Lighting Up Your Love: A Financially Secure Anniversary Gift for Diwali


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Diwali is an important and most awaited celebration in India. If you are lucky enough to celebrate your anniversary during Diwali, you are up for double merriments. Like Diwali, your anniversary is an occasion that holds a special place in your heart.

Hence, this occasion of dual celebrations calls for some significant gifts to be shared with your spouse. Given the long-term benefits of investment plans, you may consider gifting your spouse financial security as a valuable expression of love.

Let us take you through the various options available to help you buy a meaningful gift for your spouse to enjoy the double occasion of Diwali and your anniversary.

Understanding Your Spouse’s Financial Goals

A couple shares all the ups and downs in life together. They serve as pillars of support for each other during tough times. Financial matters are an aspect of life that should be openly discussed between a husband and a wife. Constructive discussions on savings, investments, and financial security of the family from the point of view of both spouses, as well as from the family perspective, are valuable.

Financial Gifts for Her and Him

Here is a range of financial gift ideas to resonate with your spouse on your anniversary:

1. Retirement plans

Retirement plans are financial plans to save and accumulate corpus after retirement. With limited means of finances, retirement time can become demanding in terms of managing finances. Hence, it is essential to plan accordingly for this phase of life. Gifting your spouse a retirement policy for an anniversary gift is a great idea to support him/her in fulfilling retirement dreams and goals.

2. Mutual fund

Mutual funds also serve as a unique gift item for anniversaries. SIPs or Systematic Investment Plans are preferred options for investment if you want to grow your money. You can choose small amounts to start with in your spouse’s name on a regular basis. SIPs are available in different forms and can be customized to meet your financial objectives.

3. Real estate

Physical assеt in the form of real estate is a beautiful way to allow security in your spouse’s life. It has long-term growth potential as well. The dual celebrations of anniversary and Diwali is the best occasion to gift real estate to your wife as a gesture of love. You can plan together as a couple to buy real estate for your future and contribute towards buying the asset together.

4. Gold

Gold is a woman’s favorite asset. You may plan to gift a gold pendant or another piece of jewelry to your wife as an anniversary cum Diwali gift. Gold as an investment never fades and is always in fashion to meet your wife’s needs. Gold is also considered an auspicious and safe option for festive gifting.

5. Stocks

If you are aware of mutual fund SIPs, you may know that you can contribute to SIP funds in stocks. You can invest a static amount in a specific stock or buy a fixed number of shares. SIP in stocks is done in a way that inspires one for regular savings. It protects your money and encourages disciplined savings.

6. Term Insurance Plan

Term Life Insurance is a safe option to secure your family’s future in the event of the unfortunate demise of the sole bread-earner. The sum assured received as a death benefit can help pay for your child’s education or marriage or repay debts and loans. Thus, you may choose the best term insurance plan from the best insurer to gift your wife a secured future.

7. Health insurance

Over the last few years after the pandemic, the awareness about health and wellness has increased manifold. People are more proactive in investing or purchasing health insurance policies. A comprehensive health insurance plan is suitable for staying covered against unforeseen healthcare expenses in situations of health crisis. Hence, it serves as a meaningful gift option for your spouse to show how much you care.

8. Fixed Deposits (FD)

FDs are yet another option to secure your spouse’s future, especially if your wife is not a working woman. An FD will be regarded as a gift that will add to your savings after maturity. You can even choose to reinvest the amount once it matures or invest the maturity amount in other instruments for further financial gain.

Gifts for a Secure Future Together

Exchanging financial gifts with your spouse will make the gift-worthy and contribute towards the financial security to be shared. In this direction, you can also share joint accounts or real estate and term life insurance plans.

The investment options mentioned above will ensure that your family lives with a sense of security and that you can fulfill the dreams of giving your children a good life with better prospects of higher education. Here, considering long-term financial planning will support your goal-based financial aspirations.

Consulting a Financial Advisor

Financial matters are critical and require expert advice. You may plan a consultation with a financial advisor seeking guidance on your financial planning strategies. Being professional, they are better equipped to support your precise requirements in investments and planning. Further, you can use this dual occasion this season to rejoice in your financial achievements.

Expressing Love through Financial Security

With changing times and requirements, as well as looking at the steep rise in inflation, gifting financial instruments to enhance the monetary security of your spouse is gaining prominence. These options can be used to secure your partner and your children.

Couples must view financial security as an expression of love and care. It also enhances your peace of mind. Hence, use this dual occasion to cherish together by safeguarding your future with financial happiness.

To Conclude

Diwali is a significant occasion where you seek prosperity, light, and the blessing of togetherness for your family. Similarly, your anniversary also holds equal meaningful importance. Collaboration of these two life events gives you an excellent opportunity to cherish life and be grateful for the things you have.

However, as you can’t predict the future, preparedness for the same is necessary. Using financial instruments as gifts will allow permanent and long-lasting benefits compared to the temporary pleasures of short-lived gift items.

Hence, you may use this occasion of the two celebrations to understand your family’s financial standing and buy gifts to enhance it further.

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Nov 11, 2023
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