Car Insurance Checklist : Checklist You Should Follow Before Buying a Car Insurance Policy in India


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Updated on Aug 08, 2023

A car insurance policy is one of the most common types of insurance policies sold in India. Every day, thousands of four wheeler insurance plans are sold. This is because Indian law mandates it for every car owner to have an insurance cover for their vehicle. And since thousands of cars are sold every day, an equal number of policies are sold too. If you too are looking to buy car insurance policy, take a look at this article. Here you will know about all things that needs to be taken care while buying a car insurance policy in India.

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What is a Car Insurance Policy?

To begin with, you need to understand what a car insurance policy is. It is nothing but insurance coverage that you need for your motor vehicle. A 4 wheeler insurance plan can be of two types – third party or comprehensive. A third-party policy is a basic type of coverage where you only get coverage against third-party damages. There is no cover for your own vehicle. The comprehensive plans offer third-party covers as well as coverage for your own vehicle. The comprehensive plans are more expensive, but they offer better covers. It is very easy to get a car insurance policy online these days. You can go online, click a few buttons and get your plan instantly.

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Checklist to Follow When You Purchase Car Insurance Online

  • Assess your needs

The first and the most important thing to do before you buy a four-wheeler insurance plan is to make a list of your requirements. Different people have different needs from their motor insurance plans. If you have a new and expensive car, you may need a comprehensive policy. If you have an old car that you plan to change soon a third-party car insurance plan may be enough. List down your needs so that you know exactly what to get.

  • Make a budget

The next important thing to do is make a budget. The 4 wheeler insurance plans are not of a single type. The different plans are priced differently. This is why you need to make a budget and stick to it. Unless you make a budget, you will tend to overspend and this can prove to be harmful in the long run.

  • Compare

A very good tip is for you to compare car insurance policy online. When you compare, you get to see all the available options side by side. This gives you a very clear picture and you easily get to choose and buy the most suitable plan at the best price. It is easy and quick to compare, so do not skip this step.

  • Look for riders

Riders are excellent car insurance add-on covers that you must consider getting along with the basic policy that you buy. Riders help you to customize your motor insurance plan and make it more flexible. Look for riders such as the engine cover rider, zero depreciation rider, roadside assistance rider, and so on.

  • Consider a long-term plan

You can buy a long-term four-wheeler insurance plan for a tenure of two or three years. Definitely think about getting a long-term cover as they prove to be economical and beneficial in the long run. You do not have to pay the premium for each year individually and will stay protected against inflation.

  • Buy online

Last but not the least, try to purchase car insurance online. It is always a very good idea to buy your 4 wheeler insurance policy online. The online plans are cheaper. Additionally, there are many options and you can compare and locate the best policy in no time. You get to make a completely unbiased choice and this proves to be very advantageous for you. Go online, explore your options and find the best car insurance plan. You can get a comprehensive as well as a third-party car insurance policy online in a quick and convenient manner.

Keep these points in mind when you look to get a four wheeler insurance plan. Doing so will ensure you get to purchase car insurance online in a safe and effective way.

In Conclusion

Keeping all the points mentioned above in mind, you can understand just how helpful it is for you to get a 4 wheeler insurance plan online. The digital world is the new-age medium through which a majority of the work is done online and you should also look to get your car insurance plan online. Make a list of your requirements, stick to your budget, compare on and find the best cover at the best price.

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