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In India, how much should you consider spending for pet insurance?

Why do you need Pet Insurance costs and coverage in India ? What coverage does pet insurance allow? If you have a pet and you are looking to secure its health, you must read the blog below to know all about it.

Every pet owner considers his/her pet as a member of their family rather than considering it just an animal. Like parents caring for their children, pet owners care for their pets and give them all the love and affection they deserve. So, the way we protect our family members, we must also allow our pets protection against health uncertainties and unforeseen situations. And this can be done by covering your pet with a pet insurance policy.

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Popularity of Pet Insurance Costs and Coverage In India

So, the question that most people might ask is why do we need to insure our pets? If you love your pet and care for it, you would like to give it the best protection so that your pet lives a healthy and long life. Here, having a pet health insurance is very valuable to incur the costs that you might have to bear in the treatment of your pet if it is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Further, for affluent families in the country having pet insurance has become a trend, which everyone wants to follow. Also, for owners of exotic breeds of pet animals, having pet insurance is important as these are expensive breeds and need more care. Thus, getting insurance for such a breed is essential to stay secure financially. Though the loss of a pet is something that can’t be filled with money, having pet insurance can ensure that your pet is tended to well in case of any illness or injury.

Unlike earlier, life expectancy of pets has increased these days due to the advancement in veterinary treatment and medicines.  However, with better facilities, the cost of treatment has also increased. Thus, having pet insurance has become pertinent to cover the cost of the rising pet treatment expenses. Further, as pets grow old they need regular check-ups, which can also be taken care of by insurance.

Also, if your pet dog bites another person or does some damage to another person’s property, even in that case, your dog health insurance might help you pay the costs.

Below are some questions pertaining to pet insurance costs and other queries related to pet insurance that are commonly asked to allow you deeper insights on the topic.

15 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Pet Insurance Cost and Coverage in India

Q1: What does Pet Insurance mean?

Pet Insurance is insuring your pet against illnesses and injuries etc. So, in case of any unforeseen situation that happens with your pet, you can seek compensation from the insurer for the costs incurred in the treatment of your pet.

Q2: How much money do I have to pay to get my pet insured?

You might have to pay over 5 to 6 percent of the policy based on the age and breed of the animal.

Q3: Can I get my dog insured with medical insurance?

Dogs can be insured with medical insurance. Insurers offer pet insurance policies. Some such policies include Bajaj Allianz pet insurance, United India pet insurance etc.

Q4: Is pet insurance worthy of the money spent?

Yes, of course. The vet costs are very high these days and with the coming of innovative treatment ideas, the cost of pet treatment is likely to go up with every passing day.

Q5: How much a month do I need to pay for pet insurance?

Pet insurance is available for pets between the age group of 8 weeks to 8 years at prices which differ as per breed and age of the pet as well as the insurance provider.

Q6: Name the best pet insurance?

To  get the best pet insurance policy, you can buy a comprehensive plan that covers third-party damages along with covering health issues of the pet. This way, you can get compensation in case your pet bites or hurts someone and you have to pay for the medical bills of the third-person. Also, see that the policy offers low sum assured and low premiums.

Q7: Does pet insurance have a waiting period?

It actually depends on the insurer. Some insurers might have a waiting period clause regarding some disease. But it actually depends on the insurance company.

Q8: Does the premium of Pet Insurance increase with age of the pet?

Yes it does. As the pet ages, the premium also increases consequently. For owners of exotic young pets, it is better to buy insurance when your pet is still young.

Q9: Does pet health insurance cover vaccinations?

Some pet insurance providers might cover the costs of pet vaccination. Further, it is also possible to customize your plan by speaking with the insurer. But this is as per the discretion of the insurer and the policy document to make the changes or not.

Q10: What is a ‘Lifetime pet insurance policy’?

With lifetime pet insurance, you can get coverage for critical and long-term illnesses of your pet. This plan includes diseases like arthritis, eczema and so on.

Q11: What is an ‘Accident only pet insurance’ policy?

This policy covers in case your pet met with an accident and there was no role of the pet owner in the incident and there was no negligence on his/her behalf.

Q12: How soon can a claim be made after buying pet insurance?

You need to pay for the treatment of your pet from your pocket first and then you can make a claim from your insurer.

Q13: Does pet insurance cover routine check-ups?

Depending on the terms of the policy and the insurer, routine check-ups may or may not be included under a policy of pet insurance. So, you have to ask your policy provider for the same.

Q14: Can you get pet insurance after the injury?

If it is a pre-existing injury, it depends on the insurance company and their pet insurance policy as to how they consider the pre-existing injury.

Q15: Which insurance companies provide pet policies in India?

  • Future Generali offers pet insurance as part of the rural insurance scheme.
  • New India Assurance offers a dog insurance scheme.
  • Oriental Insurance also offers insurance policies for dogs.

To conclude

Since a pet forms an integral part of a pet owner’s family, they deserve better health and better life. Most pet owners love their pets as they love their own family members. Buying a pet health insurance ensures that your pet lives a healthy and happy life like others in the family.

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