Road Trip Car Insurance : Necessary Documents to Carry While Going for a Long Drive in your Car


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Summer vacation is just round the corner. If you are planning for a road trip with the best car for a long drive in India to break-free from the monotony of daily life, here’s what you need to know.

Everyone needs a break to refresh and give oneself a much deserved holiday. Going on vacations is one such occasion that we all look forward to so that we can enjoy some time with family and friends away from the hustle and bustle of life.  Though there are different ways to travel to your preferred destination to see and experience a new culture, covering long distances on your own car is something really exciting. India is a beautiful country with lots of cool places to explore. So, if you are planning to go on an extended road trip to cover new destinations and see new places in your car, summer vacation is the best time to do so.  However, before you hit the road, there is something you must do and that is to keep all the important documents of your car with you.

So, in this blog we are going to discuss what are the documents required for driving in case you are going for a long trip. You will come to know about the necessary documents that you must possess while traveling across cities and towns to explore new places on your vehicle.

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Essential Documents to Carry While Going for a Long Drive or Road Trip in Car

Here is the list of the essential documents to carry along while going on road trips in your car:

  1. Car RC or registration certificate – This is the key document you require while traveling across cities in your car. RC is an important paper to carry along every time you drive your car on the road. The RC proves the authenticity of the car and establishes the relation of the vehicle with you. So, it proves that the car belongs to you and is not stolen from anyone. Further, it contains the details like the name and address of the car owner, its registration and chassis number and so on. Thus, it is a very important document that you would be asked.
  2. Car Insurance Copy – Car insurance papers are the next most important things that you cannot forget while planning a road trip in your car.  The Motor Vehicle Act of India makes it compulsory for every car running on Indian roads to have a motor insurance policy. Though a comprehensive policy is the one that is regarded as most suitable, at least a third-party car insurance is something you must have to drive your car.
  3. DL or Driving License – DL license is something without which you can’t even imagine driving a vehicle on the highway forget about going long distances. It is actually an official paper from the RTO that proves that you are eligible for driving and you have passed the driving test. Similar to the above mentioned papers – RC and Insurance – driving without a license is also a punishable offense.  Further, if your car collides with another vehicle and gets damaged or any other unforeseen situation takes place, you will not be able to make an insurance claim if you drive without a license. So, make sure to have a valid DL. If you don’t have one you must get the documents needed for a driving license to procure one immediately.
  4. PUC or Pollution under control – This is again a very important paper that you must have while planning a trip on the road.  PUC confirms that your vehicle meets the requirement of emission standards in terms of the pollution emitted by your car. This way, it ensures that your car doesn’t release harmful pollution in the environment. You can get the PUC check done in any of the kiosks located in different locations across the city including many petrol pumps.

Besides the above mentioned papers that you must have with you while you drive your car across cities, you must also ensure a few things before heading for a long road trip. They are as mentioned below:

  • Ensure to check Car Battery – Checking the car battery before starting the trip is also very important. See that the electrical wiring and other functions are running smoothly. Replace the battery if it is expired or too old.
  • Ensure to check Air Pressure of tyres – Make sure to check the pressure on the tyres of your car before you start your trip. The tyre should have the right amount of pressure and it should be neither less nor more.
  • Check fuel – Fuel of the car is also important to be checked before heading for a long distance travel. Ensure that the fuel tank has enough fuel and you will reach the next fuel station safely.
  • Check the brake –  The brake is one of the most important parts of your car and so you must check that the brakes are running good. If your brake is making any sound or the wheel is shaking then you must get it checked by an expert.
  • Ensure to check the fluid level – Fuel levels like Engine oil and brake oil should also be checked so that the car functions smoothly during your long drive. Also, check the radiator, power steering, windshield etc.

To Sum Up 

Traveling is fun and it allows you relaxing time and gets you rejuvenated. Most of the times you make sudden impromptu decisions to pick your car and head to a beautiful destination for a weekend trip.  Though it is fun and enjoyable if you have the best car for a long drive, just don’t forget to carry all papers along while going on such trips and also make sure to double check every part of your car so that you do not face any unnecessary trouble on the road.

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FAQs on Road Trip Car Insurance

Which documents should be kept in the vehicle while driving?

Take a look at the following vehicle documents checklist while going for a long drive or a road trip:
Registration Certificate (RC) of your Car. ...
Valid Car Insurance Certificate. ...
Driving Licence of the Driver. ...
Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate of Your Car.

Are original documents required for vehicle when driving in India?

Is it compulsory to carry a driving license and other documents? As per the Indian law, it is necessary for you to produce your original car documents to the cops if asked. However, it is not mandatory to show the physical version of them anymore.

What are two disadvantages travel insurance?

Cons of Travel Insurance
It Can Be Expensive. One major drawback of buying travel insurance is the cost. ...
Might Not Provide Coverage for Pre-Existing Diseases. ...
Travel Insurance Claim May Get Rejected. ...
Comes with Certain Loopholes.

Is there travel insurance for road trips?

The Road Trip Protection from Card Protection Plan (CPP) offers benefits like financial coverage in case you are stranded and need emergency hotel or travel bookings, roadside assistance in case your car breaks down and 24-7 card-blocking service, if you lose your wallet.

May 12, 2022
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