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What do you mean by an E-Challan?

With the rising issue of traffic rules being violated on the roads, it was important for the traffic department to implement an easy and efficient way to levy penalties on the traffic violators. The e-challan system is like an official written notice of the traffic department that is used by the traffic police to penalize people who break traffic rules on the road.

The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act has made the -challan or the electronic form of challan payment as an official notification. The electronic driving challan makes it easy to issue penalty notifications on a precise and large scale, which was difficult and cumbersome in the manual system. The e-challan works automatically by monitoring the CCTVs installed all across the country. The feed of the CCTV cameras, which gets stored in an app can be downloaded on the mobiles of traffic police and they can accordingly issue notices against any law breakers even if the rule has been broken in their absence.

Along with making it easy to issue challans quickly through electronic mode, the e-challan fine pay makes it easy for the rule breakers to pay the penalty with ease via online mode.  Thus, the e-challan has significantly enhanced the traffic system of managing rules conveniently.

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The working of the E-Challan System In India – How does it function?

As already discussed, the e-challan India system is an efficient method by which the traffic system notifies penalties on traffic rule violators in India.

Here is the way, how the system works:

  • All across India, there are numerous CCTV cameras that have been installed on prominent places and highways. These cameras capture footage in an app, which gets immediately relayed to the personnel at the traffic department. This footage is used for issuing penalties and also recorded and stored for any reference in the future.
  • Thus, even if a traffic cop is not present physically in any traffic point on the road when a traffic rule gets broken, still they come to know about the offense made via CCTV cameras and can take action accordingly.
  • The captured footage on the cameras make it easy for the traffic cops to figure out the necessary details about the vehicle from the RTO. The cops send the number of the vehicle to the RTO, and they in turn provide them the necessary vehicle records.
  • As the traffic police receive the details of the traffic rule violators including their contact number and address, they issue an e-challan against them. This e-challan is sent to the mobile number of the rule breaker, and it mentions details about the offense, including time and date etc.
  • The lawbreaker is expected to check e-challan status and pay the amount mentioned in the challan on or before the given date so that they can continue driving their vehicle on the roads without any hassle.

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To conclude

As already discussed, the e-challan is a kind of ticketing issued to people for violating rules of traffic. This system was initiated to make people aware of the traffic rules and to make them abide by the rules as required. The penalties make people realize their mistake and make them avoid doing such mistakes in the future.

The e-challan public view system in India runs very efficiently and is regarded as one of the best in the world. It has been observed that the failure to monitor traffic laws on the road makes people violate laws more, which leads to accidents. It is very important while driving on the road to obey rules so that you as well as the others using the road stay safe.  The electronic challan system has ensured that people follow rules of traffic all the time even when no cops are there on the roads.

The e-challan has also made it easy for the offenders to pay the fine at ease via online means. Though the offline method of fine payment is also there and people can use that means to pay fine. However, the online way makes it more convenient for people.

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Of course, it is best not to break any traffic rules and make any offense related to traffic. This way you can stay away from any penalties and from paying e-challan.  Moreover, observing all traffic rules is also important to ensure your well-being as well as the safety of others plying on the road. One should try to follow even the minor laws like the use of helmets, wearing seat belts and so on.

At the same time, make sure to insure your vehicle with an appropriate policy to safeguard yourself and your vehicle from any risks. But, even after all this you still receive an e-challan, then you must pay the amount mentioned on the challan on time and don’t try to evade it. By avoiding the challan you might make things deteriorate further in your case. Moreover, to ensure you do not miss any penalties on your vehicle, keep checking your e challan status frequently to avoid any inconvenience.

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