Various Health Plans Offered by Star Health Insurance and Diseases Covered & Not Covered


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Updated on Sep 19, 2022

Star Health Insurance Medical Health Plans and Diseases Covered & Not Covered

Planning to buy a Star health Insurance Policy? If so, read on the blog below to have an understanding of the list of diseases covered under Star Health Insurance Company.

Getting diagnosed with any unforeseen critical disease can give you enough mental stress. Further, it also becomes an expensive affair to get rid of such disease without investing your almost the entire savings on it. This is because you need to go through rigorous treatment to get rid of the illness, which can be really expensive. Thus, having a Star Health Insurance plan can aid in giving you the required financial support to get well without making your pocket empty.

Let’s discuss the list of diseases covered under star health insurance in this blog.

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Plans Offered by Star Health Insurance Company

Star health insurance plans offer coverage against a range of diseases to the policyholder by incurring the expenses that arise out of any unforeseen medical condition of the policyholder as well as others covered under the policy.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd. offers a range of different plans and policies for insurance seekers across the country. With as many as 11000 network hospitals spread across India, the insurer provides facility of cashless hospitalization to its customers across the country. Further, the insurer has a claim settlement ratio of 90% and is known to settle claims in just 2 hours.

To protect their policyholders financially against a range of illnesses, the insurer presents a wide network of health plans in the country for different diseases including several critical illnesses.

Here’s a look at the Star health insurance covered diseases list as mentioned below:

  • Star Comprehensive Insurance
  • Star Health Family Optima Insurance
  • Star Novel Coronavirus Insurance
  • Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet
  • Star Super Surplus Insurance
  • Star Criticare Plus Insurance
  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance
  • Star Cancer Care Gold
  • Star Medi Classic Insurance
  • Star Diabetes Safe Insurance
  • Star Criticare Plus Insurance etc.

The Insurer offers the above and many other insurance policies under the Star Health Insurance Group. Policy seekers can choose a plan as per their requirement of coverage and other benefits available under such plans.

Disease Covered by Star Health Insurance Company Policy

So, Below are some of the common diseases covered by Star health insurance company:

  • Diabetes – This is a common yet chronic disease that increases the level of sugar in one’s blood. This lifestyle-related disease is the cause of many other illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, strokes, kidney damages, failure of heart and so on.  Under Star health plans namely the Star Diabetes Safe Insurance policy, the policyholder can get coverage against hospitalization costs of the disease that arise because of type 1, type 2 diabetes.
  • Cancer – This is again a very fatal illness that leads to growth of cells in an uncontrolled and abnormal manner across the body. These cells destroy the tissues in the body that are healthy and cause severe damage to the sick. Cancer can be of different types and you can get coverage against them under the Star Cancer Care Gold plan. This plan helps you incur the costs that might result from the various cancer treatments.
  • COVID-19 – This has become a deadly disease over the last couple of years that causes infection triggered by the virus – SARS-CoV-2. Being a very contagious and transmissible disease, it causes severe complications to your health. Pneumonia, failure of multiple organs, etc., are some of the various critical issues that this disease can lead to causing even death of the sick person.
  • Cataract – This is a disease of the eye that makes your eyes blurred and might lead to complete blindness. There are many Star Health Insurance plans that offer coverage against cataract up to a certain limit.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases – These diseases occur due to the abnormalities of blood vessels and heart. It may lead to diseases like heart failure, high BP, Stroke etc., among people. You can buy Star Criticare Plus Insurance or Star Cardiac Care Insurance policy, which offer coverage against several heart ailments.
  • Kidney Chronic Diseases – These diseases lead to loss of kidney functions and cause many other complications. It can be protected under Star Criticare Plus Insurance policy and other such plans.
  • Cerebrovascular Stroke – These diseases cause damage to the brain and its related parts and are caused due to a break in the supply of blood to the brain. Coverage can be gained through policies like Star Criticare Plus and Star Cardiac Care policies.
  • Brain Tumor –Star Criticare Plus policy covers the insured against the treatment expenses of a brain tumor.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder – This condition is covered by Star Special Care policy which is specifically crafted to cover children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
  • Psychiatric Disorders – These disorders are related to mental illnesses and they impact the mental ability of people. These can be covered under Star Medi Classic Insurance policy.

These and many other such diseases are covered under the Star Health Insurance policies. However, there is a Star health insurance not covered diseases list also that you need to consider while purchasing the insurance from Star health company.

Here’s a list of diseases not covered by star health insurance

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Chronic Nephritis
  • Diarrhea
  • Dysenteries
  • Gastro-enteritis
  • Piles
  • Sinusitis
  • Hernia etc.

Many people generally ask – Is piles covered under Star health insurance? People have this notion that Piles is covered by the insurer. But the fact is, piles and hernia are not covered under Star health plans.

Being a popular health insurance provider in the country, the Star health insurance company  offers a wide range of health plans to cover a large number of illnesses. However, you must compare the various policies offered by Star health insurance company and buy the best one that suits your requirement. Also, consider the star health insurance for pre-existing diseases and the waiting period associated with it before making your decision.

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