Best Bike Tyre Companies in India 2024


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A bike is the most convenient way to cover distances and make your commute smooth. It is fast on the road, easy to escape traffic, and is within the reach of most common people in terms of price. A bike has different important parts that help in the smooth running of the machine. Tyres of bikes are one such part of a bike that plays a pivotal role as it is the only part that comes in contact with the ground. Hence it is crucial to select them carefully.

Looking at the large number of bike accidents taking place in India regularly, it is prudent to choose the best tyres for your bike for your security on the road. But the question is, which tyre is best for a bike? Multiple factors determine the quality of the best bike tyres.  Irrespective of whether you are a passionate biker or you use your bike for casual purposes, tyres are something that every bike needs.

In this post, we are discussing some of the best tyres for bikes offered by different companies available in the Indian market.

Why are TwoWheeler Tyres Important? 

As discussed above, bike tyres are pivotal as they stay connected to the ground. They serve as a determining factor in the overall efficiency, safety, and performance of the vehicle. Here are some points that prove the importance of two-wheeler tyres for bikes.

1. They ensure the safety of the biker on the road:

Tyres maintain the safety of the biker as they control a bike when you apply brakes. With a good quality bike, you can ensure better grip and limit the possibility of skidding and accidents due to loss of control.

2. They maintain the control/grip of the bike on the road:

The quality of the best bike tyre in India also ensures better maintenance and handling of your bike. They are especially effective during sharp turns and while applying sudden brakes.

3. They allow enhanced fuel economy:

The selection of your bike tyres also influences the fuel economy of your bike. Tyres that are worn out and not inflated properly can affect the bike by forcing the machine to exert added pressure. This leads to the bike consuming more fuel.

4. They make your ride comfortable:

The overall ride of a bike depends on the quality of the tyres. Hence, it is necessary to pick the best tyres to make your bike ride smooth and comfortable and to avoid or lower vibrations for a pleasant experience while riding.

5. Good tyres are best for longevity and enhanced performance:

High-quality Tyres from the best bike tyre brands allow more durability as they can withstand harsh road conditions and make the lifespan of the tyre long. It is also cost-effective and is good for the overall enhanced performance of the bike.

Let us take a look at the best two-wheeler tyres available in the Indian market to understand tyres better to make better buying decisions when choosing tyres for your bike.

Top 9 Two-Wheeler Tyres in 2024

A diverse range of two-wheeler tyres by the best two-wheeler tyre companies is available to choose from. However, this diverse range makes it difficult for a bike user to choose the best bike tyre brand in India. Depending on the type of two-wheeler vehicle you choose to drive, the tyres can be chosen to suit the requirement. Tyre companies design the tyres meticulously incorporating contemporary technologies and high-quality materials for enhanced durability and mobility.

Below is a list of top tyre makers offering quality tyres in India and globally:

1. MRF Tyres: 

Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) Tyres is an Indian multinational tyre brand that has gained immense prominence and the trust of customers in India. MRF tyres are regarded among the best for bikes since they guarantee optimum performance and fuel efficiency. Being one of India’s most respected tyre manufacturers dating back to 1946, MRF produces the most reliable tyres for a pleasant ride.

MRF has long been a shining star in the market of two-wheeler tyres in India known for their quality tyres marked with innovation for best performance. The company works with a firm sense of commitment to delivering supreme two-wheeler tyres for varied uses.  All this makes them a trusted choice for bike and other two-wheeler users.

MRF 2-wheeler tyres are meticulously crafted to meet diverse rider needs. MRF tyres are impeccable and suitable for smooth roads, bumpy terrains, or during adventure trips. They prevent skidding while allowing quality grip of the tyres on the road irrespective of the road conditions. Along with quality, the tyre maker also takes utmost care of their appearance to appeal to buyers. When it comes to cost, the MRF bike tyres price list is wide-ranging. MRF tyres are available at genuinely unbelievable prices to suit different budgets.

2. Apollo Tyres: 

When it comes to Indian tyre manufacturers, Apollo Tyres is another reputed and flourishing name not only in India but across the globe.  Apollo Tyres are available across categories for different uses including passenger vehicles, commercial motor vehicles, private cars, two-wheelers, as well as farm vehicles among others. The tyre maker allows wide choices to customers at the two-wheeler forefront of high quality, durability, and consistent tyres. Apollo tyres offer wide-ranging benefits which are liked by users. The two-wheeler tyres of Apollo are designed to excel on any kind of road for enhanced grip and best control. These tyres are known for their fuel efficiency and safety against speed breakers, potholes, etc. These tyres are crafted with top-quality materials and pioneering technology to endure any challenge on the road along with ensuring safety and durability. The cost-effective Apollo bike tyre price is within the pockets of most people in India.

3. TVS Tyres: 

TVS Group, the manufacturer of TVS Tyres, is an Indian conglomerate. TVS Tyres is again a trusted name having gained prominence for manufacturing quality tyres with high performance. TVS motorcycle tyres are regarded for their grip and durability and are engineered to offer the utmost comfort and safe ride. These tyres are designed to meet the specific needs of two-wheelers across city roads, and difficult terrains, and for a high-performance experience.  These tyres allow immaculate grip and support to provide command over the bike while driving. The pioneering technology used to produce TVS tyres makes them durable and safe along with comfortable. Overall, these tyres are engineered to offer the best experience for riders.

