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Dogs are regarded as the loyal protectors of humans who dedicate their lives to our service as trustworthy pals. The boundless love and companionship offered unconditionally by these furry friends leave their pawprints in our hearts. On the occasion of International Dog Day on August 26, 2024, let’s give a tail-wagging tribute to this adorable animal and appreciate its contribution to our lives. 

Do you know that dogs have stayed with humans for over 14000 years? It is quite natural that they have been regarded as the best friend of man. The International Dog Day is observed on August 26 globally. Since dogs are the most loyal buddies of humans, the day emphasizes the adoption of dogs and offers them a safer place to live. Not just adopting special breeds, the day promotes the adoption of local stray dogs as well. In this way, the day aims to discourage selling and breeding puppies in unethical ways.

Started in 2004, International Dog Day was first advocated by the pet and family lifestyle supporter Colleen Paige. The day aims at endorsing and raising responsiveness about adopting dogs from rescue centers. It also promotes the ownership of various dog breeds, including pure and mixed breeds. This day allows dogs to feel secure and lead an abuse-free and healthy life.

Significance and History of International Dog Day 

Colleen Paige is an animal welfare activist and pet lifestyle expert. She was the one to initiate the celebration of International Dog Day in 2004. Her family adopted their first dog from a local animal shelter on 26th August when Paige was just 10 years old and named it Sheltie.

The day aims to support different breeds of dogs, including stray ones, and extend support to different dog species. On International Dog Day, you can take your dog out for a walk to a new place and spend more time with it. You can offer them a treat in the form of their favorite food. Also, this day can be used to make donations to local animal homes/shelters.

Dog Evolution Timeline

  • Dog evolution timeline goes back to 5000 B.C
  • Dogs started appearing in Renaissance art in 1500
  • The American Kennel Club, the oldest non-profit organization for an all-breed dog registry was opened in 1884
  • The first school opened to teach dogs how to help the blind crossroads in Nashville, Tennessee in 1929
  • “Scooby-Doo”, the popular American cartoon debuts on CBS in 1969
  • Labrador retrievers were termed the No. 1 dog breed in the 1990s
  • International Dog Day was started by Colleen Paige on August 26, 2004

International Dog Day Activities

Below are some activities that you can enjoy on World Dog Day with your furry friends:

  • Take your dog for long walks amidst nature. Take your furry friend out to socialize and play with other dogs in the neighborhood parks
  • Adopting a dog is the best way to observe this day. Visit your local animal shelter and choose your new furry friend
  • Show love to your pup on this day and forever. Give them their favourite treats, go for walks, play with them at the park, and cuddle them

Some Facts About Dogs to Amaze You

  • It is said that the shape of its face determines the lifespan of a dog. If a dog has a long face, it means the dog will live longer
  • To protect their organs, dogs sleep in a circle. This tradition comes from the fact that dogs were vulnerable to attacks from predators in the wild
  • There are over 75 million pet dogs in the U.S. alone, which is more as compared to any other country
  • Dogs have an astounding sense of smell as their nose have 300 million receptors, unlike humans, who have 5 million
  • A dog’s nose print is unique like the human fingerprint
  • The most popular species after human beings to feature in influencer marketing are dogs
  • Dogs are not colorblind; they can see color but not very vividly like in the case of humans

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Why Do You Love International Dog Day

  • The International Dog Day is loved by one and all because dogs give company to humans and keep them happy
  • The relationship shared by dogs with humans brings positive feelings and a sense of security
  • Having a dog at home is like a huge stress buster as they love and comfort their owners
  • They soothe you when you are sad. They are like therapy for depressed souls
  • Dogs love their owners more than they love themselves. They are happy to see their owners and would do anything to protect them

To sum up

Dogs are termed as best friends of men. They are the loyal companion of their owners whom they love with their whole heart. So, to protect them from diseases and to give them the best of health and happiness, you must buy a pet health insurance policy. This way, you can give it a good life away from illness and infections.

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FAQs: International Dog Day 2024

How to adopt a dog?

You can adopt a dog from a pet store or a local rescue home. You can get a puppy from a friend or family. You can also use social media to seek puppies that need a home. Many people/local breeders search for people who can adopt their pups.

What are the different types of dog breeds?

There are over 360 dog breeds across the globe.

How do I choose a dog to adopt?

The first thing you can do is to be sure if you want to adopt a dog. Raising a dog means feeding and walking it every day. Taking it to the vet and grooming is also there. If you are sure of your decision, you must determine what breed of dog you want to adopt and accordingly look for one.

When is International Dog Day 2024?

The International Dog Day is observed every year on the 26th of August.

Why is International Dog Day celebrated?

People celebrate International Dog Day on August 26 every year to dedicate the day to their pet dogs and to give them the best care and love.

When did International Dog Day start?

International Dogs Day began in 2004.

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