Regional Transport Office (RTO): RTO Function and India all State RTO Codes


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RTO offices or Regional Transport Offices are present in every city and state in India. Each and every R.T.O in the country carries out their functions as laid out by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Let us find out more details on RTO, in this post.

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Regional Transport Office

The Motor Vehicles Department came into being under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 under section 213(1). The Motor Vehicles Act is a centralized act that applies all across India in terms of laid out motor vehicle rules and regulations. It is under the purview of the Motor vehicle department to enforce different provisions applicable under this act. The Transport Commissioner is the head of the Motor Vehicles department.

Regional Transport Office Functions

RTO meaning is Regional Transport Office and it performs several functions as mentioned below:

  • It put into effect the provisions of the different acts pertaining to Motor Vehicles. The government lays down the rules for central motor vehicles as well as the state motor vehicle at regular intervals
  • It ensures that the road transport should have co-ordinated development through permit management
  • The RTO also charge tax as well as collect it as per the laid down rules of the vehicles act

Lets’ take a look at the various RTO offices across the different Indian States and their RTO codes.

RTO Codes of Indian States

Here’s the list for RTO number check in different Indian States:

States (RTO Locations) Codes States (RTO Locations) Codes
Andhra Pradesh RTO AP Manipur RTO MN
Arunachal Pradesh RTO AR Meghalaya RTO ML
Assam RTO AS Mizoram RTO MZ
Bihar RTO BR Nagaland RTO NL
Chhattisgarh RTO CG Odisha RTO OD
Goa RTO GA Punjab RTO PB
Gujarat RTO GJ Rajasthan RTO RJ
Haryana RTO RTO HR Sikkim RTO SK
Himachal Pradesh RTO HP Tamil Nadu RTO TN
Jammu and Kashmir RTO JK Tripura RTO TR
Jharkhand RTO JH Uttar Pradesh RTO UP
Karnataka RTO KA Uttarakhand RTO UK
Kerala RTO KL West Bengal RTO WB
Madhya Pradesh RTO MP Telangana RTO TS
Maharashtra RTO MH

RTO Code of Union Territories, India

Below is the RTO information for UTs in India:

States (RTO Locations) Codes
Andaman and Nicobar Islands AN
Chandigarh CH
Dadra and Nagar Haveli DN
Daman and Diu DD
Lakshadweep LP
National Capital Territory of Delhi DL
Puducherry PY
Ladakh LA-02

RTO Performed Activities

There are several activities that come under the purview of RTO check, such as;

  • RTO does vehicle registration
  • RTO collects all vehicle taxes
  • RTO issue freight traffic and public transit licenses
  • It carries on the driving tests and issues both Permanent as well as Learner’s licenses. It also renews them
  • RTO keep a track of the record of registered motor vehicles
  • It does the registration of transactions pertaining to mortgage as well as vehicle transfers
  • RTO checks that the insurance validity of vehicles is maintained properly on all vehicles
  • In case of accidental vehicles, RTO does the mechanical examination of such vehicles
  • RTO also grant fitness certificates to vehicles used for transport purposes
  • In case of vehicles used for public services such as taxis and auto rickshaws, RTO issues badges to the drivers
  • RTO also issues permit of international driving

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Vehicle Registration at RTO

Whoever owns a vehicle and wants to drive it on the Indian roads has to pass through the process of vehicle registration, which is made compulsory by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Below is the list of documents required at the RTO for registration of vehicles:

  • The form of application for vehicle registration or Form 20
  • Proof of age and address
  • Photographs (passport size)
  • Vehicle sales certificate or Form 21
  • Certificate roadworthiness or Form 22
  • PUC certificate
  • Vehicle Insurance papers
  • In case of imported vehicle, you also need certificate of customs clearance for registration
  • In case the vehicle is bought from a particular state and is registered in another state, you would also require the sales tax certificate
  • NOC or No Objection Certificate is needed from both the dealer as well as the RTO in case the motor vehicle is purchased from one Indian state and it was registered in a different state
  • You also need to provide the temporary RC number
  • Also required is the vehicle invoice
  • In case of semi-trailer and trailers, the design approval is required to be received from ministry of Transport during registration
  • If there is an involvement of loan hypothecation, you would require Form 34
  • You have to also pay the applicable fee

So, vehicle owners who want to register their vehicles at the RTO must carry all the documents required as mentioned above. Along with submitting the documents, you have to pay the applicable fee to register your vehicle. Once the documents are verified along with getting the vehicle inspection done, the RTO issues your vehicle number. Further, they issue a registration certificate after over 7 days, which proves that your vehicle is registered.

Re-Registration of Vehicle in RTO of New State

The condition of re-registration arises when a car or any other motor vehicle is shifted from one state to another. Even in case of re-registration, you need similar documents as in the case of vehicle registration.  However, in re-registration, you further need a copy of NOC or No Objection Certificate from the financier of the vehicle (in case you bought the vehicle on loan). You would also be required to submit the original RC along with other papers.

Once the documents are submitted and the fee is paid, the re-registration of the vehicle takes place within a period of over 15 days.

Vehicle Ownership Transfer at RTO

To transfer vehicle ownership, here are the things you require:

  • Form 30 and 29 or application of vehicle ownership transfer
  • If you register the vehicle in a state different from the original registration state, you would require NOC from the regional transport office (RTO) of the state where you registered the vehicle initially
  • In case you have financed your vehicle, you would require your financier’s NOC
  • Also required is the PUC certificate
  • Insurance certificate of your vehicle
  • Application fee and road tax should be paid
  • Registration certificate or RC of the Motor car is also needed
  • You may require an affidavit mentioning the purchase/sale of the vehicle
  • Also require the documents of age proof as well as address proof and photographs of passport size

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To Conclude

As seen in the above details, the RTO of states perform some very important tasks. Make sure to carry all the relevant documents in case you visit a RTO for registration or any other work. This way, you can avoid the process of getting the application rejected and ensure to get the work done smoothly.
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FAQs: Regional Transport Office

Can vehicle tax be paid online?

Yes, one can pay the vehicle tax online by visiting the website of the respective state government transport department. 

What is DTO and RTO full form?

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office, whereas DTO stands for District Transport Officer.

What is the full form of RC?

RC stands for Registration Certificate.

What is the PSV number?

The PSV number or Public Service Vehicle number is issued to public transport vehicle drivers. These numbers or badges are issued by the office of zonal transport as well as the office of regional transport of a state.

Can I pay road tax without NOC?

Yes, but you have to obtain an NOC from your current RTO office within a period of one year and get the vehicle registered in the new state within that time period.

Do RTOs remain closed on Saturdays?

RTOs stay closed on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.

What is Form 28 in RTO?

Form 28 in RTO is the Application for NOC or No Objection Certificate.

What is Form 20 in RTO?

Form 20 in RTO is the Application Form for vehicle registration.

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