4. JK Tyres:

JK Tyre is a renowned name in the list of Indian tyre makers popular for their quality tyres. Excellence and quality have always been the focus of JK tyres, which can be seen in the bike tyres crafted by the company to meet the huge tyre demands to suit the rocky and bumpy Indian roads. Besides quality, the tyre maker also emphasizes high safety standards and the performance of their tyres. All this makes JK tyres among the most reliable and durable tyres in the market. JK Tyres are also a popular choice of tyres for professional racers and racing bikes because of their consistency and control over speed.

The brand has a huge market not only in India but worldwide.  The high endurance of these tyres makes them one of the significant names of tyre makers in India.

5. Ralco Tyres: 

Ralco is another Indian tyre brand offering tyres for different vehicles including two-wheelers. The Ralco bike tyres are known for their top performance and resilience. Ralco Tyres is consistent, safe, and suitable for different road conditions.

6. Michelin Tyres:

Michelin Tyres is a global brand known for its premium offerings of bike tyres with exceptional grip.  Moreover, the company is known to produce technologically advanced tyres for enhanced performance. Michelin tyres are also known for their precise safety and stability and all these features make them popular among users. Besides, there are several varieties of Michelin tyres available in the market and bikers can choose the type as per their requirement. Along with regular commuter tyres, Michelin also offers racing and sports bike tyres. These tyres offer excellent grip along with pleasure in driving.

7. CEAT Tyres:

Over the long years of its existence, CEAT has gained the repute of being one of the trusted tyre manufacturers. And this is visible in the huge demand for the tyre brand in India and across the globe.  CEAT tyres enjoy a wide market for their versatile tyre range. The quality of the CEAT tyres is such that they perform best under tough road conditions. The legacy of CEAT tyres spans more than 6 decades. The company is trusted with reliable tyre brands.  They are designed to present durability and consistency.

No matter where you ride your two-wheeler – the busy city streets, the rough and off-beat roads, or on an adventure trip – CEAT tyres will never disappoint you. These tyres are meticulously crafted with top-quality materials and advanced technology for durability and safety and are worth the value of your money. In terms of price, CEAT tyres are available in pocket-friendly budgets.

8. Pirelli Tyres: 

Pirelli Tyres is a brand that presents high-performance two-wheeler tyres. These tyres are manufactured with advanced technological support and are extensively tested for safety and durability. Pirelli tyres are best suited for bikers riding sports and track bikes.  They offer exceptional design and grip. These tyres are made out of heavy compound to suit well for wet conditions and off-road trips. Many of their tyres offer high and consistent performance. These tyres are best for rough Indian road conditions. This makes Pirelli Tyres one of the best and most sought-after two-wheeler tyre companies in India.

9. Bridgeton Tyres: 

Bridgeton is a major player in tyre makers holding a huge share of the two-wheeler tyre manufacturing market globally. Bridgeton is the maker of high-performance bike tyres for a comfortable ride on the most uneven and rocky terrains. Their tyres are durable and excellent for both dry and wet regions and are known for their excellent grip and pleasant ride. Being a globally known tyre brand, Bridgeton has a stronghold in India. These motorcycle tyres offer reliability, durability, and consistent performance. Bridgeton presents a wide range of tyre types suitable for riding in different road conditions.

Popular Motor Insurance Companies India, 2024

Now that you know about the various tyre companies offering the best tyres in India, it will help you in making a decisive decision when it comes to choosing tyres for your two-wheelers. As per your requirements and budget, you may choose the best tyre brand that fits into your plan to protect your two-wheeler from damage caused by bad road conditions.
Besides choosing the best tyres, it is equally important to choose the right insurance plan for your bike to offer coverage against accidental and other damages that your bike may endure. For the best two-wheeler insurance plans, trust Paybima Insurance. We offer a range of comprehensive and other bike insurance policies to suit your bike coverage needs most appropriately.

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FAQs: Best Two-Wheelers Tyres Companies in India

Which tyre is best for bikes?

Apollo Tyres, MRF Tyres, JK Tyres, etc., are some of the best tyres for bikes. Further, many tyre brands are available in the Indian market. Customers are required to check their needs and budget before choosing one that best suits them.

Which company tyre is best for the bike?

Below are some of the top bike tyre companies:
~ JK Tyres
~ Apollo Tyres
~ Pirelli Tyres
~ MRF Tyres
~ CEAT Tyres
~ TVS Tyres

Which is the top tyre brand in the Indian market?

MRF tyres top the list of tyres in the Indian market at present. However, the customer is advised to research well before making the purchase.

Which are the most durable tyre brands?

Many tyre brands available in the Indian market sell durable and long-lasting tyres. You can do your research or check with someone with knowledge before choosing the best tyre for your bike.

What are the best tyre companies in India?

The top tyre brands in India are:
~ MRF Tyres
~ Apollo Tyres
~ JK Tyres
~ TVS Tyres, and
~ CEAT Tyres

What is the range of tubeless tyre prices?

Tubeless tyres are available in different price ranges. MRF Zapper, CEAT Milaze, Apollo ACTIGRIP, TVS Jumbo, JK Smart Blaze BR32, Pirelli Sport Demon, and Michelin Pilot Sporty are some top tubeless tyres available in India.

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