Father’s Day 2023: Check Date, History, Timeline & Tradition of Father’s Day in India


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Updated on Jun 05, 2023

Fathers are often strict in raising the kids as compared to mothers, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love them. Grab Father’s Day as the right opportunity to prove that you love your father and know what he has done for you all his life. 

So, when is Father’s Day celebrated, and why? Father’s Day 2023 is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. Stay tuned to know why, where, and how it is celebrated across the globe. You will also get the best idea to celebrate International Father’s Day towards the end of this article, so hang on!

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Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Dayis a day known to show appreciation and love for your father, who is the backbone of every family. Interestingly, the idea to celebrate Father’s Day came from a woman, Sonora Smart Doss in Washington, USA in the year 1909. It was during a sermon on Mother’s Day, which was gaining popularity as a holiday, she came up with the idea to celebrate Father’s Day. Sonora celebrated the 1st Father’s Day on her own father’s birthday on June 19th, 1910 to shower her love on her father.

According to another story, Father’s Day originated in Medieval Europe, where the Catholics started dedicating one day to honour their fathers and all paternal relationships. Years, later this came up as an emerging trend across the globe, and now we call it International Father’s Day.

Which Date is Father’s Day in 2023?

18the June is the Father’s Day date in 2023. It is on the 3rd Sunday of June. Father’s Day is not celebrated on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of June, but on the 3rd Sunday, because the 3rd Sunday of June is somewhere near the 19th of June, the original date when the 1st Father’s Day was celebrated by Sonora Smart Doss.

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Timeline of Father’s Day 

Have a look at the history of Father’s Day with this timeline:




June 19th, 1910

First Father’s Day Celebration

First Father’s Day celebration by Sonora Smart Dodd in Washington on her own father’s birthday

Year 1966

Marked as a Holiday

Signing of a proclamation by President Lyndon Johnson that Father’s Day will be celebrated every year on the 3rd Sunday of June

Year 1972

Official Declaration

Permanent recognition of Father’s Day by President Richard Nixon

Year 2011

Celebration for Single Fathers

Appreciation for over 1,76,000 dads that stay-at-home to care for over 32,000 children worldwide

Tradition Father’s Day Across the Globe

Father’s Day is celebrated across the globe in various countries. Listed below are some popular traditions followed on this day in different parts of the world:

1. USA: 

In the USA, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. It is celebrated by gifting tools, ties, and other personalized gifts to fathers. Children also arrange special meals or plan a getaway with family to celebrate Father’s Day.

2. UK: 

In the UK, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. It is celebrated by gifting cards, gifts, chocolates, beer, and grooming products or by spending quality time with family.

3. Brazil:

In Brazil, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of August. Children arrange for family festive meals and special events to show love and honour their fathers.

4. Germany: 

In Germany, Father’s Day is celebrated as Vatertag 40 days after Easter. It is celebrated by organizing hiking trips and outings with family. It is marked as a day for male bonding in the family.

5. Australia: 

In Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of September. People celebrate this day in Australia by cooking their favourite food and gifting electronics, clothing, and favourite tools of their father.

6. Japan: 

In Japan, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. Children usually gift a wallet, electronic item, or tie to their father or plan a family trip and meal together.

7. Thailand: 

In Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated on 5th December, which is also the birthday of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is celebrated by wearing yellow and gifting flowers and other gifts to fathers.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day in India?

Father’s Day date 2023 in Indiais 18th June, Sunday. Although not an original trend as per the Indian culture, people now try to celebrate this day to show regard and appreciation for their father. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Father’s Day in India and some of the best ways are listed below:

1. Buy a Health Insurance Policy for Father

2. Take Your Father for a Getaway

3. Present a Handmade Greeting Card or Gift

4. Play Games at Home

5. Indulge with Father in his Hobby

6. Take Your Father for Shopping

7. Go on a Movie Date with Father

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Say Happy Father’s Dayto your beloved and caring father on 18th June 2023, Sunday. Appreciate all the hard work he did to raise you and give you the best comforts of life. Nothing is more precious than making him realize you want him to be happy and hearty by gifting him a nice health insurance policy that ensures his health.

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FAQs: Fathers Day

When is Father’s Day in 2023?

Father’s Day 2023 will be celebrated on 18th June, Sunday. It is always celebrated on the 3td Sunday of June every year.

Who started Father’s Day and where?

Father’s Day was started by Sonora Smart Doss in Washington, USA. This idea to celebrate Father’s Day clicked to her in 1909 when she was listening to a sermon on Mother’s Day that soon emerged as a holiday.

What is the best way to celebrate Father’s Day?

The best way to celebrate Father’s Day is by doing something to make your father feel happy and caring. You can get a health insurance plan for your father to show that you care for him and his health.

Is Father’s Day celebrated in India as a holiday?

No, Father’s Day is not a public holiday in India. However, the fact that it is celebrated on a Sunday, which is a common business holiday for many, one can celebrate it as a holiday.

Which countries do not celebrate Father’s Day?

While the concept of Father’s Day originated in the USA and many countries have started copying the trend, there are still some countries where it is not celebrated. For instance, people in China do not celebrate Father’s Day.

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