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A motor vehicle permit is a must-have if you want to transport your own or third-party goods across state borders in India. The types of permits for vehicles that operate on the Indian roads differ from one type of vehicle to the other. These vehicles are further divided into goods and passenger vehicles. Today, let us discuss permits that come for two types of vehicles.

Different Type of  Motor Vehicle Permits in India

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1. Permits for goods vehicles

For goods vehicles, there are various types of permits. Some of them are as follows:

2. Goods carrier permits

The owner of a goods vehicle can get this permit under Section 79 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. However, the vehicle has to be in operation within the state. The permit is valid only for a certain area in the state.

3. Counter signatures of goods carrier permits

This type of permit is issued in one state and is also valid in another state; however, it has to be approved by the state regional transport authority of that state. Since January 5, 2006, in Delhi, under section 88 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, this permit has not been given to goods vehicles that are registered in some other state and whose gross weight is up to 7500 kg.

4. National permits

This permit is issued to goods vehicles that have to be moved out of the home state. According to rules 86 and 87 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989, a national permit can be issued at least for four states including the home state. To get a national permit, the goods vehicle cannot be more than 12 years old and the multi-axle vehicles cannot be over 15 years old. If you want to apply for this particular permit, you would be required to fill the form via Form 46 and Form 48.

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5. Permits for passenger vehicles

Talking about permits for passenger vehicles; there are several types of such permits. Let us discuss a few of them.

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6. Auto Rickshaw and Taxi permits

This permit is issued to the taxis as well as auto-rickshaws in the Delhi region and by MLO Burari. The fare imposed by these kinds of vehicles is on the basis of the meter that is mounted in the vehicle.

7. Phat Phat Sewa

This permit used to be issued to three-wheeler motor vehicles that have Harley Davidson engines. Now the permit is issued to vehicles traversing along a fixed route and whose maximum capacity is 10 people including the driver. It is the STA that determines the fares.

8. Eco-friendly Sewa

The eco-friendly sewa permit is mainly issued for vehicles that are three-wheelers and that run on batteries. These vehicles come with a seating capacity of up to 11 which also includes the driver.

9. Contract Carriage Buses Permits 

This is the most common type of permit that is issued for hire as well as for reward purposes. The holder of the permit and the operator of the vehicle sign a contract and enable the bus to move from one location to the other on a fixed route. The bus driver should have a list of passengers who are traveling in the chartered bus. In the bus, the driver can allow only the passengers whose names are mentioned in the list to travel, and not anyone else. This permit is issued under section 74 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. One can apply for this permit via PCA form.

10. Stage carriage permits

This permit is issued by the Delhi government to buses that travel on various routes in the city and pick up passengers. Private as well as Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses fall under this category. This permit is issued under section 70 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The STA determines the fares of these buses.

11. Temporary permits

Issued under section 87 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, this permit allows the vehicle to operate outside Delhi for a certain time. The situations in which a temporary permit is issued to a vehicle include:

  • If the vehicle is traveling outside Delhi and the passengers are being carried for a religious event
  • If the vehicle is traveling outside Delhi for seasonal businesses
  • If the vehicle is traveling outside Delhi so that a passenger can renew a permit or for resolving a decision that is still pending.

If you want to get a permit for a motor car, you have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The seating capacity must be five
  • If you are applying for this permit, you need to have an office with a telephone at an apt location so that passengers can book it
  • You must have the kind of funds to purchase the vehicle for which you are applying for a permit. You also must have the necessary parking space to park the vehicle.

While you are applying for a permit and even buying vehicles, make sure you have the insurance ready as well. This is one thing every vehicle owner should pay heed to.

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