Do Health Insurance Policies Cover Depression?


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Depression and stress are two much talked about health conditions that have found a permanent place in our lives in the current scenario. Does insurance cover depression? Let us discuss it in this post!

Depression , as a mental disorder, was always prevalent. However, earlier people considered it as a taboo and didn’t like to talk about it. However, the scenario has changed now. People have started talking about depression more comfortably as compared to earlier.

Since depression was associated with mental disorders, people used to find it difficult to discuss the topic in earlier times. However, things have changed for the better with the help of medical advancement and changing perspectives of people.

The cases of Depression have risen in recent times, especially after the covid-19 pandemic, which gave rise to the number of cases of depression in the country. This was mainly due to home confinement and loss of jobs, closed ones and so on. Let us now find out if insurance covers depression or if depression as a disease has found its place under the health insurance policies in India. But before that, let’s discuss what depression exactly is.

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What is Depression?

Depression is a condition under which people feel gloomy and low in terms of energy.  This sadness restricts the mundane tasks of patients of depression and they fail to carry on their daily activities normally. Further, it affects the healthy relation of the patient with their family members. Moreover, if you are  a patient of chronic diseases like cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, etc., depression can be more harmful. There are many factors that contribute to depression. With proper treatment and attention, depression can be taken care of.

Does Depression Have any Symptoms?

Yes, depression does have many different symptoms in different people including adults (male, female) and children. Some common symptoms of depression among women are irritation, anxiety, lacking interest in most things, headache, feeling suicidal, not communicating properly, not getting enough sleep, lack of appetite, cramps in the stomach, imbalanced weight and so on.

In case of men, the symptoms like aggression, restlessness, anxiousness, headache, fatigue and trouble in stomach, continuous feeling of gloominess and hopelessness, and poor concentration etc. are causes of depression.

Children, on the other hand, can be cranky and crying most of the time,  feeling lazy and lack energy, changes in weight, no showing interest in going to school or visiting friends, low grades, low concentration and digestive problems etc. because of depression.

How can Depression be Diagnosed?

To diagnose depression, you can visit your physician who will check the symptoms of depression and will carry certain tests for proper examination of the condition. As such there are no specific tests available to diagnose depression. However, the doctor would know how to conclude if you are suffering from depression or not by asking questions related to your sleep pattern, mood, appetite and so on. You might also go through tests to check your vitamin D and thyroid as prescribed by the doctor.

What is the Treatment of Depression?

Depression can be treated with proper medication and changes in lifestyle of people. A good combination to cure depression is to involve medication as well as therapies. This way one can easily overcome depression. Anti-depressants, Anti- anxiety pills and other medications are available, which should be consumed only after consulting your doctor.

Besides, therapies are also available to help people overcome depression, such as Psychotherapy, Light therapy and alternative therapy.

  1. Psychotherapy – In this therapy, the patient is advised to talk to specialists who can support them to come out of depression.
  2. Light therapy – The light therapy has also proved effective among many patients in reducing symptoms of depression.
  3. Alternative therapy – Under this therapy, the patient practices various ways to reduce depression by means of acupuncture, meditation and so on.

Let us now find out if Depression is covered under health insurance.

Does Insurance cover Depression?

Yes, there are many health insurance companies that cover treatment of depression under their health insurance plans. Such policies cover the disease under the category of mental health insurance and compensate the patient against treatment expenses for depression. As per IRDAI regulations, mental health insurance plans are necessary to be included under health insurance by insurance companies to comply with the IRDAI instructions. However, you must check with your particular insurer to know if your health insurance covers depression medication.

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Does Depression come with a Waiting period?

Yes, being a mental condition, depression does come with a waiting period. Hence, to get coverage against depression, you have to wait for 2 to 4 years. Though, it might vary depending on the insurance plan and the insurance company.

How to Prevent Depression?

Below are some tips that can be used to prevent depression among individuals:

  • Staying active by means of regular exercise
  • Sleeping properly every night for 7-8 hours
  • Resolving such matters that cause stress or things that trigger stress by finding permanent solutions
  • Being socially active and not alienated

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To Sum Up

Of late, Depression has become a very common disease that has been affecting a large number of people. In fact, every year many people die because of depression. Thus, it is very important to recognize the disease and take utmost care to prevent it from getting worse. So, the question that arises is does health insurance cover depression?

If you are looking for a health insurance plan covering depression, you may include health insurance coverage against psychiatric diseases to get enough cover. Also, check with the insurer in advance to know if depression is covered under insurance.

Along with coverage it is also important to allow patients of depression enough support by means of communicating with them. They should not be left alone and must be looked after well. After all, this is the time when they need the love and care of their family members.

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