Benefits of Having Two Health Care Plans In India


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Updated on Mar 06, 2023

Buying Two Health Insurance Plans in India – Is it worth it?

How many health insurance plans do you have? Are you aware of the fact that you can save money by combining health policies? Read on to find out.

Everyone knows how important it is to have health insurance to ensure their good health. But many people are skeptical while making investments in health policies. If you have any doubt about the benefits and the needs of health insurance, you must seek complete knowledge by reading about them and comparing plans online. When you start learning about these policies, you will come to know how many advantages you can receive by coming under the coverage of health protection. It also allows you peace of mind in terms of your health.

Do you know that combining health care plans allows you to save enough? Yes, this is another beneficial feature of health insurance that you may not be aware of. Unless you delve deep into the details of health insurance, you will not come to know about such essential information. So, let’s learn more about this feature in this blog.

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Two Health Insurance Plans – Benefits and Features

If an individual has two health plans, both the plans serve his/her health purposes in different ways. One of the plans will act as the main policy, while the other one will be the secondary protection. So, the insurer can make use of the plans by a process of coordination of reimbursement.  This way, they can decide on which policy to utilize for immediate claims and how much the second policy will contribute.

For instance, the primary health plan would pay for the claim initially as you make a claim, while the second one will cover the parts of the claim that are not allowed by the insurer in the first health cover.  This way, your healthcare becomes cheaper and you don’t have to incur any expense from your pocket.

Below are the list of benefits that you get by combining the best health insurance in India:

  • You get benefited from the coordination reimbursement system –  When you have two health care plans, your policy provider uses the mechanism of benefit management to make sure that you could gain equally from both the health plans. By combining the coverage properly, you can not only prevent duplication of benefits but you can continue to receive the healthcare benefits that you are entitled to.
  • Budget Insurance – With two health plans in hand, it becomes a budget plan where you can determine your primary and secondary options. So in this case, the health insurer can make use of the primary insurance plan and reimburse whatever is required from that. Rest charges can be claimed from the second plan once the first plan has paid for whatever was required out of it.
  • Costs under two plan option are reasonable and typical –  Under such plans, most insurers pay for expenses that are reasonable and normal. So, they do not make payment for any such thing that comes with an expensive cost. The insurer here pays for the standard charges for treatments/therapies in the place where the therapy takes place.
  • You may still have to pay some fees – However,  it is to be noted that if charges claimed by the insured are regarded as from outside the limit of the insurance plans, the second health plan might not pay the sum which is nor cleared by the primary health plan. In such a situation despite having two policies the insured might have to pay a certain amount from their pocket.  Also, you must know that your health insurance policy will not pay for the cost of any health care treatment which are not included under your health policies.

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To Conclude

So, you have seen from the above discussion that having two policies can be helpful in certain cases to relieve you of the huge expenses that you might incur on your emergency healthcare needs. However, you must remember that you have to be very careful while opting for the plans so that you can gain maximum benefit out of them.

Thus, those of you planning to have more than one health insurance plan should speak with their healthcare providers or physicians to have a better idea of how to manage their insurance in the most efficient ways to earn maximum benefit.  This way, they will be able to know the kind of best health insurance that they might procure and how they can gain from them.

The best health insurance company in India would allow you the right opportunity to combine plans and use them properly in the most efficient way. And whenever you have any emergency where your primary plan is not sufficient to claim for the expenses you have incurred on your healthcare, you can use your secondary plan to claim for the expenses not covered by the first plan.

It is advised to compare and check different health insurance plans before picking the kind of plans that you should opt for.

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