Tips to Increase Bike Fuel Efficiency


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A two-wheeler is preferred over a car for daily commute to work and for chores by many because of its feasibility. Do you want to know some tips to increase bike fuel efficiency? If so, read on.

In India, people generally prefer to use a two-wheeler for the purpose of daily commute as compared to using a car. The reasons are obvious – to avoid the traffic in cities, for better mileage and so on. However, the regular use of the two-wheeler brings down the mileage of the bike to a significant level and thus you need more fuel to fill the empty fuel tank to cover your travel needs on your bike.

But with the rising cost of petrol and diesel, the mileage issue of your bike is likely to become a major problem, especially if you need to make frequent trips to the fuel station often. Thus, it becomes necessary to enhance your bike fuel efficiency to enhance its mileage.

If you too are facing the issue of mileage in your vehicle, you must read on to know some tips that would enable you to have better performance of your bike and get more fuel efficiency as well. Just a few small adjustments here and there can help you with the required mileage you expect. So, read on to know about it.

Below are some suggestions on how to save petrol in bike to improve Fuel Efficiency in your two-wheeler.

4 Tips to enhance bike fuel efficiency

1. Attend Two-Wheeler Maintenance Sessions 

For maintaining your two-wheeler well, there are certain aspects to consider. For the best results and mileage, periodic visits to the mechanic are required. The mechanic will have an overall look at the bike and recommend certain upgrades to augment your bike fuel efficiency. Usually, a bike requires a thorough checking twice or thrice a year. For thorough examination of the bike, it is required that you submit the bike to a specialist or mechanic who could get the bike scrutinized across the different seasons in a year.  The weather affects your vehicle differently and it impacts the overall performance of the bike. The parts that needs to be checked during a regular service session of your bike are:

  • Tires
  • Engine
  • Engine oil
  • Clutch
  • Air filter
  • Chain, and
  • Lubrication etc.

By skipping these bike maintenance sessions, you can deteriorate the performance of your bike, which in turn can impact the lifespan of your two-wheeler. However, by getting the maintenance done regularly, you can extend the performance of your bike and understand how to save petrol in Scooty. This is because the major components of your two-wheeler are getting evaluated during servicing and it will allow better mileage. So ensure regular maintenance sessions of your two-wheeler.

2. Park your two-wheeler under shade to avoid evaporation of fuel

Being a subtropical country, both humidity and heat are part and parcel of the Indian climate. Most locations in the country have bright sunshine with clear sky. The heat of the weather allows fuel loss due to evaporation. Thus, to avoid this disadvantage, it is required to park cars in a shaded area. Further, the direct sunlight also damages the paint of the vehicle and leads to cracking and peeling of the paint. So, it is very important to park your two-wheeler under shade to understand how to save fuel on bike and to avoid waste of money. This will also let the paint of your vehicle stay intact for long.

3. Adapt to certain changes without forging performance

When we talk about bike modification, the picture that comes to our mind is of heavy changes of tires and exhaust system and so on. However, that is not the only modification that can be done on your bike. Simple changes such as adjusting the handlebar of your bike, the seat, the tires etc., can also be done to improve fuel efficiency in the bike and let you know how to save fuel in motorcycle. There are some conventional components in your bike that can be used to improve your two-wheeler’s fuel efficiency and performance. Some such changes in your bike can be done on parts like; engine, exhaust system and electrical components. However, keep in mind the long term effect of the changes in your bike for the same.

4. Use Eco-Friendly Fuels

Fuel adulteration is a common problem that people face in the country. And this problem has been an issue for long now. The use of contaminated fuel affects the performance of your bike along with affecting the environment. By using such degraded quality of fuel, your vehicle becomes prone to engine failure. Further, failure of other components as well as safety issues are also some concerns that you face with the use of such contaminated fuel. The harmful gasses that the vehicle emit due to the use of contaminated fuel leads to air pollution and harms the environment. So, try to fill you oil tank from a reliable and trustworthy fuel station. Visit the fuel stations offering clean fuel in an area and use the fuel of each station for a while to see the result. Once you find a good fuel station offering clean fuel, stick to it and use it for your refueling requirements.

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To Conclude

Using your two-wheeler for your daily commuting needs allow you to save a significant amount of time as well as money. But, if you use your two-wheeler for long distance commuting requirements, you need to make your bike fuel efficient to receive better mileage on your bike. And as already discussed, you now know how to save fuel consumption in motorcycle. So, to ensure better mileage, you must maintain your bike regularly so that no added stress is put on the engine, while it help in maximizing the mileage by using minimal fuel. This way, you can save money as well as keep your bike safe on the roads.

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Mar 23, 2022
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