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Best Cashless Health Insurance/Medical Policy

Read on to know the 5 best cashless health insurance in India from top insurers.

1. Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Family Cover by Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

When you think of the best cashless medical insurance in India the first name that you can think of is Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Family Cover. If you are looking for the best comprehensive cashless insurance plan this is what you should be going for. The plan offers you a sum assured between 5 lakh and 50 lakh rupees. This plan provides a pre-hospitalization coverage of 60 days and a post-hospitalization coverage of 90 days. With this policy, you would be able to avail of cashless treatment facilities at over 6000 impaneled hospitals across the country.

It also provides coverage for expenses incurred in areas such as the following:

  • ambulance
  • daycare treatments
  • in-patient hospitalization
  • advanced treatments
  • donor transplantation

It offers you an option for lifelong renewal as well. Apart from that, it has the option of co-payment. It is because of reasons such as these that this policy is regarded as one of the top 5 cashless health insurance in India policies. The minimum age of entry in this policy is 18 years and the maximum age is 65 years. The normal waiting period in this policy is 30 days. however, in the case of pre-existing illnesses, this goes up to three years.

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2. Care Plan by Care Health Insurance

The Care Health Insurance Care Plan is also regarded by many as one of the best cashless health insurance company in India. You can be sure that when you buy this policy you would be able to arrange for more-than-adequate healthcare coverage within your financial capability. The maximum sum assured in this policy is 75 lakh rupees. If you choose a sum assured of 50 lakh, 60 lakh, and 75 lakh rupees in this policy you would also get maternity coverage to the tune of one lakh rupees. This is an inherent part of the policy.

In this policy, if you claim an amount that is higher than the sum assured figure, the company would automatically recharge the amount. If you go five years straight without making any claim on the policy, your sum assured could increase by as much as 150%. This is one particular reason why so many people consider it to be the best cashless mediclaim policy for family in India. If you choose the floater plan in this policy you can cover your family members as well as a friend! It also needs to be said in this case that this policy has over 10,000 hospitals in its cashless network!

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3. HDFC ERGO Optima Restore Health Insurance Plan

Which health insurance is best in India? If you are looking for an answer to the question you can always consider the HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited) ERGO Optima Restore Health Insurance Plan to be a viable option in this context. It is a highly appreciated plan among the best cashless mediclaim policies that are available in India. The plan is available in a couple of variants – Optima Restore family and Optima Restore individual. The plan would restore your sum insured even in the case when you utilize it partially along with when you do it fully.

So, this is immensely helpful in fulfilling the needs you may have in this regard in the future. Not for nothing is it regarded as perhaps the best cashless medical insurance in India. When you renew the plan you remain eligible for health checkups till a maximum amount of 5000 rupees. For every year that you do not make a claim on this policy your sum assured increases by 50%. It also has 10,000 and more hospitals in its cashless network! It provides you with a daily allowance of between 800 rupees and 6000 rupees during hospitalization.

4. Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plan 

The Max Bupa Health Insurance Plan is one of the top 5 cashless health insurance in India plans. So, if you are looking for an effective option this is one policy that you cannot rule out at any cost. The policy offers you the facility of availing cashless treatment at over 3500 hospitals.

It is a cost-efficient policy as well where you get coverage for the following:

  • post- and pre-hospitalization expenses
  • room rent
  • domiciliary treatment
  • advanced methods of treatment
  • in-patient hospitalization

The policy is also available with refill and renewal benefits. No wonder it is regarded by many as the best cashless health insurance policy in the country. In this policy, you get four options in terms of the sum assured amount – 5 lakh, 10 lakh, 7.5 lakh, and 12.5 lakh. It has a term period of a year. If you go for a two-year term period you would get a discount of 12.5% on the premium that you have to pay for the second year. The maximum age of entry in this policy is 65 years and the minimum age is 18 years.

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5. ICICI Lombard Health Care Plus  

The ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) Lombard Health Care Plus is also said to be the best cashless mediclaim policy for family in India. ICICI Lombard health insurance is a highly popular plan and this is partly because it offers you cashless treatment within four hours. It has over 5025 hospitals in its cashless network. It is also flexible when it comes to the sum assured figure.

It covers the following expenses and more:

  • post and pre-hospitalization
  • room rent
  • diagnostic expenses
  • doctor’s fees
  • daycare treatment

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It is the features that make a policy a worthy contender for the title of the best cashless medical insurance in India. The maximum age of entry in this policy is 65 years and the minimum age is five years. You can cover a maximum of two adults under the policy. The person proposing the policy should be at least 18 years. You can renew the policy till the age of 70 years. If the proposer is older than 56 years they would have to undergo medical tests. The normal waiting period in the policy is 30 days. In case the insured has a pre-existing disease it could go up to two years.

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Best Mediclaim Company in India

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FAQs on Cashless Health Insurance Plans

Which health insurance company is the best in India?

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance is India's top health insurance company, with a claim settlement ratio (CSR) of 99.8 in FY22.

What is full cashless health insurance?

A cashless health insurance policy is one in which the insured's medical bills are directly settled between the insurance company and the network hospital. It offers cashless hospitalization, which means that the insured does not have to pay cash to receive treatment.

What is not included in cashless health insurance?

The cashless health insurance coverage does not cover self-inflicted injuries, injuries caused by suicide attempts and so forth. Except for accidents, any treatment or medical expenses spent within 30 days of the policy start date are excluded.

How long does it take for cashless health insurance claim?

An emergency situation cannot be predicted. As a result, the insurance company cannot be notified three days before the emergency. As a result, the time limit for emergency mediclaim policy is 24 hours after admission to a hospital.

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