How to Get Bike or Two Wheeler Insurance Details by Registration Number?


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Bike or Two Wheeler Insurance – Its Importance and Why it is Mandatory in India?

Having a vehicle insurance is mandatory in India – be it for two-wheeler or four-wheeler. An insurance covers a two-wheeler owner against any damage caused to his/her bike as well as it covers any third-party damages in case of an accident. It also insures the vehicle owner against theft or loss of bike. Additionally, under the “Personal Accident Cover”, most of these insurance plans protects the rider against accidental death or any major injury.

The department that deals in India’s bike insurance sector is IRDAI or the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. As per IRDAI’s law, it is compulsory for an insured bike to have all the bike details or the insurance documents to process a claim, without which the claim gets rejected by the company.

Thus, it is important to safeguard the policy documents of your bike to be able to successfully process a claim. These days the availability of online insurance plans for bike makes it easy for insurance owners to preserve the bike number details by storing the soft copies of the document in their personal gadgets and on emails. But one can also use the registration number of his/her bike to recover the policy documents.

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Know Your Registration Number (RC Number)

You must have heard about registration number of a vehicle. But what exactly is a registration number. In simple words, the registration number is the authorized identity number of a two-wheeler issued to a new vehicle by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of India present in every district of the country.

The owner of a newly purchased vehicle is expected to register the vehicle with the regional RTO office within a month of acquiring it. The RTO then issues a unique number to the vehicle, in case of a two-wheeler it is fixed at the back of the two-wheeler on a metal number plate. Depending on the type of vehicle, the sanctioned structure of the registration number differs to make it easy to identify a specific vehicle.

The registration number is a combination of unique numbers and letters to indicate the particular state and district where the registration was done. Overall, the series goes like this:

  • First two letters show- State code
  • The second two letters show – District code
  • The next letters display the current RTO series and
  • The last four letters signify the unique vehicle number

For Ex: Let’s assume the Bike Number is – UP 1SAB 3732

So, now –

UP – is State Code

1S – is District Code

AB – is RTO Series

3732 – is Unique Vehicle Number

Because of this unique system of numbering, it is very easy to identify and track bike details by number.

How to Find the Details of a Bike Insurance Policy by Registration Number?

A two-wheeler is given a registration number, which is a special number. It is used to verify the information about the connected two-wheeler.

You can retrieve two-wheeler insurance information by the registration number if you want to know when the policy will expire but do not have the policy number.

Step 1 –  Visit the State Transport Department’s, RTO’s, or Ministry of Road Transport & Highways’ official website.

Step 2 – All of the information about the motor vehicle insurance policy will be shown here after you enter the vehicle registration number.

Step 3 – To find out more about the bike insurance policy, visit the Insurance Information Bureau’s website, which is governed by IRDAI.

These websites all have the ability to give the registration number. Additionally, you can find details about the policy’s validity, expiration date, and other relevant bike information with ease.

Is it possible to buy bike insurance by using the registration number?

The registration number of a bike is required at the time of buying an online insurance. When the insurer purchases the policy, the details of the same is generated and gets added to the bike’s registration number. This way, the RTO as well as state/central government agencies can track or access the bike owner details. They can also trace vehicle owner name by vehicle number, which contains the registration number.

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How can you renew two-wheeler insurance by using registration number?

The registration number can also be used to renew an insurance policy. Since the details of the insurance gets attached to the registration number, so it can be used to renew a policy when there is a need. Moreover, one can also get insurance policy downloaded by vehicle number.

Can you check two-wheeler insurance status by using registration number?

Yes, the registration number of your bike can definitely be used to check the status of your two-wheeler insurance. Since all the details of your insurance policy is attached to your registration number, you can access it through your that unique number. Moreover, the information is also uploaded in the insurance agency’s website as well as in the IRDAI website for easy access.

For instance, if someone wants to find out the last date of his/her bike insurance policy and forgets the number, then it is possible to find the vehicle insurance details by registration number in India. You can use any of the official websites such as the RTO, State Transport website, or the website of the Ministry of Road Transport, Govt. of India to verify the status and other details of your policy.

What happens if someone loses the registration number?

Well, registration number of a two-wheeler or four-wheeler is the same as the number attached at the back of the vehicle in a metal plate. Thus, by bike number check given on the vehicle’s number plate, it is easy to find the registration number. Also, in case the bike goes missing or is stolen, one can use the RC or registration certificate to check the registration number. So, it is easy to access the bike owner details by number plate of a vehicle.

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Facts to know about registration number of two-wheeler in India

  • Once you procure a registration number on a new vehicle, it stays valid for up to 15 years.
  • After the initial 15 years term, one has to re-register the vehicle and then follow the procedure in every five years time.
  • Irrespective of the place/state of registration of the vehicle, it stays valid in all other states of India.
  • The re-registration of a vehicle depends on the bike details and its many aspects, such as, how old the vehicle is, its pollution generation status, as well as its compatibility with the road.
  • If a vehicle registered in one state is moved permanently to another state, then registration of the same needs to be done at the RTO of that state after 12 months.

Other methods of procuring details of insurance documents for two-wheelers

Here are some other ways of getting the insurance details of a bike

  • By contacting the insurance agency and requesting them to issue duplicate papers for the policy.
  • The insurer has to offer certain bike number details for the same to the insurance provider.
  • Also, the insurer might have to pay a certain fee for the same.
  • In some cases, you might even have to present a declaration ad in the newspaper stating that you lost your insurance papers.

The Conclusion
It is mandatory by the law in India to have an insurance on your vehicle, without which it is illegal to drive on the roads. Thus, having an insurance on your two-wheeler is a must. Though the bike details of your two-wheeler insurance policy can be procured in many different ways including your bike registration number, but it is still advisable to keep a photocopy of the insurance plan handy at a safe place to avoid any trouble.

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FAQs: How to Get Bike Insurance Details by Registration Number?

How to find bike insurance details online?

To find bike insurance details online, you can visit the website of the State Transport Department. Here you need to enter the registration number of your bike to check the insurance details of your bike. The Parivahan website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways can also be used to get your bike insurance details. Here, you need to enter the registration number of your bike to get the details.

How to find bike insurance by registration number?

To find the bike insurance by registration number, you must go to the official website of the RTO where you registered your bike. Here, you must enter the registration number of your bike to get your bike insurance policy details.

You can also visit the website of the State Transport Department of your state and submit the registration number of your bike to check bike insurance policy details.

How can I check my insurance details?

You can check your insurance details through VAHAN portal.

#1 Go to the VAHAN website and click on 'know your vehicle details'.
#2 Provide the registration number of the car here and enter the verification code.
#3 Click on 'search vehicle' tab.
#4 Now, you can see the insurance details on the screen.

Steps to checking insurance details by bike registration number?

To check insurance details by bike registration number, you can visit the website of the State Transport Department. Here you must enter the registration number of your bike to check the insurance details. Another way is to visit the Parivahan website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Here, also you need to enter the registration number of your bike to get the details of your bike insurance.

How can one find a bike insurance policy number?

To find your bike insurance policy number, you can call on your insurance providers customer service number and ask for your policy number. You will have to provide the requested details to the customer executive and in return can get you your car insurance policy number. You can find the customer care number of your policy provider from their website.

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