What is Room Rent Capping Under Health Insurance Policy


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Room Rent Capping in Health Insurance Plan

None of us like to get admitted into a hospital, but if need be and our health condition requires hospitalization, there is no other alternative. Once a patient gets discharged from the hospital, he or she has to pay a bill that comprises of various services and treatments availed during the hospital stay. One major portion of the bill is for the hospital room rent. Although the other parameters of the bill are claimed under a health insurance plan, claiming for a hospital room rent sometimes becomes difficult. To simplify this trouble, various health insurance plans come with a room rent capping. Now, comes the question, what is room rent capping in health insurance? This post aims to throw light on this aspect of health insurance. We will help you figure out whether the best health insurance plans have room rent capping or not.

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What is Capping in Health Insurance?

Before we proceed with shedding light on room rent capping health insurance, we want you to first know what is capping in health insurance? Capping meaning in insurance refers to a limit. It is generally a fixed percentage up to which an insurer agrees to settle the health insurance claims regarding certain parameters. In plain words, capping refers to the maximum amount of coverage a policyholder can avail of under a health plan.

Room Rent Capping in Health Insurance: Meaning

Now, coming straight to our main point of discussion, what do we mean by room rent capping in health insurance? Room rent capping when used with a health insurance plan is the maximum amount or the limit of room rent cost that will be settled by the insurance company. It is the exact figure stating the amount to be paid by the insurer as room rent expense according to the sum assured of the policy.

How does room rent capping affect my health insurance policy?

5 Types of Room Rent Capping in Health Insurance

There are several types of room rent capping in health insurance offered by health insurance companies like:

  1. No Room Rent Capping: There are still many health insurance companies that offer limitless hospital room rent for hospitalization. These are called no room rent capping.
  2. Room Rent Capping: This is the general trend followed by the best health insurance plans in India, where the insurer sets a limit on hospital room rentals. This prevents the policyholder from claiming room rents exceeding the set limit.
  3. Room Rent on Certain Types of Rooms: Some health insurance plans offer room to rent on specific room types. For this kind of plan, you as a policyholder must be aware of those specific room types before choosing a hospital room for rent.
  4. Room Rent on Co-payment: This is a type of health insurance plan where the hospital room rent cost is shared between the insurer and the insured on mutual agreement and certain conditions.
  5. Room Rent Waiver as Add-On Cover: There also comes an option to waive off the room rent capping from your health plan by paying for an add-on cover. It will help remove the room rent limit set by the insurer.

What is the Average Cost of Hospital Room Renting in India?

The following chart will help you understand the average cost of room rent in hospitals across the country on the basis of the different zones. Have a look:

Type of Hospital Room Average Cost (Zone A) Average Cost (Zone B) Average Cost (Zone C)
ICU Rs. 8,800 Rs. 8,400 Rs. 6,800
Private Ward Rs. 5,200 Rs. 4,800 Rs. 2,300
Semi-Private Ward (On Sharing Basis) Rs. 4,000 Rs. 3,000 Rs. 1,500
General Ward Rs. 1,400 Rs. 1,200 Rs. 800

Why Buy Health Insurance without Room Rent Capping?

As a piece of general advice for those looking for a health insurance plan, we advise you not to go for a health plan with a room rent capping. Here are some of the main benefits of buying a health insurance policy without room rent capping:

  1. Freedom to Choose a Hospital Room: The prime benefit of buying health insurance without a room rent capping is that it puts no restriction. There is the freedom to choose a hospital room as per your requirement.
  2. Convenience to Avail Maximum Benefits: The second advantage of a health insurance plan with no room rent capping is that it offers you to avail the maximum benefits of your plan. It helps to eliminate the out-of-the-pocket expenses incurred by the insurer that goes wasted due to room rent capping.
  3. Worry-free Comfortable Hospital Stay: Enjoy a comfortable hospital stay without worrying about the room rent capping. You will have no stress about the out-of-the-pocket expenses for hospital room rents during your hospitalization if you choose a no-room rent capping plan.

How to Buy a Health Insurance with Room Rent Capping?

In case, you are still not convinced about the benefits of no room rent capping health plans. You can choose a health plan with a room rent capping. The following tips will help you buy the best room rent capping health insurance:

  1. Go through the terms and conditions of the room rent capping in the health insurance plan.
  2. Do verify the room rent clause with your insurer before signing up for it.
  3. Shortlist a couple of health insurance plans and compare their room rent capping features before buying one that suits you most.
  4. Buy a health plan with a convenient room rent capping.
  5. Make sure you are happy with the terms and conditions of the room rent capping during the free-look period, else you may change your mind and change the plan.

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We assume you got the answer to what is room rent capping in health insurance plans? No hospital treatment can be availed without renting a hospital room. It is considered wise to go for a health plan with no room renting, as it removes the restriction and enables one to focus on the treatment and recovery. Whether it is with a room rent capping or without a room rent capping, do buy a health insurance plan to help recover your financial expenses for a health care need that requires a hospital stay.

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