Why Is CNG Better than Other Fuel Types? – Check CNG Benefits over Petrol or Diesel


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There are a number of advantages which make a CNG car better than cars that run on other fuel types. And that is the reason why it is gaining so much popularity. Let’s take a look in this post why CNG is considered better

CNG is an environment-friendly alternative among the various fuel types available. From a safety viewpoint, CNG is a far safer fuel than other fuel types. Using CNG cars not just helps save the environment, it also helps save your pocket from the expenses of using other costly fuels such as petrol and diesel. However, whether you use a car with CNG gas or any other fuel, it is important to secure your vehicle with a comprehensive car insurance plan.

Let us take a look at the various benefits and uses of CNG in this post.

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4 Benefits of CNG Over Other Fuels

Here are some advantages of CNG:

1. CNG is cost-effective

When it comes to price, the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a much cheaper version as compared to the expensive fuel types such as petrol and diesel. These days, people worldwide are looking to replace conventional fuel types with alternatives that are cheap and safe for the environment. And CNG is the best such option as it is easy on your pocket and environment friendly as well.

2. CNG is environment-friendly 

The gases that are emitted from vehicles running on petrol and diesel are unsafe or hazardous to the environment. They cause health problems such as bronchitis, asthma, and many other diseases related to the respiratory system. However, with CNG running vehicles the emission of carbon monoxide is reduced by 80%, while it also generates 45% less hydrocarbons as compared to other fuels.

3. CNG is clean fuel for your car engine

CNG is regarded as one of the clean forms of fuel since it leaves less residue as compared to other fuels like petrol or diesel. Being a clean fuel, CNG causes less damage to your car engine pipes and tubes. Further, it also increases the life of your car engine.

4. Low cost of maintenance

When you buy a car, it becomes your responsibility to keep the car well serviced. Maintaining a car regularly allows the car owner to enjoy several benefits. But for that you have to take your car to the garage regularly, which will be an expensive affair. However, cars fitted with CNG allow the lifespan of the engine to increase since it allows less contamination of the motor oil.

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Why CNG is a Safer Alternative of Other Fuels (Petrol or Diesel)?

One distinct difference between CNG and other fuels is that CNG is a gas and not a liquid form of fuel like petrol and diesel. Being a gas version, the chances of leakage and oil spill is not there in case of CNG. Even if there is a gas leak on a rare occasion, it disperses fast and doesn’t create the possibility of fire. In fact, CNG being lighter than air, moves further away from the vehicle. Hence, it is a much safer version.

Also, the CNG cylinder as compared to a petrol tank is sturdy and strong. Besides, at 540 °C ignition point CNG allows double ignition as compared to petrol or diesel. All this makes CNG much safer as compared to other fuel types.

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List of 3 Most Economical CNG Cars In India 2023

  1. Alto 800 – This is one of the most economical CNG cars in India available at an ex-showroom price of INR 2.8 to INR 4.17 lakh. The CNG mileage per KG is at 30.46km.
  2. Alto K10 – This is another economical CNG cars available in India at an ex-showroom price of INR 3.65 to INR 4.58 lakh with a CNG mileage of 32.26 km/kg
  3. Wagon R – This is a cost-effective CNG car available at ex-showroom price of INR 4.55 to INR 5.86 lakh with CNG mileage of 26.6 km/kg

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To Conclude 

CNG is a cost-effective version of vehicles that is becoming popular due to its varied benefits. However, when you buy a CNG car or any other vehicle it is very important to avail a comprehensive car insurance policy to give your car an extra layer of financial security. This will cover you in situations like third party liabilities, theft, own car damages, natural calamities, man-made disasters and so on.

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FAQs: Why Is CNG Better Than Other Fuel Types?

Why is CNG better than petrol or diesel?

CNG is becoming increasingly popular over the years as compared to fuel options. This is mostly due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Also, CNG is cheaper and environment safe version of fuel alternative.

What advantages can you get on buying a car fitted with CNG?

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a cheaper as compared to the expensive fuels like petrol and diesel. CNG is environment-friendly and safe.

What is CNG gas and how does it work?

CNG meaning is a natural gas which is odourless, non-corrosive and clean. Thus, this version of fuel is cheap as well as safe and efficient to use. CNG fuel is regarded as a better alternative to petrol and diesel. CNG comprises a methane gas which gets mixed with air to produce engine power when it is used in the combustion chamber of the vehicle engine.

Is CNG lighter than air?

Yes, CNG is lighter than air. But a CNG cylinder is stronger as compared to a petrol tank. At 540 °C, the ignition point of CNG is almost double that of petrol or diesel. 

What is a good fuel?

A fuel is said to be good if it has a low ignition temperature with high calorific value.

What is a CNG car?

CNG means in a car that the vehicle runs on CNG or Compressed Natural Gas rather than running on petrol or diesel.

CNG Vs. Petrol, which is cheaper?

CNG is cheaper than petrol and safe as well.

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