What are Platelets and How To Increase Platelets Count Naturally?


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Do you know that marginally low platelet count can be improved naturally by the intake of right food and supplements. Let’s find out in this post how to increase platelets count naturally?

You must have heard about blood platelets and the important function that they  perform in our body. Platelets are small cells of blood that are available in large numbers in your blood. These tiny cells support the process of blood clotting and prevent any bleeding.

A healthy and fit person generally possesses a normal platelet count, which is within the range of 1.5 lac to 4 lac per microliter of blood. If this count goes down the platelets normal range of 1.5 lac, the person is said to be suffering from a condition called Thrombocytopenia. This may be due to many reasons like any critical illness, injury, too much consumption of alcohol and so on.

Thus, a low platelet count is not considered healthy and people run to medical practitioners to increase the platelet count if their blood test result reveals low platelet. So, in case you have very low platelet count, you must visit your doctor to get proper medical attention so that you can avoid any complications in the future. However, if you have marginally low platelet count, it can be improved by consuming a proper diet along with supplements.

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6 Food Items to increase platelets count naturally

If you want to know how to increase platelets count naturally, you must incorporate certain food items in your daily diet:

Green Vegetables

One of the most essential and natural sources of food items that can be consumed to enhance the platelet count in blood is green vegetables. It is not just easily available, but is normally consumed in almost every household on every day basis.  Vitamin K, which helps in the process of blood-clotting, is available in sufficient amounts in green leafy vegetables. Thus, green vegetables like asparagus, basil, celery, cabbage, spinach etc. help in extending the count of platelets overall.


Milk, which is a great source of protein and calcium is an ideal food item that allow strength to your bones. It is also a rich source of Vitamin K that supports the process of blood clotting. Health professionals are of the view that regular intake of milk fortifies the platelet count in your blood. Thus, milk is among the top items that increases platelets naturally.


Pomegranate is an extremely beneficial fruit. Also, the seeds of this fruit are full of iron that supports in improving blood in your body. This fruit is mostly recommended by doctors to increase the platelets naturally in their patients. So, if someone suffers from any fever like malaria, which decreases the platelet count in your body, he/she is required to eat one or two pomegranates daily. It is a great source of vitamins C and antioxidants that also help to improve immunity and fight infections.

Papaya Leaf Extract

Low count of platelets caused due to fever like dengue may make it an extreme situation for the patient. So, if you suffer a low platelet count due to fever, you are recommended to consume papaya leaf extract. One or two glasses of this extract is known to improve the platelet count to a great extent. However, you must note that the extract of papaya leaf has a bitter taste and might cause vomiting or nausea to some people. But the good news is, the market is full of oral capsules of papaya leaf extract that help to enhance platelet counts.


Pumpkin is another vegetable that is a good source of vitamin A. Thus, this vegetable is also expected to improve platelet count in blood. Kale, carrots, and sweet potatoes are among other vegetables that are loaded with vitamin A.


Wheatgrass are the first leaves of wheat plants that are freshly sprouted. These are used to consume as a dietary supplement in food and drink. These are high in chlorophyll which is comparable to hemoglobin in terms of structure and are effective in improving platelet counts. Wheatgrass juice when freshly prepared helps in enhancing platelets during the process of chemotherapy.

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4 Nutrients to increase platelets count naturally

If you want to know how to increase platelets count naturally, there are nutrients as mentioned below that support in increasing Platelet Count.


Iron is used to enhance red blood cells and is regarded as a prime nutrient required by our body. Deficiency of iron may lead to low hemoglobin and low platelets. So, it is important to consume vegetables rich in iron such as spinach, pumpkin seeds, raw bananas, guava, lentils etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts your immune system. Further, it helps the body to absorb iron properly. Thus, this vitamin helps in increasing platelet count. So, consume lemons, oranges, pineapples, etc. to enhance vitamin C in the body.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is known to support the health of blood cells.  Deficiency of vitamin B 12 can lower platelet count in your body. By consuming animal protein such as liver, eggs, seafood etc., you can boost vitamin B-12.


Folates is Vitamin B, which is needed for all kinds of blood cells. By consuming food like peanuts, lentils, oranges, kidney beans etc., you can increase the count of platelets.

To Sum Up

Having platelet count in normal range is good for your fitness and health. However, even if you have a low count of platelets, it is not considered fatal unless you are suffering from any underlying medical condition. So, if you are thinking of enhancing your platelet count naturally, you may incorporate the food items mentioned above. However, if you suffer from any illness or medical condition, it is very important to visit your doctor or a hematologist (blood specialist) and seek proper treatment on how to increase platelets.

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