Comprehensive Policy

Kotak Mahindra Motor Insurance

Claim settlement ratio 99% (FY 2020-2021)

NCB* starts at 20%, up to 50%

Network garage# 4000+

24*7 Road Side Assistance Yes

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Overview of Kotak private car/bike comprehensive policy

To buy your dream vehicle, you spend your hard-earned money. This vehicle makes travel easy and comfortable for you and also becomes a part of your life. However, misfortunes are unpredictable and they can come anytime. Hence, it is better to stay prepared. Here, the Kotak private four-wheeler and bike insurance policy comes to your rescue with all-round protection for your vehicle and to cover you against financial loss or damage.

USP features of Kotak private car/bike Insurance comprehensive policy

  • The comprehensive car/bike insurance policy by Kotak allows the insured to avail cashless servicing across a huge number of network garages
  • The all-inclusive plan allows the policyholder to avail optional add-ons to customize your car insurance policy for enhanced protection as per your requirement
  • The plan also allows the vehicle owner to avail no claim bonus discount or NCB benefit
  • In addition, the insured car/bike owner can also avail premium discount and earn extra discount on premium by opting for Voluntary Deductible
  • Being a comprehensive policy, this plan covers third-party liabilities as well

What’s not covered under Kotak private car/bike Insurance comprehensive policy

  • The policy doesn’t cover normal wear and tear along with damages caused by general aging of the vehicle
  • It doesn’t cover losses due to depreciation of vehicle
  • If there is any mechanical and electrical breakdown that takes place in the vehicle, the plan doesn’t cover it
  • It also doesn’t cover any contractual liability under the plan
  • If the damage is caused due to or by someone who is driving his/her vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol etc., the damages are not covered in that case
  • Also, if any damage to your vehicle is done by a person who is driving without a valid driving license, they are not covered
Frequently asked questions

Yes, Kotak comprehensive vehicle insurance policy provides prompt roadside assistance service.

Normally, insurance plans are of one year duration. However, now many insurers are coming up with long-term plans including 3-year plans for third-party insurance, which the car owners can avail.

Yes, the Kotak vehicle insurance policy provides No Claim Bonus or NCB when a policyholder does not make any claim during a policy period

Once the policy expires, the insured can avail NCB benefits by renewing the policy within 90 days of the expiry.

Yes, Kotak comprehensive vehicle insurance provides cashless facility to the policyholder.

NCB* - The insured is entitled for a No Claim Bonus (NCB) of up to 50% on Own Damage, if no claim is made or is pending during the preceding year(s)

Network garage# - Kotak offers hassle free claim settlement in 4000+ garages pan India

(For detailed information, please refer to Policy Wording)