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The stiff competition and the day to day hurdles in a student’s life make them vulnerable for several mental and physical stress and illnesses. Hence, health insurance for students in India has become a necessity. Let’s learn more!  

We already know that a student’s life is full of stress from various things including studies, achieving goals, struggles of career etc. There is constant competition to excel and achieve in life that a student has to go through. Though we cannot do much about it, what we can do is to support them to the best in our abilities. Buying a comprehensive health insurance plan for students is one such thing. An insurance will help a student in case of their deteriorating health caused by the constant stress.

Generally, students are considered to be young and healthy. Hence, health insurance for students is something not considered. But the kind of pressure and stress that a student has to go through these days, makes it evident for students to stay covered under a good health insurance policy. Thus, parents must ensure to buy a health insurance policy for their children. In this post, we are learning about the details and benefits of a student health insurance plan.

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Do students need Health Insurance?

The first question that strikes people is, do students need a health insurance policy? In the present scenario, every individual need coverage of health insurance.  A health insurance policy covers a person in case of medical emergency leading to hospitalization. Generally, the common notion is young people, including students, do not require health insurance.

However, the recent episodes of pandemic and the rise in the number of young people diagnosed with several diseases has made it imperative for everyone including students to have coverage of health insurance.

The fact that students need health insurance coverage is because they are prone to common diseases and infections including mental illnesses, physical diseases, as well as abuse of drugs and alcohol.  Moreover, young people are also prone to accidents and bodily injuries as they are young and energetic and can get into rash driving etc.

Though health insurance cannot guarantee prevention from such worries. However, it can at least ensure that the parents get financial support if any such incident takes place.

Further, health insurance is a key requirement for students who move abroad for further studies and who live on their own in a new country without much support. For instance, if your child goes to a foreign country to pursue higher education, you must get a health insurance policy for him/her to ensure his/her health needs.

Benefits of Health Insurance Policy for Students

The recent incidents of health emergencies have made student insurance a necessity these days. Further, if your child is planning to study abroad, insurance becomes a compulsory requirement for the student.  Below are some of the benefits of buying Health Insurance Policy for Students:  

1. Cashless Hospitalization:

The availability of cashless hospitalization is the most significant thing when it comes to the benefits of student health insurance policies. Falling sick in an unknown country is very unfortunate for a student, especially if you don’t know anyone there. Hence, the support of health insurance allows them a sense of security in the sense that they will not suffer financial setbacks in the event of a medical condition.

2. Provide Coverage for International Medical expenses:

Due to unawareness, many people end up buying health insurance plans for their children in universities abroad. And the average cost of college student health insurance abroad is more expensive as compared to India. Hence, buying a plan before moving abroad would help save the unnecessary costs.

3. Safeguards the insured from personal liabilities:

The student health insurance policies also save a child from any personal liability such as third-party damages, lawsuits etc.

4. Compensation for any disruption of studies:

If due to continuous illness, the studies of a student get interrupted, the monetary benefits of health insurance can be used to cover the loss in terms of finance.

5. Sponsor Protection:

Some insurance plans also protect students by paying the outstanding tuition fees in case the parents or the sponsor of the plan dies.

6. Other Expenses:

Further, other expenses related to medical treatment such as laboratory tests, X-rays, etc. are also covered under a health insurance plan for students.

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Is it mandatory to have Health Insurance for Students Studying Abroad?

Yes, now-a-days most foreign universities have made it mandatory for students to have health insurance coverage. So, if you are planning to emigrate to a foreign nation for your higher studies, you must opt for student medical insurance offered by the universities.

Many students, who are not aware of this fact, had to end up buying expensive health insurance covers offered  by the universities as compared to policies available in India.

Hence, insurance companies these days are selling student health policies via banks so that more and more students could be made aware of it. Buying student health insurance in India could save them the unnecessary hassle and the extra cost of buying such a plan in a foreign nation.

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To Sum Up

Be it India or a foreign country, when it comes to health insurance costs, the expenses are rising continuously. It is very critical for your children to have comprehensive health insurance coverage before they go out for studies abroad.  Student insurance would cover your child against unexpected medical expenses and save you and your family from the financial burden caused by unforeseen expenses.
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FAQs: Health Insurance for Students - Need, Importance and Benefits

Can a health insurance policy be purchased by a student after visiting abroad?

Yes, students can definitely buy health insurance coverage after visiting a foreign nation for studies. In fact, most universities permit students to buy health insurance in India before traveling abroad for higher studies and they are also allowed to buy a health policy offered by the universities there. 

Where can student health insurance be bought?

Most insurance companies offer student health insurance policies. Even banks are also selling health and other insurance plans these days. So, one can contact banks or health insurance providers to purchase health insurance policies. Further, you can buy student health insurance online. 

Is it really beneficial to have coverage of student health insurance for my child before she leaves for the USA for higher studies?

Yes, most of the countries in the American continent including the United States of America are very expensive in terms of medical costs. Hence, it is necessary to have health insurance coverage for your child in such an expensive country to relieve parents from the financial burden in case of deteriorating health of the student. 

  Is there any health insurance for school students available?

There are special plans available for college and university students. You must search and find the best plan offered by top insurers in the market. 

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