Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition


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Best practices for keeping your vehicle in good condition

We all love our vehicles, don’t we? Whether we buy a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler insurance, our vehicle not only serves the purpose of conveyance, it is also held close to our hearts. Perhaps that is why, a minor dent has the potential of increasing our heartbeat several notches higher, doesn’t it? Though you might be very zealous in keeping your vehicle safe and sound, uncertainties come unannounced. Any other vehicle might ram into your vehicle and cause damage. Moreover, sometimes, the way you drive might also pose threats to your vehicle’s safety. There are other countless reasons why your vehicle might suffer damages. Then, how can you keep your vehicle in good conditions?

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Though you cannot avoid unannounced perils, there are some ways in which you, as a proud vehicle owner, can keep your vehicle safe and in good conditions. Here are the ways:

Ensure regular servicing : Every vehicle requires regular trips to the service station for servicing and upkeep. Though there might not be anything wrong with your vehicle, regular servicing helps smoothen out minor flaws and improves the efficiency of your vehicle. Moreover, when you get your vehicle regularly serviced, any minor damages which can grow into major ones later are also weeded out. Thus, regular servicing is essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly and also for preventing minor problems from taking mammoth proportions.

Follow traffic rules : Now this is something you must have learnt in Class I in high school, haven’t you? This rule holds true even today when you are actually behind the wheel. As tempting as speed might be, when driving, you should follow the traffic rules strictly. Don’t run a traffic light. Move when the lights go green and stop at red lights. Moreover, when you see a red signal, start slowing your car at least 50 meters from the signal so that you don’t screech to a halt. Screeching to a halt causes excess loss in fuel which is bad for your car. These simple rules prevent chances of accidents and keep your vehicles safe.

Maintain tyre pressure : The tyres of your vehicles come with a specified air pressure. This air pressure must be maintained at all times. The petrol pumps across our country are fitted with air pressure machines. Utilize this free service and ensure that the air pressure in your tyres is optimal at all levels to suit the terrain you are driving on. If the pressure is high there is a chance of tyre burst and if it is low the tyres would shred. So maintain an optimal pressure to eliminate these damages to your vehicle’s tyres.

Keep your vehicle at safe distance from other vehicles : This is relevant in case of traffic jams when there are other vehicles all around your vehicle. In this case, it is always advisable to keep your vehicle a safe distance away from the vehicle in front of you. In case the vehicle in front of you reverses your vehicle would not be damaged. So, don’t crowd your vehicle and keep it safe.

Maintain the brakes, battery and belts of your vehicle : Your vehicle’s battery, brakes and belts are very essential when you are driving and also for preventing any chances of accidents. So, you should maintain the brakes of your vehicle, check the battery regularly and also ensure that the belts are working fine.

Maintain your engine oil : Engine oil is very essential to keep your vehicle running. That is why changing the oil and the filter is very important. If you neglect the maintenance of your engine oil your vehicle’s engine would be severely damaged.

Keep it clean : Cleanliness – a most important requirement. Do you like to see your vehicle soiled and dirty? You don’t, do you? That is why keeping your vehicle clean is very important. It not only looks good but a clean vehicle also prevents dirt and grime from entering the internal parts of your vehicle and damaging them. So, get your two-wheeler or four-wheeler regularly cleaned.

These were the essential tips and tricks of keeping your vehicle healthy and good. Follow these tips to ensure that you enjoy your vehicle and it gives you the comfort it promises.

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Mar 01, 2021
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