5 Best Scooter / Scooty in India 2023 – Top Selling Scooter Models, Prices, and their Performance


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A peek into the most sought-after two-wheelers (scooter & scooty) in India 2023 based on their models, showroom price, and overall performance. Here we listed the top selling scooters / best selling scooty in india 2023.

The scooter has always been the top favourite among Indian commuters, owing to the ease of driving that the vehicle lends through the narrow lanes and busy city roads. A large population of the country relies on and fondly invests in buying a scooter, even if every Indian household already possesses a car. No wonder then that scooter manufacturers come up with newer models from time to time to keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for these sleek vehicles. And with the arrival of the latest electric scooters in India, the graph of scooter driving in India has witnessed an impressive leap. Here we discuss some of the latest scooter models in the country, particularly the top-selling electric scooter in India in 2023.

Scooters were always an integral part of several Indian households and the arrival of Scooty on Indian roads only contributed to the trend. Scooty is a popular and now a household name for scooters in India, with nearly every home proudly driving one on the road.

It essentially refers to the latest models of gearless two-wheelers in the country. With the advent of Scooty, literally every Indian could garner courage inside them to ride a scooter on the road – women and seniors alike.

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10 Best Scooters 2023 in India with Ex-showroom Price

Considering the ever-increasing popularity of Scooty in the country, here we look at the best-selling models in India and their top features responsible for the remarkable sales.

  1. Honda Activa 6G – Rs. 70,569 – Rs. 81,493
  2. OLA S1 – Rs. 99,798 onwards
  3. Suzuki Access 125 – Rs. 58,249 – Rs. 92,577
  4. TVS NTORQ 125 – Rs. 86,843
  5. Hero Pleasure+ – Rs. 66,768 – Rs. 75,868
  6. Honda Dio – Rs. 70,211 onwards
  7. TVS Jupiter – Rs. 73,340 onwards
  8. Suzuki Burgman – Rs. 89,900 onwards
  9. TVS iQube – Rs. 1.56 lakhs onwards
  10. Yamaha Fascino – Rs. 79,600 onwards

Top Selling Scooters in India 2023 with their Performance

The table below summarizes the price and best performance features of the top-selling scooter models in India in 2023.

List of Best Scooter Model in India 2023 Scooter Performance Ex-Showroom Price of Scooter
Honda Activa 6G Single Cylinder

7.68 bhp at 8,000 rpm

40-45 km/l mileage

5.3l fuel tank capacity

Rs. 70,569 – Rs. 81,493
OLA S1 181 km range

3.97 kWh battery

11.39bhp motor

50l under-seat storage capacity

Rs. 99,798 onwards
Suzuki Access 125 4-stroke engine

8.6 bhp at 6,750 rpm

48-50 km/l mileage

5 l fuel tank capacity

Rs. 58,249 – Rs. 92,577
TVS NTORQ 125 125cc engine with 3 valves

9.25 bhp at 7,000 rpm

10.5 Nm at 5,500 rpm

Rs. 86,843
Hero Pleasure+ Single cylinder

8 bhp at 7,000 rpm

50km/l mileage

4.8 l fuel tank capacity

Rs. 66,768 – Rs. 75,868
      Honda Dio

Single cylinder

109.51 cc engine

9.3 Nm Torque

103 kg Kerb Weight

5 L Fuel tank capacity

Drum brakes in the front and rear.

Rs. 70,211 onwards
TVS Jupiter

50 kmpl Mileage

109.7 cc engine

7.88 PS @ 7500 rpm

Rs. 73,340 onwards
Suzuki Burgman

124 cc engine

8.6 PS power, 10 NM Torque

111 kg Kerb weight

Disc brakes and tubeless tyres

Rs. 89,900 onwards
TVS iQube

128 kg Karb weight

82 km/hr

4400 motor power

4.56 battery capacity

Rs. 1.56 lakhs onwards
      Yamaha Fascino

125 cc engine

8.2 PS power

10.3 Nm Torque

68.75 kmpl

99 kg Kerb Weight

5.2 L fuel tank capacity

Rs. 79,600 onwards

10 Best Scooters – A Detailed Overview

#1. Honda Activa 6G

Topping the list of best-selling scooters in India for over a decade, Honda Activa continues to rule the roads and hearts of Indians to date. The brand keeps bringing in newer models with the latest technologies and features that surpass the competition with ease. Its latest Activa 6G boasts a highly efficient engine, silent ACG start, and sensor-based PGM-FI system.

Ex-showroom Price: Starting Rs. 70,569 up to Rs. 81,493

#2. OLA S1

Following closely after Activa in the popularity list is OLA S1, which bagged the coveted title of top-selling electric scooter in India in 2023. Eco-friendly, high-speed, and a more economical alternative to the soaring fuel prices in the country, OLA comes in as a fresh ray of hope to daily riders and commuters, bringing in convenience and, most importantly, better range. The latest OLA S1 Pro claims to provide a remarkable range of 181 km. The engine is powered by a large battery pack, with the motor generating a force similar to a car.

