Is It Possible to Buy Term Insurance Without a Medical Test?


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Term insurance is an important investment to secure the future of a family in the absence of the head earning member. Let’s find out if you can avail term plans without medical check-up in India in this post.

Term plans safeguard your near and dear ones in the event of uncertainties and since there is no certainty  of uncertainties, it is important to stay prepared. Thus, most people prefer to buy term plans to cover their families with protection in case of any untoward situation and when they are not around to support their families. But one prominent question that people ask or are worried about while buying term plans is – Can they buy term plans without a medical check-up?

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Term Plans with No Medical Check-up

These days there are several insurance providers who are offering term plans without a medical check-up. With term plans that are available without medical tests, the insured doesn’t have to go through any medical examination to buy a term life insurance policy. In this case, the insurer allows the individual to buy a term plan by considering the age and coverage amount along with overall health of the insured. However, in case the potential policy buyer is suffering from any kind of prolonged illness or a medical condition, the person might have to go through the medical examination before buying the term plan.

Can I Buy a Term Plan Without Going Through Medical Tests?

You can definitely buy term insurance without medical check-up from insurers who are offering such plans. The  age of the potential buyer and the coverage amount of the policy are the two deciding factors when it comes to buying a term plan without medical insurance. Depending on these two factors it is decided whether you have to go through a medical screening or can do without it.  But for people suffering from any pre-existing illness or a persistent disease has to undergo the process of medical screening.

Thus, if you are not suffering from any diseases, compare the various plans of term insurance without medical tests before buying the best policy.

Process to opt for Term Plans without Medical Tests

Here are the 5 steps to follow:

  1. The first step is to look for term insurance plans by means of a survey
  2. Get the details of various insurers offering policies without medical tests
  3. Now, make an assessment of your exact requirement of the term plan
  4. Based on your requirement, accomplish your research to find the policy
  5. Finally, you can close on the plan of life insurance without medical check-up  that you would like to buy

Things to Consider while Buying Term Plans Without Medical Check-up

  1. Do not give any false information – Insurance is such a delicate subject matter that requires complete transparency. If you do not provide accurate and proper information to your insurer at the time of buying a policy, it might later bring upon you or your nominee some grave issues. In case of term plans with no medical check-up, it is all the more important to offer the correct information. So, you must not hide if you have any kind of pre-existing diseases or any other ailments from your insurer. Hiding such facts might be easy initially, but it would bring upon a huge financial burden on you in the event of any misfortune.
  2. Premium depends on lifestyle habits – The premium amount levied on the policyholder in case of term insurance plans without medical check-up also depends on the lifestyle habits of the insured. So, for a chain smoker the premium might be greater as compared to those who do not smoke.  However, it doesn’t affect the death benefit received by the nominee.

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Term Plans available in India Without Medical Check-up

Below are some of the best term insurance plans available in India without medical check-up:

Term Insurance Plan (With No Medical Test) Details
ICICI Pru ICare Term Plan
  • This is a pocket friendly premium plan that allows the option of paying the premium in one go (single pay) or as regular premium payment.


  • The best thing about this plan is it doesn’t require the insured to go through a medical check-up.
MetLife Term Insurance Plan
  • Certain plans under MetLife term insurance also don’t need the insured to undergo medical tests and screenings.


  • However, in this case the sum assured of the term plan has to be up to a specified amount.
Future Generali Smart Life
  • Under this plan, the nominee receives the sum assured if the insured dies during the tenure of the policy.


  •  Here the insured doesn’t have to undergo medical tests if they are below the age of 45 years or in case of a specified amount of policy coverage as per the term of the policy.
HDFC Click2protect Plus Plan
  • This plan allows some major advantages to the insured as they can increase the coverage of the plan on receiving some particular milestones in life like wedding, child birth etc.


  • Here also, the applicant is not required to undergo medical tests.


LIC tech Term Plan
  • LIC also offers plans that can be availed without medical tests.


  • Tech term plan is one such option where the applicant is not required to go through medical tests if they meet the specific conditions of the policy.

How to Choose Term Plans without Medical Check-up?

Below are some points to remember while choosing a term plan without medical tests:

  • To choose the best term insurance without a medical check-up, you can do a comparison of plans online.
  • You should know your requirement and accordingly choose the coverage amount to avoid medical tests.
  • It is recommended to buy a term plan at a young age.
  • You should also choose a high sum assured to skip medical tests.

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To Sum Up  

Term life insurance plans are important financial securities that require prudent understanding and comparisons to be done before you buy the plan. Having a term plan is very important for securing your family and for financial planning as well.

With term-life policies available without medical check-up, it is easy for people to avail them to safeguard their family at cost-effective rates.

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