Smart Wealth Plan

Max Life Insurance

Claim settlement ratio – 99.34% (FY 2022-23)

Critical Illness Benefit Available

Tax Benefit Amount As per prevailing tax laws

Accidental Death Benefit 100%

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Overview of Smart Wealth Plan

Max Life Smart Wealth Plan is a smart plan which allows the investor to gain from the combination of protection and savings. The plan strives to fulfil your family’s needs including definite and indefinite and guarantees a smart and secured life to your loved ones.

USP features of Max Life Smart Wealth Plan

  • The Max Life Smart Wealth Plan allows fully guaranteed returns that helps investors to save for their long-and short-term milestones
  • It allows investors the flexibility to choose plan options according to your needs. So, you can choose from the various income plans such as short-term income, long-term income, lump sum income or whole life income
  • Max Life Smart Wealth Plan also offers financial security to the family in case of death of the insured during the term of the policy and if the policy is active
  • The plan also let the investor to earn enhanced protection by means of additional riders as per requirement
  • With the Whole Life Income Option of the Max Life Smart Wealth Plan, you can get the flexibility to cover your spouse’ life jointly with you under the same policy

What’s not covered under Max Life Smart Wealth Plan?

  • If the Life Insured (or any of the life insured in case of joint insured plans under variant 4), whether mentally stable or unstable, dies by committing suicide within the first year of the policy purchase date or the policy revival date, it will cause the policy to get terminated immediately
  • If such a thing takes place, the insurer will pay the nominee either the surrender value if it is greater or the value of the total premiums paid if that is higher (in case the policy has acquired a surrender value)
  • Or the nominee will receive total premium amount that has been paid so far along with the extra amounts such as taxes, levies etc., in case the plan has not acquired a surrender value
  • Permanent exclusion is also there for conditions caused due to pandemics, nuclear accident and organ replacement etc.
Frequently asked questions

The age limit set for individual investors under the Max Life Smart Wealth Plan is 60 years. However, it is 65 years for the Whole Life Income variant under the plan.

The investor must choose a plan variant under the Max Life Smart Wealth Plan by considering the specific needs as well as preferences depending on their financial goals.

Yes, you can add below riders to your plan variants 1, 2 and 3 as mentioned below:

  • Waiver of Premium Plus Rider
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider
  • Term Plus Rider

You can choose the plan depending on your needs. As such the policy term for each variant is different under the plan, which you must define while choosing a plan. Also, you must refer to the policy wordings on the product before buying.

You will have to submit the surrender request with the required documents at a nearby Max Life insurance branch. Or you may get it done online by visiting the official website of Max Life.

* Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws.
#All savings are provided by the insurance company as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply.

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