Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid Getting your Motor Insurance Claim Rejected


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Checklist and Tips to Avoid Motor Insurance Claim Rejected

There are some car insurance claim rules that you must know. The last thing you’d want when filing your motor insurance claim is for it to be declined or rejected. After all, a claim is the only assurance to the affected party to cover the costs incurred on damage repair or hospitalization (if needed). However, on account of some ignorant mistakes made by the claimant, these claims can sometimes be rejected by the insurer. Here we look at some top car insurance claim rejection reasons that can add to your misery.

How to Claim Insurance for Car Accident in India

Before we go on to car insurance claim rejection reasons, let’s first briefly understand the exact process on how to claim car insurance. After the accident, you can apply for a motor insurance claim with your insurer, who would then check for the genuineness of the claim (by going through specific documents and also surveying the accident site, damage to the vehicle, etc).

If the insurer is satisfied that the claim made is authentic, it would proceed with approving the car insurance claim. Also, the claimant is required to submit copies of all the required documents to the insurance company as part of the car insurance claim process. These include:

  • Copy of the motor insurance policy
  • Copy of the claim form that has been duly filled and signed by the claimant
  • Copy of the FIR report filed after the accident
  • Copy of the driving license
  • Copy of the vehicle’s car registration certificate
  • Copy of the original receipt of all vehicle repairs made
  • Copy of the medical bills in case of physical injury
  • Original bills of any other expenses involved with regard to the accident

It is very important to follow all guidelines, such as the above, as detailed under the car insurance claim procedure. Let’s look at some more do’s and don’ts while making a car insurance claim.

Car Insurance Claim Rules: What to Do and What to Avoid

What you should do to prevent any risks of rejection:

  • Connect with your insurer immediately after the accident – Your motor insurance company should ideally be among the first few people to know about the accident in the event of the unfortunate mishap. This is because you have just about 24-48 hours after the accident to file your insurance claim.
  • Rush to the hospital, if needed – If you or a third party has suffered any physical injury during the accident, it’s wise to first rush for medical care, even before informing the insurance company. Health comes first in this case.
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station – Your insurer would need you to submit a copy of the FIR in case of claiming insurance for car accident, injury, or even car theft. It helps the company determine the nature of the incident and also whether or not a third party is involved in the act.
  • Take relevant pictures for evidence – Your insurer would need sufficient and relevant proof of the accident before going ahead with approving the claim. This is why it’s important to take pictures of the vehicle, accident site, damages caused to the car, or injury caused to self or third-party (if any) before filing your claim.

What Not to Do When Filing a Motor Insurance Claim

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when filing your claim to ensure that there is no scope for decline or rejection by the insurer:

  • Don’t be in a hurry to leave the accident site or get the car repaired: Once you’ve called up your insurer after the mishap, they would send a surveyor to assess the damages caused to the vehicle and to survey the location of the accident in general. It is critical for you to stay where you are until the representative arrives. Don’t rush to get the vehicle repaired even if you plan to file a reimbursement claim with the insurer. It would be rejected because the repairs were made without damage assessment done by the surveyor.
  • Don’t conceal any details: Furnish all relevant and accurate information (even the minutest details) pertaining to the mishap in your claim report. Any information deemed incorrect or fake by the insurer would result in motor insurance claim rejected.
  • Don’t forget to keep your driving license with you at all times: It is the first official document that would be asked from you by the police and also the insurance company in case of a mishap. Failure to provide the license may also be one of the main reasons for car insurance claim rejection. Costs incurred on car repairs or medical expenses in case of injury can amount to a huge sum.

To prevent any chances of car insurance claim rejected, make sure to follow all rules as per the policy.

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