registration number in India. Being a huge country with a large population, thousands of vehicles are bought by people on an everyday basis, including the used vehicles. This makes it difficult to track their details.  Thus, in case of any emergency, registration number comes handy for searching vehicle details of any vehicle including two-wheeler and four-wheeler.

Here are the common reasons to find details of a vehicle using its number plate or registration number:

  • In case of an accident – In many accidents or mishaps, it might happen that two bikes collide with one another causing damage. In such a case, disagreement might arise between the two vehicle owners. Here, it becomes easy to trace the details of a vehicle owner with the help of the registration number of the vehicle.
  • In case of Hit and Run accidents – There are many hit and run cases taking place across the country which we read in the news every day. In such hit and run cases, it becomes difficult to get the name and address of the vehicle owner. So, here the address and other details of the vehicle owner can be traced with the help of the VAHAN database.
  • In case of purchasing a second-hand vehicle – If you plan to buy a second-hand bike from a vehicle dealer or directly from the owner of the bike, you can use the number plate or registration number of the vehicle to find its details such as bike insurance via the VAHAN database. This way you can confirm the reliability of the vehicle as well as the credibility of the bike owner.
  • No Objection Certificate – While moving from one state to another, it is important to present a NOC or No Objection Certificate for your two-wheeler. However, with the help of the VAHAN database, Regional Transport Offices across the country can centrally access the vehicle details or check the bike numbers of each and every vehicle with ease. So, it gives you time to produce the NOC within a year rather than producing it immediately.



The vehicle registration number comes handy in many cases, especially in hit and run cases. Moreover, people can also use registration numbers to know about the details of their bike or car insurance policy, including the expiry date of the policy.

As mentioned above, by visiting the VAHAN website and by carrying on the above steps, you can find the vehicle owner by number and also other vehicle details by number easily.

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FAQs on How to Check Vehicle Owner Details By Number Plate or Registration Number

Is it possible to check the owner of a vehicle?

Yes it is. All you need is to visit the official VAHAN website at get the required information of a vehicle owner with the help of the registration number of the vehicle and vehicle details.

How can I find the owner of a vehicle with the number?

There are many ways to find the owner of a vehicle with the help of vehicle registration number. You can visit Vahan website or can get the details via SMS. For getting details via SMS, you just have to type VAHAN vehicle's registration number and send it to 7738299899.

What information can be fetched online through vehicle registration number?

The information that you can fetch online through vehicle registration number include details of the car owner including owner name, car type, fuel type of the car, road tax details, registration date, insurance details etc.

When do you need to find vehicle details by registration number?

You need to find vehicle details by registration number in case you lose your vehicle documents. Also, for stolen vehicles the details are required if you wants to file a claim. Vehicle information is Compulsory even in the situation when you don't have valid documents.

How can one find the owner of a car or bike in India by the license plate number?

You can know the details about a vehicle's owner with the help of the license plate number. For this you can visit the official Vahan website and submit the license number of a car to get different details of a car or bike.

Can I check the tax validity of my vehicle with its registration number?

Yes, there is a provision to assess the tax validity date of your vehicle by using its registration number. Simply go to the VAHAN website and search for details on “MV Tax Up To."

How does VAHAN collect vehicular details?

VAHAN collects data about all the vehicles from the National Motor Vehicles Register. The National Register in turn collects vehicular information from the respective State Registers, which in turn obtain the relevant data from RTOs and DTOs.

Can we find the home address of the vehicle’s owner using these methods?

In order to find the home address of the vehicle owner using its registration number, follow these simple steps:

- Go to
- Click on ‘Vehicle Owner’s Home Address’.
- Follow the steps to get the address.

How to get FASTag registration details with the registration number of a car?

For this, you would need to:

- Go to the official website of FASTag of your issuer bank authority or the FASTag service provider that gave you the tag.
- Go to the Contact section of the website.
- Find the customer support number in the section and speak to an executive from the issuer bank/service provider to help you with finding the required details.
- You would be required to provide your vehicle registration number to the executive.
- Once your vehicle number is verified by the executive, they would help you with the FASTag customer ID.

Where do I need to complain about my vehicle registration details?

In case of any query or complaint with regard to the registration details of your vehicle, you would need to physically visit the respective RTO where the vehicle had been registered, for grievance redressal. Alternatively, you may go to the VAHAN portal for certain online services such as transfer of vehicle ownership or change/update of mobile number.

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