Updated List of Rules for Traffic Violations and Fines in India


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Traffic Fines in India

We all know that to be able to drive safely and without hassle, one needs to follow traffic rules in India. We also know that in case of violation of traffic rules, one has to pay penalty.

In this blog, we will analyze the importance of the traffic rules, why they are made obligatory, and discuss the updated list of new traffic rules in India.

Traffic rules are intended and made obligatory to protect the vehicle drivers on the roads and to safeguard the citizens of the country. Each and every country has their set of traffic rules and regulations that the citizens are expected to abide by. These rules are so designed to ensure smooth transport system within the country. That is the reason these important rules are made obligatory for the citizens.

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Importance of New Traffic Rules in India

It is important to abide by the rules and regulation of traffic in India to enjoy hassle-free drive in your car/bike. There are certain guidelines set by the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 for all vehicles that ply on the Indian roads. These rules are likely to be maintained by everyone for their safety, and to maintain order in the country and on the roads. Further, it is also important to note that if any traffic rule is broken, there is heavy traffic fine in India that is levied on you. Also, violation of such rules can have your license cancelled, and might land you in jail.

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10 Newly Implemented Traffic Rules in India

Looking at the rising number of road accidents, certain changes were thought to be necessary in the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The amended act was put into practice from September 1, 2019.

Here are the list of traffic rules that every person driving a car/bike needs to follow:

  1. Rule against Drink and Drive – Drink and drive is a serious offense in India. Many road accidents have took place on the roads because of the drink and drive issue. Drunk driving causes many mishaps on the road, which we see and hear on everyday basis. Thus, no one should drive while in the state of intoxication as it is a serious offense punishable by law.
  2. Rule regarding License and Insurance – Every person driving on the roads of India are expected to ride with a valid license as well as a vehicle insurance. Driving without an insurance and license is a punishable offence. So, if you are driving a vehicle, two-wheeler or four-wheeler, you are likely to have at least a third party insurance plan. Further, as per the new traffic rule, the penalty for driving without a license has been set at Rs. 5000, which was previously Rs. 500.
  3. Driving without insurance – In case of driving a vehicle without an insurance plan, the fine levied is Rs.2000, which was earlier set at Rs.1000. If a person fails to pay the amount, he/she might land in jail for up to 3 months (first-time offenders). If the offense is repeated again, a fine of Rs 4,000 is levied for 2nd time law breakers, while the imprisonment term remains the same as 3 months.
  4. Rule against indulging in hazardous driving – Driving dangerously is not safe and it is against the rule of traffic in India. Things like rash driving or conversing on the mobile while driving your car is not allowed and so must be avoided. Thus, if you ever have to talk while driving, you can park your car in the side and attend your call.
  5. Rule regarding use of Helmet – For two-wheeler riders, it is mandatory to always use helmet. Every two-wheeler rider must wear helmet while riding a bike. Helmet is also mandatory for the passenger seating behind the rider.
  6. Rule regarding Pillion Rider – The Motor Vehicle Act states that only one pillion rider is allowed in a bike/two wheeler along with the rider. Riding an overloaded bike or taking more pillion riders can get you into trouble and you might be fined.
  7. Rule regarding use of indicators – As per the new rule, every person driving a vehicle in India is expected to use indicators as required to ensure safety of every person plying on the roads. So, you must use indicator while turning your vehicle on the road or before you move from one side of the road to the other.
  8. Rule regarding Rear view Mirrors – As per new rule, every person driving a vehicle is expected to check on rear view mirror of the vehicle before shifting their lanes. This helps in avoiding a crash or collision with other vehicles on the road.
  9. Rule for following traffic signals – It is very important to follow the traffic signal at every point where it is installed. You must maintain the traffic lights and drive only when the signal is green. And when the signal is red, you should stop your vehicle.
  10. Rule regarding breaking of traffic law for Juvenile – Juveniles are not allowed to drive a vehicle, be it two-wheeler or four-wheeler. Thus, it is important to never allow a juvenile to drive. There is a huge amount of fine levied as per the new rule against anyone breaking this rule. If a young boy or girl is caught driving a bike or car, the parent/guardian of the juvenile is expected to pay fine of Rs. 25,000. Moreover, in case the parent fails to pay the fine, an imprisonment of 3 years can be levied on them.

Not only this, violating this rule can have your vehicle RC terminated for a year. Moreover, in this case, the juvenile will not be allowed to have a learner’s license till he/she turns 25 year old.

New List of Fines 2020

Here is the list of traffic fines in India levied on drivers for defying the new traffic rules:

Rules Violated Amount Fined
For Drunk Driving Fine is Rs. 10,000
For Overcapacity of Pillion Riders Fine is Rs. 2,000 + license scrapped for 3 months
For Over speeding
Fine is Rs. 1,000 for LMV
Fine is Rs. 2,000 for MMV
For Hazardous Driving Fine is Rs. 5,000
For Driving Without your License Fine is Rs. 5,000
For Driving Without Insurance Fine is Rs. 2,000
For Jumping Signal Fine is Rs. 1,000 + License scrapped for 3 months
For Riding Without Helmet Fine is Rs. 1,000 + License scrapping for 3 months
For Riding Without Permit Fine is up to Rs. 10,000
For Juvenile Driving Fine is Rs. 25,000 + 3 years in jail for guardian


Traffic rules are meant for the betterment of every citizen and for the safety of the people in general. They are not just imposed by the government to harass you but to save you from accidents and other harms.  The traffic rules are made compulsory to ensure safety of the drivers and of everyone using the roads. So, it is important to follow the traffic rules to ensure safety while driving. Violation of traffic rules can get you into trouble.

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