Myths Associated with Cashless Motor Insurance Policy

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Can I get cashless claims only if I have bought policy from the dealer?

Where do you buy your vehicle from? You buy it from a dealer, right? Since a car insurance policy is mandatory with every type of vehicle, the dealer usually attaches an insurance policy to the vehicle when it is bought. This also reduces the hassles on your part to search and buy a motor insurance policy. But, does the policy bought from the dealer also ensure a cashless claim settlement?

There is a process which should be followed when it comes to making motor insurance claims. If you follow the process and make a claim, not only would your claim be settled smoothly, you can also avail a cashless claim facility. Do you know the claim process? Here is how it goes:

  • Whenever you face any accident, the first step is to inform your motor insurance company. Informing the company is very important as the company would guide you with the next steps.
  • In case of a minor damage, the company might ask you to take your vehicle to the nearest preferred garage and get it repaired. If the damages are major, the company might arrange for towing facilities to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage.
  • After the vehicle is taken to a preferred garage, a surveyor from the insurance company visits the garage, inspects the damages and then repairs begin.

These are the basic steps of settling your motor insurance claims. To avail a cashless claim, there is only one requirement – getting your repairs done from a preferred garage. A preferred garage is a garage which is tied up with the motor insurance company. Any repairs done at that garage qualify for cashless settlements. So, buying a policy from the dealer is not mandatory for getting a cashless claim settlement. You can buy a motor insurance policy from anywhere. As long as you get your repairs done from a preferred garage, you can avail a cashless claim settlement facility.

Informing the insurance company is important in this respect too. When you inform the company, the insurer helps you locate the nearest preferred garage from where you can get your repairs done and a cashless claim would be settled. You can also find the list of networked garages from the insurance company’s website and locate a garage in your vicinity.

So, to sum it up, to get a cashless claim, repairs should be done from a preferred garage. Buying a policy from the dealer is not important as long as you ensure that you choose a networked garage every time you make a claim. So, locate the networked garages, get your vehicle repaired in one of them, and enjoy the benefit of cashless claim settlement.

Choose wisely!

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