Common Causes Of Road Accidents And How Can You Avoid Them


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Road accidents are fatal and can cause extreme situations. Knowing ways to avoid such fatality is important. If you want to know how to avoid road accidents, read on.

Common Causes Of Road Accidents in India

India is a large country with its ever increasing population. With the rising population, there has been a great rise in the number of private and public automobiles that ply on the roads of the country. And with the growing number of vehicles, the number of road accidents has also increased manifold. If you consider the data provided by the Road Transport and Highways Ministry, you will realize that over 12.5% of accidents that take place across the globe are happening in India. Further, the report says that everyday lakhs of people die in India due to road accidents, which is an alarming situation.

So, why are so many accidents taking place on the roads? What are the common reasons for road accidents? In this blog, we are discussing the common causes that contribute to road accidents in India.

What are the major causes of Road Accidents?

Below are some of the major causes of road accidents that takes place in the country:

  • Over speeding or driving your vehicle at a very high speed for fun is one of the causes of accidents in the country. Many people, especially the youngsters are seen driving at very high speeds just for fun, while some drive fast because they are in a hurry.
  • Another reason for accidents is driving a vehicle under the influence of alcoholic substances or drugs.
  • Being on the call or talking to someone while driving can also lead to accidents on the roads.
  • Further, by not maintaining safety rules such as avoiding helmets while riding a bike or not using the seatbelts while driving a car can also lead to road accidents.
  • Moreover, not complying with the traffic rules can also lead to accidents. So it is important to stop the car when the traffic light is red and also not to drive on the opposite way when you travel in one-way lanes.
  • Also, another reason for accidents to take place is when you give your vehicle to minor children to drive. As they don’t have any experience and they drive with no license they can be the reason for accidents on the roads.

So, if you ask what are the causes of road accidents, you may consider all the above reasons which contribute to the increasing number of accidents on the roads in the country, which damage the vehicles also.

Now we know the reasons why so many accidents take place on the road. Let us discuss how these accidents can be avoided by taking preventive measures of road accidents.

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Tips to avoid Road Accidents

Now you know what are the reasons of road accidents. Below are certain safety measures that can be undertaken to avoid the causes of road accidents that take place on a daily basis.

  • Adhere to safety measures – safety measures are enforced upon the public to ensure safety of all and to reduce the possibility of accidents on the road.  Thus, these measures should be followed. Follow the safety rules when driving. Never drink and drive, wear a seatbelt while driving a car and a helmet while on the bike. Let your cars have the facility of air bags and so on.
  • Follow the rules of traffic – violating traffic rules not just become the cause of accidents but also lead to paying of heavy fines. So, if you don’t want to levy fines on yourself, you must follow the traffic rules.
  • Keep your valid driving license with you while driving –  having a valid driving license is a must for driving any vehicle. Licenses are issued to adults after ensuring that they are skilled drivers and are aware of the road safety rules. Further, driving without a license is considered an offense for which there is a severe penalty levied.
  • Don’t drink and drive – Drinking alcohol while driving or being drunk while driving is an offense that attract a heavy penalty. If you are drunk, it is better not to drive and use a cab to avoid accidents.

The above measures go a long way in eliminating road accidents. However, despite knowing the factors that cause accidents or taking measures that limit accidents, still there are innumerable cases of accidents taking place every day on the road. Many times, you might not be at fault when an accident takes place. Also, there are instances when accidents take place due to some or the other unavoidable conditions in the vehicle like bursting of tyre, brake failure etc. Thus, procuring auto insurance becomes imperative and it is also an obligatory requirement for driving a car.

Thus, having vehicle insurance and Personal accident insurance is the basic requirement that every car owner should have.

Being compulsory, every owner of a vehicle must have a third-party vehicle insurance protection to be able to drive a car on the roads. Here, having a comprehensive policy is suggested as it covers the third party insurance as well as the damages caused to the vehicle during an accident. Along with the compulsory third-party insurance, personal accident insurance is also needed as an obligatory requirement.

A Comprehensive policy protects against accidental deaths, disabilities of temporary or permanent phenomena etc. Further, the premiums of the policy are low, and the protection can be enhanced as per requirement.

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As discussed above, now you know the factors that led to road accidents and the precautions of road accidents to avoid them. So, do make sure to take note of the tips and invest your money on a good vehicle insurance policy covering your requirements so that you can take care of your needs.

Apr 05, 2022
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