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Most of us grow up with the dream of owning a superbike to ride far and wide across the country. Though it is thrilling, it is risky as well, unless you have a plan of roadside assistance (RSA) cover. Let us discuss RSA cover for superbikes, in this post.    

It is great fun to ride a superbike if you take utmost precautions regarding the risks that you may face. Thus, when planning for a road trip in your superbike, you must consider and double check on the Roadside Assistance cover offered by various comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies. This cover would assist you greatly during any untoward roadside incident to aid you in times of emergency. Let us learn more about the meaning of roadside assistance and other details in this blog.

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What is Roadside Assistance Coverage for Two- Wheeler Superbikes?

If you are worried about any mishap on the road that might happen with your Superbike, you must purchase a roadside assistance add-on with your bike insurance policy. This add-on is available with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy by paying a nominal extra premium. With this cover, the owner of a superbike can get assistance during any roadside emergencies or if they get struck because of their bike breakdown during the journey.

The various roadside assistance for bike offered under a roadside assistance add-on bike insurance include;

  • Repairing bike
  • Towing bike
  • Providing Emergency Fuel services
  • Battery repair  etc.

Hence, if you get struck in the middle of nowhere, this assistance minimizes your inconvenience throughout the journey. The best part of this add-on is that the assistance offered under it are not regarded as bike insurance claims and hence it doesn’t harm your NCB of No Claim Bonus under the policy.

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Details of Roadside Assistance add-on

Below is a table covering the features and benefits of the add-on:

Details of Plan (coverage) Coverage Offered
Duration of Plan 1 year
Fuel Supply coverage Available
Flat Tyre Assistance Available
Battery issues Available
Lost key assistance Available
Locked key assistance Available
Towing Assistance Available to the closest network garage
On-site breakdown coverage Available
Price Depends on insurance company and policy

Things that are included under Roadside Assistance Add-on in Bike Insurance

There are many minor things that might bring upon inconvenience to the rider while driving across the length and breadth of the country on his/her superbike while taking a road trip.  Hence, knowing about the various assistance available under the Roadside Assistance add-on is important.

Below is a list of inclusions under the RSA cover:

#Emergency Fuel Delivery

It is not necessary for a bike owner to keep the fuel tank full all the time. Also, while on the road you may not find a fuel refilling center nearby when you run out of fuel. In such cases, it becomes a dreaded situation for the biker. With RSA cover, you can call your insurer with some fuel assistance to help you reach the close-by fuel pump.

#Battery Drain

Dying out of battery unexpectedly can also cause a grave problem to  the biker. It mostly happens during the rainy season when the battery of your bike dies out while on the road in the outskirts of someplace. In such a case, you can call the insurer to support you to start the bike by making the necessary arrangements to help you continue your journey.

#Minor repairs on-site

There may be any other minor on-site repair that you may face while on a trip alone. So, you can call your insurance company to send assistance to mend the minor issues to help you with your journey

#Flat Tyre Issue

Flat type anywhere, anytime is normal and it happens with bikes and cars all the time. The problem with a bike is that you cannot always carry a spare tyre. Hence, if there is a puncture on the way to somewhere you are sure to face trouble. So, in such a situation you can simply call for RSA of your insurer to help you with the puncture.

#Towing bike and arranging drop

If your bike goes through an accident or if there is a mechanical breakdown in the middle of a trip, you can make a call to your insurer to get your bike towed to the nearest network garage. Also, you can request for an arrangement to drop you to your destination by calling a cab.

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Things that are excluded under Roadside Assistance Add-on in Bike Insurance

Like other insurance policies which come with certain exclusions, the  Roadside Assistance Add-on under Bike Insurance also has certain exclusions as mentioned below:

  • The add-on coverage will not help in case the bike or superbike is involved in any illegal activities like racing etc.
  • Also, the assistance will not be offered if the bike is used beyond what the prescribed limit is as per the bike manual
  • Also, if the insurer is not informed beforehand, you may not get the free claim

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To Sum Up

There is no surety about emergencies and most of the time they come unannounced. So, if you are a bike owner who loves to ride your bike and go on long bike trips, you must consider the 24×7 roadside assistance add-on together with your comprehensive bike insurance policy.

While buying the add-on, you should consider the best roadside assistance India policy by comparing and looking for different plans online.

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FAQs on Roadside Assistance Cover for Superbikes

How to contact the insurer in case there is a bike breakdown faced by the insured?

If you face a bike breakdown somewhere in a deserted road or anywhere else, you can call your insurer's customer care number for assistance. You can also reach them through their mobile app or website.

What if the insurance company couldn't send help at the exact location where the breakdown took place?

If that happens or if you are stranded at a location where no help could be reached, you will have to make an arrangement to take your bike to the nearest garage and get it repaired. Later, you can claim for the bill to be reimbursed by your insurer.

Is it possible to club an RSA rider with other available riders?

Yes, insurance companies in most cases in India allow the insured to have multiple bike insurance riders with their comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans.

Is legal assistance available with my roadside assistance coverage?

It may be available depending on the terms and conditions of the insurer. In case your bike is involved in a legal battle caused by an accident, the insurer may offer legal assistance if needed.

Can RSA riders be purchased while renewing a bike insurance plan?

Yes, you can buy the RSA rider while you renew your existing bike insurance policy as well as while buying a new bike insurance plan.

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