Ex-showroom Price: Starts at Rs. 99,798

#3. Suzuki Access 125

Ruling the charts and people’s hearts for as long as one can remember now, Suzuki has never failed to deliver on performance or looks. The best part about this two-wheeler, which continues to be among the top-selling scooters in India is its retro design. The scooter’s engine has a high-powered single cylinder that ensures a comfortable ride all along on all terrains. If you’re looking for an Access, you are sure to find one in Indian showrooms in many designs and shades. Choose the one that looks best on you!

Ex-showroom Price: Starting Rs. 58,249 up to Rs. 92,577

#4. TVS NTORQ 125

If you love speed and faster riders, you’ll love the new TVS NTorq 125. A perfect blend of style, performance, ease, and practicality, TVS has always ruled the scooter brands in India. Fitted with the latest features to make rides on Indian terrains as comfortable as possible for the rider and passenger both, this Scooty comes with Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlamps, and a digital instrument console.

Ex-showroom Price: Starts at Rs. 86,843

#5. Hero Pleasure+

With the latest scooter models arriving in the Indian market every now and then, it’s easy to get confused. The mind is always looking for something different, something new. Welcome to the new Scooty in India of 2023 – Pleasure+ from Hero. Easy on the pocket and better mileage than most other scooter models in the market. Also comes with a seat backrest to offer maximum comfort to your passengers during the ride. The scooter is fitted with chrome mirrors for clear vision and helps save fuel too.

Ex-showroom Price: Starting Rs. 66,768 up to Rs. 75,868

#6.  Honda Dio 

This is an iconic scooter that has gained popularity among the youngsters in India. Honda keeps updating its scooters with the latest features now and then to make them smarter variants. Dio with its powerful 109cc engine generates power of 7.85 PS and 9.3 nm torque. The scooter is available in three different variants and five different colors.

Ex-showroom Price: Starting Rs. 70,211 up to Rs. 77,712

#7. TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter is another scooter much loved by people in India for easy commuting purposes. This 110cc scooter comes with 6 variants and 16 colors. The scooter comprises Drum front and rear brakes and weighs 109 kg. With a fuel tank capacity of 6 liters, Jupiter serves as a fine balance between mileage and performance.

Ex-showroom Price: Starting Rs. 73,340 up to Rs. 89,088

#8. Suzuki Burgman

Suzuki Burgman was launched as a maxi scooter with BS6.2-compliance. This single-cylinder engine generates a total power of 8.7 PS and 10 Nm Torque. Burgman is a stylish variant with a size that is fairly large. This is a feature-loaded scooter that impresses users with refinement and enhanced performance.

Ex-showroom Price: Starting Rs. 89,900 up to Rs. 1.12 lakh

#9. TVS iQube

iQube electric scooter is the first attempt of TVS Motors to produce electric vehicles (EVs). The electric vehicle is currently available in two alluring variants with three fascinating colors for the standard model, while the iQube S variant comes with a selection of four mesmerizing colors.

Ex-showroom Price: Starting Rs. 1.56 lakhs up to Rs. 1.62 lakh

#10. Yamaha Fascino

If you are looking for a lightweight scooter, Yamaha Fascino is the perfect choice for you. It is apt for city rides and comes with some unique features. The Yamaha Fascino comes in 5 variants and 14 colors. This is a retro-style 125cc Japanese marque scooter with advanced features.

Ex-showroom Price: Starting Rs. 79,600 up to Rs. 92,530


Scooter riding is fun and convenient both. Let the fun continue within safe limits. Go ahead and choose the scooter that best suits your personality from the list detailed in this blog but don’t forget to insure your vehicle in time. Two-wheeler insurance is as important a decision as buying one. And the good news is that just like you have tons of choices in selecting the latest scooty model, you can choose from a host of options in scooter insurance too!

PayBima can give you those options. We have the best and most affordable plans to suit your need and pocket both. Just visit our website and head on to insuring your favorite scooty model with us and then continue riding it without fear!

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FAQs: 2023 Top Selling Scooters/Scooty in India

Which scooter is to be launched in 2023?

The Indian market is preparing for a number of upcoming launches in the two-wheeler range. A few examples include:

- LML Star
- Honda Activa Electric
- Peugeot Django 125
- Revamp Moto RM 25 02

Which is the upcoming model of Burgman 2023?

Suzuki Burgman Street is currently available in showrooms in 3 models - Standard, Race Connect, and EX.

Is Burgman long lasting?

Yes, Burgman from Suzuki is essentially a long-haul scooter and ideal for long drives.

What is the mileage of new Burgman 2023?

The latest model of Burgman - Burgman Street EX - delivers a mileage of 48 KM/L.

Which scooty is best for daily use?

The scooters tha provide the best mileage on Indian roads in daily commutation are:

- TVS Jupiter 125
- Yamaha Fascino 125
- Hero Pleasure+
- Suzuki Avenis 125
- TVS Scooty Pep Plus

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