What is the Procedure to Get a Duplicate Driving Licence (DL) in India?


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We know that a driving license (DL) is a mandatory requirement for driving a vehicle in India. Also, we know that driving a motor vehicle without a DL is a punishable offense. This shows the importance of a driving license. Hence, misplacing or losing such an important document can cause great hassle to the license holder. But losing it or misplacing can happen to anyone. So, what can be done if you lose your DL or if you misplace it somewhere? The answer is – you can apply for a duplicate DL.

Read on to learn how to get a duplicate driving license and why you should obtain a duplicate DL if you lose the original one. Here, we are discussing in detail the process of acquiring a duplicate DL and how to track its status.

Duplicate Driving License 

As discussed, a duplicate driving license (DL) is a replacement or copy of the original driving license. So, if a person loses or misplaces the original DL, he/she can apply for a duplicate license, which serves an equal purpose as the original license. One can apply for a duplicate license only when they lose the original one or it gets damaged. You may note that a duplicate DL carries equal validity and function as the original one.

Conditions Under Which Duplicate DL Can Be Applied?

If you are wondering who is eligible to apply for a duplicate license, you may note that a duplicate license can be obtained under certain conditions. There are reasons to obtain a duplicate driving license, which we have discussed below:

  • A duplicate license can be applied for in case the original driving license of an individual is lost or stolen. It is important to replace a lost/stolen DL immediately to avoid any legal/traffic hassle on the road for driving a vehicle without a DL.
  • Another situation where one can apply for a duplicate driving license is when your original DL got damaged beyond repair. This could be due to wear and tear, mishandling, etc. So, in such cases when your original DL gets damaged making it unreadable, you must replace it with a duplicate DL.
  • In some cases, if people misplace their driving license and are unable to retrieve it, they can apply for a duplicate DL for driving on the road.
  • People who move residence from one place to another or those who change their name due to any reason must also apply for a duplicate DL mentioning your updated address and other information

What Happens If Your DL is Lost?

If you lose your DL, you are required to inform the police regarding the same and follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to the nearest police station and file an FIR to inform them about the loss of driving license
  2. Collect all the documents that are needed to apply for a duplicate driving license
  3. You can apply for a duplicate DL either online or offline at your respective RTO

How To Fill the Application Form for a Duplicate Driving Licence?

To obtain a duplicate DL, you are required to fill out an application form. To ensure that your application is successfully filled out and approved, you must know how to fill it and what details are required to be filled. Let’s take a look here:

1. Full Name and Address:

The applicant should enter the full name with the correct spelling along with the address as it was mentioned in the original driving license.

2. Reason for Seeking a Duplicate License:

The applicant is also required to mention the reason for seeking a duplicate DL. You should provide a short description of the exact reason for the application. For example, if your original license was damaged beyond repair, torn, lost, or mutilated, state the reason why it happened

3. Driving Licence Details:

The applicant is also required to provide the license details, such as:

  • DL number
  • Class of vehicle that the DL was issued for originally
  • DL holder’s name
  • Licensing Authority who issued the DL
  • DL’s expiry date

4. Declaration:

The applicant is also required to declare that his/her original DL was not seized under law

5. Signatures:

Next, the applicant has to sign the form or provide a specimen signature with place and date

6. Online Submission:

For online submission, the applicant can complete the form, save it, and get a PDF copy of it. Now, get a printout of the form, sign it, and submit it to the RTO.

Just remember that in case of a stolen/lost DL, the applicant first needs to lodge an FIR or First Information Report of the missing DL before applying for the duplicate DL. The applicant also has to collect an affidavit from the notary along with the FIR.

Also, you may note that all Indian states may not provide the option to apply for a duplicate license online. So, in such cases, you can get it done offline.

What is the Process to Obtain a Duplicate DL Online?

