National Pet Day 2023 – Date, History, Traditions, Timeline and How to Observe


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Updated on May 01, 2023

April 11 is a day dedicated to our pets. Celebrated as National Pet Day, this day emphasises on the attention and love that pets deserve and may not always receive. Let us read more about it in this post.

Everyone loves their pets. National Pet Day is observed as a day that encourages the adoption of pets that are orphaned so that more and more of our animal friends can be adopted and get a loving and caring home.

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History of National Pet Day

Colleen Paige, the Animal Welfare Advocate and a Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert was the person who founded the National Pet Day in 2005. She brought attention to the ongoing needs of pets that are waiting to be adopted. She encouraged people to adopt pets from rescue centres rather than from breeders. She promoted and spread the cause of pets around the world per day.

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Traditions of National Pet Day 2023

  • On National Pet Day you can love and spoil your furry friends to the fullest.
  • Take them out for walk, drive, and buy them treats and toys
  • On this day, kids can convince their parents to adopt a pet and add a new member to their family
  • National Pet Day is the best time to get a check-up or vaccination done of your pet
  • Throw away any unsafe and unused item of your pet
  • Also, maintain your home in a pet-friendly way
  • If you have a dog, you can check the collar to make sure that the tags are secure

How to Observe National Pet Day

  • You can observe National Pet Day by taking supplies to pets in shelters
  • You can help a friend with pet who is recovering from an illness in taking care of the pet during his/her illness
  • You can adopt a pet to give it a home
  • Pamper and give your pet enough love
  • On National Pet Day, you can adopt not just cats and dogs but animals like rabbits, horses, birds and reptiles etc.
  • This is the day to shower love to your pet

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Some Interesting Facts

  • There are over 200 million stray dogs in the world
  • There are 2 million animals who die every year in shelters
  • 94% of families with an autistic child are benefited from having a pet
  • Owning a dog decreases the risk of death by heart diseases to 36%
  • 5000 to 7000 tigers are kept as pets in the US

Things that Egyptians Do for their Pet

  • Egyptians mourned for their pets in the public
  • The Egyptians valued and shielded their cats
  • In ancient Egypt, death penalty was given to people for killing a cat (even if by accident)
  • Egyptians were unpredictable with pet names
  • They named their dogs but not their cats
  • Egyptians kept several animals as pets like baboons, monkeys, fish, gazelles, birds, etc.

Why we love National Pet Day

  • Because most people have pets and hence, they love to celebrate a day dedicated to their pets
  • For most people, pets are like part of their family
  • Pets are fun to be with

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To Sum Up

We all love our pets. The celebration of happy national pet day is about spending a day caring and loving your pets. On this day, you can do various things for your pets. In case you don’t have a pet, you can adopt one and buy a Pet Insurance. You can search about pets or animals you can have as pets. This is a day of animal appreciation and animal love.

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FAQs: National Pet Day 2023

What responsibilities does a pet owner have towards their pet?

Pets need care and attention. Some pets might require more care as compared to others. Here are some things that pet owners should consider:

Feed pets as per their needs like offering them food twice or thrice as required
Allow them access to clean water
Offer them a safe place to rest
Let them do some daily activities and exercise
Get their routine check-ups done like vaccinations etc, as well as offer them medical care when they fall sick
Offers them love and affection
Groom and train them

Is National Pet Day just for cats and dogs?

No. National Pet Day is for celebrating all your lovely pets.

When is National Pet Day India observed?

National Pet Day is observed on April 11. 

Why is pet day celebrated?

Pet day is celebrated to honour our pets, whom we love the most. It is also celebrated to encourage the adoption of a pet who needs a home. National Pet Day emphasizes the importance of pets in our lives and reminds us to care for them.

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