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Updated on Jan 11, 2024

When Shalini was planning to buy a car for herself, she needed to apply for a DL or driving license first. So, she searched for licenses that she was eligible for and found four categories. She delved some more into the subject to understand the categories of licenses available in India and the class of vehicles that she can drive with a particular type of license. Since she was looking to purchase a car for personal use, she fell under the category of LMV license holder. To understand the concept of LMV or Light Motor Vehicle, Shalini did some further research. Here are the findings that she would like to share.

The RTO, or the Regional Transport Office, has segregated all vehicles into two different categories;

  • Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)
  • Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV)

The LMV vehicles belong to the non-transport class and can be used for personal purposes only, while the HMVs are heavy vehicles, basically commercial vehicles like trucks and buses.

Let us start with understanding the concept of LMVs or Light Motor Vehicles, their types, and their benefits in this post as researched by Shalu.

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So, What is a LMV Full Form?

Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) means vehicles that cannot be used for commercial purposes. LMVs include vehicles that the owner can utilize only for personal use. A person with an LMV license can drive light motor vehicles such as cars, jeeps, taxis, auto-rickshaws, and so on.

To get an LMV license, the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria and complete a driving test successfully.

Here are some LMV details:

  • The gross weight of LMV vehicles is not likely to be more than 7500 kg
  • The engine capacity of LMVs is generally about 50cc or less, depending on the LMV vehicle type
  • LMV number plates are generally white with the numbers written in black that you can notice in private cars and other private vehicles

Which Type of Driving License is Required to Drive LMV Vehicles?

Below are the types of driving licenses used for light motor vehicles (LMVs):

1. LMV-NT (Light Motor Vehicle – Non-Transport)

This is one of the license categories for LMVs or light motor vehicles. There are a few important points to consider under this category:

  • People who are driving LMVs can apply for permanent driving licenses (DL) under this category. However, before getting the permanent DL, they need to apply for the learner’s license first
  • The second point to remember in the LMV license category is that you can drive vehicles only for personal use

2. LMV-TR (Light Motor Vehicle – Transport) 

LMV-TR is the second category of license used for Light Motor Vehicles. Here are the points to note in this regard:

  • This license permits applicants to drive private as well as commercial transport vehicles such as cars, taxis, jeeps, delivery vans, etc.
  • People falling under this category can also receive a permanent DL or driving license
  • The applicant’s minimum age under both the above license categories must be 18 years. People driving below the age of 18 can come under the legal scanner and may have to pay a penalty

Why do you need an LMV License?

The RTO in India issues your DL or driving license as per the vehicle class. Thus, it is important to have an LMV or light motor vehicle license for several reasons:

  • It acts as your valid ID proof
  • It allows you to drive a vehicle on the road without any legal and other restrictions
  • An LMV license makes sure that you are a skilled driver, as the Government authorizes a license to skilled drivers only

Benefits of an LMV License

An LMV license is a legally obligatory requirement for driving light motor vehicles on the road. Here are two key benefits of an LMV license:

  • An LMV license in India permits an individual to drive an omnibus if the gross vehicle weight of the vehicle doesn’t exceed 7500 kg as per the legal requirement of the transport section 2(21)
  • You can use your LMV license for ID proof in place of your other ID papers like an Aadhaar card, or Passport.

LMV Vehicle List 2024 – List of Vehicles Under the LMV Category

Below is a Light Motor Vehicle list or LMV vehicles list:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Taxis
  • Auto-rickshaws
  • Jeeps
  • Delivery Vans
  • E-cart
  • E-Rickshaw

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To Sum Up

There has been a huge surge in the number of LMVs in India lately. In fact, lakhs of LMVs that are beyond 15 and 20 years old are still plying on the road, causing havoc by polluting the environment. In 2022, India’s Road Transport Ministry proposed the ‘Vehicle Scrapping Policy’ to scrape old and environmentally disapproving vehicles to ensure a safe atmosphere and to control pollution levels in the country.

To keep the condition of your LMV in good shape and to limit polluting the environment with your LMV, it is necessary to purchase a car insurance policy. If your vehicle is insured with an Own Damage or Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy, you can claim for various damages and repairs to keep the car healthy and to save you from undue financial stress.
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FAQs: What is Light Motor Vehicle License?

Can an LMV-TR license be used to drive a private vehicle?

Yes, you can drive private vehicles as well as heavy motor vehicles with your LMV-TR license. However, if you have an LMV-NT license, you cannot drive heavy motor vehicles but only private vehicles.

What is LMV's full form in a driving license?

LMV stands for light motor vehicles

What is LMV in a driving license?

An LMV or light motor vehicle does not serve any commercial purpose but only private vehicles. So, an LMV driving license holder can drive cars or light vehicles used for personal purposes.

LMV-NT full form?

Light Motor Vehicle Non-Transport

How frequently shall we renew an LMV-TR license?

As per the government regulations, the LMV-TR license should be renewed every 3 years.

What is the key point of difference between an LMV and an HMV license?

HMV License holders are permitted to drive heavy vehicles such as trucks, lorries, cranes, excavators, etc., while the LMV license allows the license holder to drive vehicles used for personal purposes

What documents are needed to receive an LMV license in India?

You would require a certificate of birth, certificate of educational qualification, PAN card, Passport, and employer’s certificate (if you are working under a company/government), etc.

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