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the official portal of Parivahan Sewa – https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/Parivahan Sewa
  2. Under the ‘Online services’ tab, select ‘Driving License Related Services’Driving License Related Services
  3. You will be redirected to a new page. Select your state on this pageSelect your state on this page
  4. Now, click on the tab ‘Apply for Duplicate Licence’Apply for Duplicate Licence
  5. You will reach a screen with instructions for application submission. Read the instructions and click on ‘Continue’
  6. Now, submit your DL number, date of birth, and the captcha code. Click on ‘Proceed’
  7. You will land on a page with the application form that you must fill in accurately you’re your current contact details
  8. Upload the required supporting documents (scanned copies) like ID proof, Address proof, copy of FIR (if applicable), and passport-sized photographs.
  9. Make payment of the prescribed fee online. Note that the amount of fee may differ from state to state
  10. Book a test drive appointment (if applicable)
  11. Track the status of your application through the Parivahan Sewa portal online after submitting the form
  12. You will receive the Duplicate DL by post at your registered address once it is approved and dispatched by the RTO.

What is the Process to Obtain a Duplicate Driving License Offline?

To apply for a duplicate driving license offline, the applicant has to visit their nearest RTO physically and follow the steps below: 

  1. The first step is to report the loss or theft of your driving license to the nearest police station and get a copy of the FIR for proof. This is in case the driving license has been stolen or is lost somewhere
  2. The second step is to visit the local RTO and collect the duplicate DL application form from a counter there or you may download it from the Pariwahan Sewa portal
  3. Next, fill out the application accurately along with the necessary details
  4. In the next step, attach the documents required like ID and address proof, Copy of FIR (if needed), photographs of passport-size, and so on. Carry original and photocopies too
  5. Now, you must submit all the documents along with the application at the chosen counter. Pay the required fee and collect the acknowledgment receipt
  6. As mentioned in the receipt, follow up with the RTO and collect the duplicate DL in person as required

What Documents are Required to Apply for Duplicate DL Applications?

Here are some of the documents you will require while applying for a duplicate DL:

  • Application form LLD (This application is required in case your DL has been destroyed/lost)
  • Copy of First Information Report (FIR) (In case DL is stolen/lost)
  • Photocopies of the original DL
  • Original DL (In case the original is still with the applicant but in a damaged condition)
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Age
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Other information related to the DL as per the requirement of your state

What is the Fee Charged for Obtaining a Duplicate DL?

Generally, INR 200 is charged while applying for a copy of a duplicate driving license. However, if the applicant asks for a smart card version, INR 400 would be charged for the same

What are the Steps to Track the Duplicate Driving License Application Status?

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Parivahan Sewa portal
  2. Navigate through the page and click on ‘Online Services’ and choose the ‘Driving Licence Related Services’ tab from the drop-down menu
  3. Select your state on the page that appears
  4. On the top-right side, you can find the ‘Application Status’ option. Click on it
  5. Next, enter details like DL application number and date of birth
  6. Submit the Captcha code as seen on the screen
  7. Click ‘Submit’ to initiate the duplicate DL status request process
  8. The page that appears will have the exact status of the license application

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FAQs: How to Get a Duplicate Driving Licence in India?

What to do if my driving license is lost?

You must lodge an FIR at the police station and then apply for a duplicate driving license.

What does the replacement of DL mean?

Replacement of a driving license means that the license holder can apply for a new DL if his/her original DL is lost, torn, damaged, etc.

How to get a duplicate driving license?

Duplicate DL can be obtained both via online and offline methods. You can check the process in detail in the post above.

How to get a duplicate driving license online?

You can apply for a duplicate DL online via the Parivahan Sewa Portal by following the steps mentioned in the post above.

I lost my driving license how do I get another one online?

Visit the Parivahan Sewa Portal and follow the steps mentioned in the post above.

What to do if I lose my driver’s license?

If you lose your DL, you first need to lodge an FIR and then you can apply for a duplicate DL soon.

How to get my license copy online?

The steps to apply for and get a driving license online have been mentioned in detail in the above post. You can follow the steps to get the procedure done.

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