Checklist to Follow Before Buying Car Insurance Online to Prevent Fraud


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Updated on Aug 08, 2023

There are many ways in which you can buy car insurance these days. It has become very popular to buy car insurance online. This is mainly because the online car insurance plans are economical and feature-loaded as well. The online purchasing process is simple too. However, when buying car insurance online, certain safety measures should be followed to ensure there is no fraud taking place. What are these measures? Take a look at this article to get your answer.

Types of Fraud in Online Car Insurance

Let us look at the 3 differing types of car Insurance fraud examples that can take place when you look to buy car insurance in India:

1. Unreliable websites

When applying for car insurance online, there are many websites that you can go to. While most of the portals of insurance portals are safe and reliable, there are some fraudulent places that you should stay away from. Do your research and find the best places from where you can safely buy your car insurance plan online.

2. Fake online agents

The online car insurance plans are directly sold by the insurance provider. There is no agent involved. If any person claims to be an online agent of a popular car insurance company, you should stay away from him or her. This is a pretty evident marker of fraud and so be cautious. The genuine plans will be sold directly to you, without the involvement of any insurance agent whatsoever.

3. Financial fraud

Though very rare, financial fraud also happens sometimes when you look to get an online car insurance plan. A red flag here would be a portal calling you up and physically asking for your credit card details OTP, etc. The same websites have an auto-payment option where no personal verification is needed. Be careful and avoid any type of financial fraud when applying for car insurance online.

The best way to avoid these fraudulent practices is to buy car insurance online from a trusted insurer portal’s website. Alternatively, you could also get the plan directly from your chosen insurance provider’s portal.


Checklist for Safe Purchase of Online Car Insurance

Overall, it is pretty safe to buy car insurance online. However, at times, some fraudulent transactions take place. You need to avoid those. To ensure you get four wheeler insurance online in a safe way, follow these tips:

1. Compare

You can compare car insurance online in a quick and easy manner. Not only does a car insurance comparison show you the best results and tell you which is the best plan at the best rate, but it also gives you a realistic picture of how the plans look. When you compare, you get to know what the options are. After this, if you are approached by a fraud who tries to sell a fake online car insurance plan, you can identify it quite easily and stay away. Always check the results of a car insurance comparison and be aware of the plans available in your chosen category. This will ensure you remain safe and away from fraud when you buy car insurance online.

2. Do not entertain agents

There is no role of any insurance agent in the world of online. Whether you wish to buy life insurance or health insurance, or any other type of insurance including motor insurance, you will not require the services of an agent. If any individual approaches you as the representative or agent of a reputed car insurance company, do not listen to him or her. You can easily and directly buy four wheeler insurance online without the help or assistance of any agent. The motor insurance companies never employ online agents, so stay away from all such people. Simply buy the car insurance policy online through

3. Speak to the insurer directly

Compare the plan properly when applying for four wheeler insurance online through to validate the plan. Find out whether or not such a plan actually exists and the features mentioned are true. If you come across a plan that sounds too good to be true, then it may be fake after all! It is therefore very important for you to do some research and know about the plans before you make an online purchase.

Keep this checklist in mind and you will surely be able to buy car insurance in a safe and reliable manner when shopping online.

The Final Word

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are many ways in which you can safely buy four wheeler insurance online. Keep all the tips and safety guidelines in mind and then proceed towards applying for car insurance online. Once that is done, you will have the best plan with yourself in no time. Assess your needs, make a budget and get the best online car policy for your vehicle in a quick and easy manner.

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