What are the Best Benefits of Term Insurance if You Have a Loan?


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Updated on Apr 26, 2023

Purchasing new cars and homes or going on exotic vacations is the new norm for most of us today. They are the milestones to comfortable, happy living; however, without adequate savings, it can be difficult to accomplish all these wishes. This is where loans come to the rescue.

A loan is the most convenient way of enjoying all luxuries and comforts and fulfilling the wishes of your family members. However, every loan comes with a responsibility. If you are employed and earning well, you can easily repay the loan and continue leading a comfortable life without stretching your finances.

But have you ever considered what your family members would do in case of your sudden demise? How would they repay your loan in your absence? This is why you need a backup to ensure that all your Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) can be paid timely and that your family doesn’t face any financial turbulence after you.

A term insurance plan is the best option in this case. The advantages of term insurance are plenty. Let’s look at some of them briefly here:

Offers financial security to your family at a minimal premium cost, in case of any untoward event. For instance, just by paying Rs. 12000 annual premium, you can be eligible for an extensive cover of Rs. 1 crore. Of course, the premium amount is calculated based on the policyholder’s age and lifestyle. You can compare the premiums of various term plans and choose the best one for you by using a term insurance plan calculator.
Provides utmost security by taking care of all your EMIs and other financial requirements in case of your untimely demise. While purchasing a term plan, you will be offered multiple options on receiving the sum assured (death benefit) from the insurer. You’re free to opt for a lump sum (one-time) amount or by way of regular monthly income. Note that if you go for a one-time payout option, your beneficiary would receive the entire amount at a time and the policy will be annulled thereafter.

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Benefits of Term Insurance if You Have a Loan

However, if you opt for the regular payout option, the beneficiary would receive payment for several years. This may serve as a perfect income replacement for your family and would help them repay home loans, car loans, or personal loans.

1. Benefits of Term Insurance Plan in Case of Home Loan

Every person dreams of buying their own house. To achieve this dream, several people take home loans. Since you need to pay EMIs on time, you must secure your home loan with a term insurance cover. If you took a hefty loan amount, it’s a good idea to choose a lump sum payout option for your beneficiary.

In addition, you should select a critical illness cover as your backup plan. If you’re ever diagnosed with a critical ailment like cardiac problem or cancer, you would be entitled to receive a huge amount from the insurer, up to Rs. 20-30 lakh.

2. Benefits of Term Insurance Policy in Case of Personal Loan 

Personal loans are small amounts borrowed to fulfill some personal goals/needs. You can therefore decide the payout options based on the loan amount and the time period.

In this case also, you may take a critical illness cover if you can’t work due to any critical ailment. Note that you’d need to pay higher interest rates for personal loans so always choose a backup plan to avoid high interest. You may consider opting for a cover of Rs 20-30 lakh for critical illnesses.

3. How Term Life Insurance Plan Helps in Case of Education Loan

An education loan amount is generally smaller as compared to a home loan. This means that you can choose monthly payout options for your family members to repay the EMIs.

Importance of Term Plan with a Car/Bike Loan

Again, your loan amount would be smaller for buying a bike so you can select regular payouts to pay EMIs. To repay your car loans, however, you can go for a combination of lump sum along with a regular income-payout option. In this case, you may receive 30-35% of the sum assured as a lump sum amount from the insurer.

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How Term Life Insurance is Beneficial to the Married Women’s Property Act

If you are a married woman, you can purchase a term insurance plan under the MWP Act. These days many insurers offer the benefits of buying term insurance online. Hence, you can conveniently purchase a term plan from an insurer’s website. The core objective of the MWP Act is to safeguard women’s properties from families, creditors and even husbands. According to the Act, the policy beneficiaries and trustees will receive the claim amount from the insurance company.

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Importance of Term Insurance in Case of Mortgage Insurance Plan

This is also known as a home loan protection plan that reimburses the loss against non-payment of EMIs (if the lender dies unexpectedly). Some insurance policies may offer riders like accidental death, disability, critical illness, and job loss under this plan. Although most plans provide single premium policies, some offer regular and limited premium payment terms.

If you have been thinking about “what are the benefits of term life insurance”, especially if you have a loan, then the above-mentioned information should help you decide. Know that it would be difficult for your family to manage all expenses along with repayment of loans in your absence. Therefore, choose term life insurance to ensure financial security for your family.

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FAQs on Benefits of Term Insurance if You Have a Loan

What is term insurance and how can it benefit me if I have a loan?

Term insurance is a form of life insurance that offers coverage for a certain period of time, often one to thirty years. If you have a debt, term insurance might assist safeguard your family and possessions if you die unexpectedly. It can pay off your existing debts or offer financial help to your loved ones in the form of a lump sum payout.

How much term insurance do I need if I have a loan?

The quantity of term insurance you require is determined by the size of your loan as well as your financial status. Get adequate insurance to cover your outstanding debt as well as any new financial commitments your family may have in the case of your death.

Can I buy term insurance to cover multiple loans?

You can get term insurance to cover numerous debts. It is critical to evaluate your total financial condition and acquire sufficient coverage to pay off all of your loans as well as any other financial responsibilities your family may have.

Can I change the term insurance coverage during the loan tenure?

Yes, you may adjust your term insurance coverage while your loan is still active. Nonetheless, it is critical to evaluate your financial condition and make any necessary modifications to your coverage depending on your current requirements.

How can I determine if term insurance is right for me if I have a loan?

If you have a debt, term insurance can safeguard your family and possessions in the event of your unexpected death. Assess your financial circumstances and examine the amount of debt you have outstanding, as well as any other financial commitments your family may have, to determine if it is good for you. Contact a financial expert to help you make an informed decision about the type and quantity of term insurance coverage that is right for you.

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