Does Eating Papaya Induce Miscarriage in Pregnant Women?


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Papaya is one of the best sources of vitamins A, C, and E as well as it is high in antioxidants. It is recommended to have a bowl of papaya daily. However, is it good to consume papaya during pregnancy? Does it induce miscarriage among women? Let’s find out!

Papaya is known as the ‘fruit of the angels’ because of its taste and qualities. However, when it comes to consuming papaya in pregnancy, it requires some precaution. It is okay if a pregnant woman eats a small bowl of ripened papaya; however, consuming semi-ripe or unripe papaya can lead to the risk of miscarriage.

Papaya is a fruit loaded with multiple benefits, and thus it is recommended to consume during pregnancy. However, it is important to consider the amount a pregnant woman consumes and ensure that she only eats fully ripened papaya, not the raw ones.

In normal cases, papaya is recommended for girls if they want to induce periods in case the date gets delayed. But pregnancy is a completely different scenario. This is the phase of life that every woman looks forward to so that they can meet their little one. Hence, people, especially our elders (parents, grandparents, etc.), advise not to eat certain food items, including papaya, during pregnancy. It is believed that the fruit can be the cause of miscarriage among pregnant women.

However, pregnancy is a phase when a woman requires enough nutrition and care for the healthy growth of the mother and the fetus (developing within her). Thus, it is important to ensure what to eat and what to leave by the expecting mother during the nine months of pregnancy. Papaya is one fruit that has the taboo of causing risk in pregnancy, which is why women avoid it during this phase. So, the question is, can a pregnant woman eat papaya during her pregnancy?

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Can Expecting Women Consume Papaya? 

The answer is yes, they can. However, make sure to eat only ripe papaya to reap the benefits of the fruit. Do not consume unripe or semi-ripe papaya, as they are not good for pregnant women. Unripe papayas contain papain and latex, which are sometimes perceived by the body as prostaglandins. These components of the body encourage labour and may cause miscarriage. Further, the papain present in unripe papaya is harmful to the fetus as it makes the membrane around the fetus weak.

Benefits of Eating Ripe Papaya

Papaya has a high nutrient density, and it grows all year round. You can eat papaya to treat your dull skin, to lose weight, or to get hydrated. Here are some other benefits of eating papaya:

  • They protect the eyes
  • They help in keeping the joints healthy
  • They help prevent cancer
  • They are good for keeping your cholesterol level low
  • They enhance your immune system

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Benefits of Eating Ripe Papaya During Pregnancy

Papaya is a wholesome fruit packed with nutrients. Certain papaya compounds help in improving heart health and have anti-cancer properties. Below are some papaya benefits for women who are pregnant:

  • Ripe papaya contains sufficient vitamins A, B, C, and E.
  • It also has beta-carotene and potassium, which boosts the neurological development of the baby during pregnancy
  • Since papaya is an excellent source of vitamins, it improves immunity and prevents infection
  • Papaya is good for digestion and helps in curing pregnancy-related constipation that most women face
  • Papaya is also effective in helping expecting mothers overcome morning sickness
  • Papaya increases the platelet count in blood and can help women recover from viral illnesses during pregnancy
  • Having ripe papaya in proper proportion aids in enhancing milk production in women

Eating papaya during pregnancy in moderate proportion is safe for expecting mothers. So, if a pregnant woman craves papaya, she can eat ripe papaya in moderate quantities throughout her pregnancy. However, do not eat semi-ripe or raw papaya if you are pregnant or you are trying to conceive.

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To Conclude 

The pregnancy journey till you become a mother for the first time is divine. The fact that you carry your baby for nine months and wait for the arrival of your little bundle of joy is a heavenly experience. This experience can be enhanced by ensuring the good health of the yet-to-be-born baby as well as the mother. This can be done by supplying the mother and the fetus with good and nutritious food along with stress-free life. This will help the young one to grow healthily.

To enhance a stress-free attitude towards pregnancy, purchase a comprehensive health insurance policy to cover your health needs in terms of maternity and newborn baby care and their expenses.

In India, several top health insurance companies offer specially crafted plans for women with widespread coverage on maternity and newborn baby care. Look for a policy that covers ante-natal care and the medical treatment of the infant baby, including congenital disabilities. Also, make sure that the plan covers vaccination charges for the little one.
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FAQs: Eating Papaya Induce Miscarriage in Pregnant Women

Is papaya good for pregnancy?

Ripened papaya, if eaten in moderation, is good for pregnant women. However, they should avoid eating unripe or semi-ripe papaya as they may cause miscarriage.

What are some raw papaya benefits?

Raw papaya has many benefits. However, they are not good for pregnant women. Here are some benefits of raw papaya:
~ They aid in the digestive process
~ They are anti-inflammatory
~ They stimulate regular bowel movement
~ They are good for treating skin infection
~ They control Bad cholesterol
~ They help in reducing menstrual cramps
~ They are good for your cardiovascular health
~ They aid in weight management

What happens if a woman eats pineapple and papaya during pregnancy?

Some expecting mothers may not tolerate pineapples, especially if they have the issue of heartburn. Moreover, raw/unripe and semi-ripe papaya as well as pineapple, are said to cause the risk of miscarriage among pregnant women.

What are the papaya side effects when consumed during pregnancy?

If a pregnant woman consumes raw or semi-ripe papaya, it may increase the risk of miscarriage.

Can we eat papaya at night?

One can eat papaya at night. Papaya acts as a laxative and cleans the colon. However, fruits should be avoided just after a meal for about 4-5 hours.

How much pineapple juice can cause a miscarriage?

Most pregnant women avoid eating pineapple as part of a myth preserved by society. However, there is no scientific evidence that pineapple leads to abortion or early labor.

Can we eat papaya during periods?

Yes, you can eat papaya during periods because papaya benefits your body with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to make your menstrual cycle smooth.

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