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World Stroke Day is an event organized to make people aware of the implications of getting a stroke and to help them prevent the situation of a stroke. Stroke can be deadly as it occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is blocked or if a blood vessel in your brain bursts or bleeds. Every year, on World Stroke Day, campaigns are initiated worldwide to inform people about the warning signs of brain stroke and its preventive steps. Let us find out more about the topic in this post.

Stroke can be prevented. However, you must be aware of the warning signs for preventing a stroke. When it comes to averting an adverse health situation, knowledge is power. Understanding how to use your knowledge to prevent a serious health condition can help defeat the condition and regain health. Let us understand about stroke and the reasons for observing a day dedicated to the condition.

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What do you understand by World Stroke Day?

World Stroke Organization (WSO), a global body focused on stroke, works with the vision for a life free from stroke. World Stroke Day is observed annually on 29th October to prevent the occurrence of a stroke and spread awareness across the globe about the disease.

As already stated, a stroke occurs when the blood supply is cut off to the brain, which causes momentary or permanent damage to brain cells. Though a stroke can be recovered, if the damage is severe, it may cause disability or even death of the patient.

World Stroke Awareness Day emphasizes that a stroke can be prevented, and being active is the first step towards preventing stroke. A good diet, along with regular exercise, can help people avoid a situation of getting a stroke.

What are the brain stroke symptoms to watch out for? 

Below are some symptoms to look out for:

1. Face drooping:

One side of the face might have numbness or might droop. So, if the person smiles, it may look uneven

2. Arm weakness:

One arm might feel weak or numb. The person may not be able to raise both arms, or one arm may drift downward

3. Speech slurred:

The person may not be able to speak, or whatever the person says may be unclear

4. Time to call for help:

If a person shows any of the above symptoms, it is time to call for emergency medical help

More symptoms:

  •  Trouble seeing in one eye or both
  • Difficulty in walking. May experience dizziness and loss of coordination
  • Terrible headache with no known cause
  • Experience numbness in the face, or on either side of your body (leg, arm)
  • Experience trouble in talking/speech

How to Prevent a Stroke?

To prevent a stroke, the first thing is to understand the various risk factors connected to a stroke. For example, 

1. Connection of a stroke with high blood pressure:

High Blood Pressure can single-handedly cause half the stroke cases globally. Yes, you are right! High BP affects a major population of the world and may not even show any specific symptoms in many cases. Since hypertension has a key role to play in causing a stroke, it is essential to keep your BP under control by regularly monitoring it.

2. Relation of a stroke with smoking and alcohol consumption:

Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages increases the risk of a stroke. As compared to non-smokers, the ones who smoke frequently and regularly are more prone to getting a stroke. Similarly, extreme alcohol consumption is also associated with a stroke. Too much consumption of alcohol is linked to about a million stroke cases globally per year. So, to avoid a situation of a stroke, you must quit smoking and avoid excessive drinking habits.

3. How stroke and exercise are linked:

Physical inactivity is another cause of a large number of strokes worldwide. Physical activity and regular exercise is an excellent way to reduce the risk of a stroke.

4. Diet and stroke connection:

A plant-based diet with a small portion of meat and fish is ideal. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can include sardine or salmon fish once or twice a week and also include nuts in your diet, especially peanut and tree nuts, as well as legumes 2-3 times a week.

5. Role of high cholesterol in stroke:

High cholesterol also has a role in causing a stroke. It is important to get regular check-ups to know the level of cholesterol through a blood test. Controlling cholesterol will control the chances of getting a stroke.

6. Diabetes also increases the risk of a stroke:

Research has found that 1 in 5 people getting a stroke are diabetic. As compared to others, diabetic people are at higher risk, and the chances of recovery are also less. So, it is time to make some lifestyle modifications to avoid diabetes and control the condition if you are already suffering from the disease to prevent a stroke.

How to Observe World Stroke Day 2024

Below are the things that you may adopt to observe the World Stroke Day:

1. Adopting a healthy lifestyle:

The risk of stroke is gradually increasing compared to what it was a decade back. The increased risk is an alert to many people to work proactively towards adopting a healthy lifestyle to save their lives. You may start by cutting down on alcohol and smoking. Also, focus on eating healthily and getting regular exercise.

2. Regular checkup:

Despite following the right lifestyle, it is still important to get regular health check-ups, including checking your cholesterol and BP levels regularly.

3. Educate your family about symptoms:

Make sure to inform your near and dear ones about the symptoms of a stroke and what can be done to save a person who might be getting a stroke attack. Knowing the symptoms as mentioned above will help. Contact health emergency service immediately if you experience or see a person facing such difficulty as numbness in the face, weakness in arms, speech difficulty, etc.

Some facts about Brain Stroke

  • Obesity is linked to the rising number of strokes globally. An increase in obesity leads to a rise in the incidents of stroke
  • Many elderly people suffering a stroke at 65 years or above might have to face long-term disability for their remaining lives
  • The awareness against the disease has increased along with advanced treatments. This is helping patients to have a greater chance of brain stroke recovery as compared to earlier
  • Blood thinners may lessen brain damage in brain stroke patients

Importance of World Stroke Day

1. To generate awareness:

The day generates awareness among people about strokes and their treatment. Being a dangerous disease, getting the right brain stroke treatment without delay is important. The slightest delay may cause the life of the person suffering a stroke. Hence, it is essential to stay aware and informed

2. Reminder of healthy living:

A Stroke can be devastating and leave the sufferer crippled for life. A healthy lifestyle, along with regular health checkups, can help one avoid such a situation

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To sum up

Illnesses are critical times of life. They not only affect your health but also take away precious moments in a person’s life. Thus, get a hold of your life by engaging in an active life with healthy eating and drinking habits. Moreover, to protect your family, availing a health insurance plan is equally essential. You can opt for a family floater comprehensive plan to cover the medical needs of yourself and your family under one cover.
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FAQs: World Stroke Day

What is the World Stroke Day theme in 2024?

The World Stroke Day Theme for 2022 was ‘Precioustime’. The theme for World Stroke Day 2024 has not been declared yet.

Is there a stroke awareness month?

Some countries celebrate stroke awareness month in May.

What are some of the brain stroke causes?

Some of the brain stroke reasons are uncontrolled high blood pressure, bulges in blood vessel walls, especially in weak spots, and protein deposits in blood vessel walls.

What is the meaning of brain stroke?

Brain stroke occurs when the supply of blood to the brain is blocked or if a blood vessel in your brain bursts or bleeds.

What is brain stroke?

Brain stroke is a medical condition that occurs when blood supply is cut off to the brain. There are several brain stroke symptoms, which we mentioned in the post above.

What is the brain stroke recovery time?

Recovery time after a stroke is different for different people. Depending on the case, it can take weeks, months, or years to recover fully.

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