How to Link Ration with an Aadhar Card?


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As per government notification, linking your important documents, like your PAN card, bank account, etc., to your Aadhaar card is important. Similarly, getting your ration card and Aadhaar card linked is also essential. 

A ration card is issued by the respective state governments of each state in India. The ration card authorizes each eligible household to buy food grains at subsidized rates provided by the Public Distribution System (PDS) as per the Act of National Food Security. Besides, the ration card also serves as a common identification card in many ways for people in India. Linking your Aadhaar card with your Ration Card will help you avail of subsidized food particles and LPG. By linking the two important documents, one can receive several benefits and prevent the risk of fraud.

In this post, let us see the steps for ration card Aadhaar linking procedures via online, offline, and other modes.

What is a Ration Card?

A ration card is an important document issued by the respective state governments of each state in India. It entitles the user of the ration card to buy food, grains, and gas at subsidized rates offered by the government. This is one of the oldest official documents launched in India and is still prominent. Along with supplying the poor with food grains, it also serves as ID proof for many.

Ration cards are categorized into three types: 

  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana card
  • BPL (Below Poverty Line) card
  • APL (Above Poverty Line) card

The eligibility for each category of the ration card depends on the economic standing of a household.

Link Ration Card with Aadhaar Card Online

If you want to use the online mode to link your Aadhaar with a ration card, you may visit the official portal of your state’s Public Distribution System (PDS). Here are the steps to link the two documents online:

  1. Go to the official PDS portal of your state
  2. Navigate through the site to select the ‘link Aadhaar to a Ration card’ option
  3. Enter your Aadhaar card and Ration Card numbers
  4. Next, enter your mobile number that is registered with your Aadhaar
  5. Now, click on ‘Continue’ to proceed ahead
  6. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number
  7. Submit the OTP to get your ration card linked with Aadhaar
  8. You will be notified via SMS as soon as the process is complete

Link a Ration Card with Aadhaar Offline

If you want to link a ration card with your Aadhaar card offline, you can visit the nearest PDS center or ration shop and follow the procedure below to link the two documents.

  1. Visit the PDS center or local ration office nearby
  2. Do remember to carry photocopies of your Ration Card, Aadhaar Cards of your family members, and passport size photograph of the family head
  3. If you haven’t yet linked your bank account with Aadhaar, you must also provide a copy of your bank passbook
  4. Submit these documents at the PDS center
  5. If it is your first time with Aadhaar authentication, the Ration center/shop representative might seek your fingerprint authentication

Once you submit all the documents, you will receive an SMS notification at your registered mobile number stating the successful linking of the two documents.

Link an Aadhaar Card with a Ration Card Through SMS

Below are the steps for linking a ration card with an Aadhaar through SMS:

  1. Write your ‘UID SEED State Short Code> Scheme Short Code> Scheme ID> Your Aadhaar Number>’ in the text message box.
  2. Send the information to 51969. For example, UID SEED MH POSC 9876543 123478789012
  3. You will receive alerts once you successfully link your Aadhaar card to your Ration card.

Documents Required to Link Ration Card to Aadhaar

Here is a list of documents required for linking Ration Card to Aadhaar:

  • Photocopy of your Ration Card. Also, carry the original ration card for verification
  • Photocopies of Aadhaar cards of all family members
  • Photocopy of the Aadhaar card of the family head
  • Passport-size photograph of the family head
  • Copy of bank passbook (if your bank account is not linked to Aadhaar)

Advantages Linking Aadhaar card with Ration Card

There are several benefits of linking a Ration Card to an Aadhaar. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It will bring down the number of fake Ration Cardholders significantly who are getting subsidies without being qualified for the same
  • Families will not be able to possess more than one ration card by offering fake details if the Aadhaar cards of all members of a household are already linked to a Ration Card
  • Fraudulent practices can be reduced by linking a Ration Card with an Aadhaar
  • With the distribution system of ration cards enabled through biometrics, PDS centers/shops will be able to identify genuine applicants
  • This will also control and manage the leakage of PDS ration items
  • The audit trail created by PDS can identify and eliminate the involvement of corrupt intermediaries in supplying ration to the needy

Why is Linking Aadhaar to Ration Card Important?

The government has made linking an Aadhaar to a Ration card compulsory to stop users from possessing multiple ration cards. It also helps the concerned authorities to manage and control ineligible applicants who do not qualify for ration cards due to their income and financial status. Hence, it is crucial to link Aadhaar cards with ration cards so that eligible people can avail the benefits as per the various schemes offered by the government.

How to Check Aadhaar-Ration Card Linking Status

Below are the steps to check the ration Aadhaar link status:

  1. Go to the National Food Security (NFSA) Portal of your state and click on ‘My Ration Card Details’
  2. Submit the number of your ration card as well as the captcha code
  3. Next, click on “Get RC Details” to get a ration card update or the check status of your Aadhaar ration card link

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FAQs: How to Link Ration with an Aadhar Card?

Can I check offline for my ration card Aadhaar link status?

To check offline if your ration card is linked to your Aadhaar, you can submit a copy of your Aadhaar Card and a photocopy of your Ration Card to the nearest PDS center/shop.

How to get a ration card Aadhar link check?

To check the status of linking your ration card with your Aadhaar, you can follow the steps mentioned in the post above.

Is there any ration card helpline number?

Yes, there are toll-free numbers where you can call to get details related to ration cards.

Can I link my bank account with my ration card?

Yes, you can visit the nearest bank branch to link your bank account with a ration card.

What if Someone doesn’t link their Aadhaar and ration card?

According to government rules, linking a ration card with an Aadhaar card is important to avail of government benefits.

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