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Family health insurance is crucial for protecting your loved ones' well-being, as it covers unexpected medical costs and provides access to quality healthcare.


With dynamic lifestyles and increasing health risks, a good family health insurance plan is essential, that helps you cover expenses for parents, spouse, and children all through a single policy, ensuring not only financial security but also peace of mind.

Highlights of Health Insurance
Plans for Family

Cashless hospital treatment
Tax benefits under Section 80D
Extensive hospital network
Maternity and newborn coverage
Plans based on medical needs

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Health Insurance Plans for Family

Everything You Need To Know

Key Benefits of Health Insurance Plans for Family

In addition to medical expense coverage, a health insurance policy can help you and your family in many other ways. Here are some key benefits:

Total cover with a single premium

One premium covers your entire family.

Stress-free hospitalisation

Cashless treatment in a network hospital.


You may add new members to your plan, based on the policy’s terms and conditions.

Tax benefits

On the premium of your plan under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.


Coverage for family members and parents under the same plan at one affordable premium.


Available on premiums for adding more members.

Simple Steps and Assistance for Buying an Family Health Insurance Plan

At Paybima, buying an insurance plan is easy and you can opt for an advisor’s help anytime.

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Other Key Features of Health Insurance Plans for Family

Cashless treatment

Access this option at network hospitals for emergencies and non-emergencies.

Maternity cover

Some plans include maternity benefits covering delivery, C-section, missed abortion, and related expenses.

Fertility treatments

Some plans provide coverage for fertility treatments.

Accident cover

Add-on options include accident cover, with premium waivers for permanent or temporary disability caused by accidents.

Critical illnesses

Some plans provide allowances for critical illnesses upon initial diagnosis.

Health Insurance Policy for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

When you buy Senior Citizen health insurance, it may also cover the costs incurred in the treatment of Covid-19 if the insured person is diagnosed positive for the virus. The plan will cover your hospitalisation expenses if you are admitted because of coronavirus.

Health Insurance Plans for Family – Inclusions

What is covered under health insurance plans for family

In-patient hospitalisation

Covers hospital stays of 24 hours or longer, including room, doctor, boarding, nursing, and more for all insured members.

Daycare treatment

Plans that cover treatments and procedures under 24 hours.

Ambulance charges

Plans that cover patient transportation up to a specified limit.

Coverage of pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses

Plans that cover diagnosis, care, therapy and much more.

Maternity cover

Plans that cover childbirth and postnatal care for mother and baby.

Organ donor

Plans that cover organ transplant and donation expenses.

Alternative medical treatment

Plans that cover other treatments such as Unani, Homoeopathy, or Ayurveda.

Domiciliary hospitalisation

Plans that cover doctor-prescribed home treatment when medical facilities are limited during emergencies or epidemics.

Daily cash allowance

Plans that cover daily incidental hospital expenses.

Mental illness cover

Plans that cover mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

Need a Policy with Maternity Cover?

Some health insurance plans for family give maternity coverage, including expenses for delivery, c-section and more.

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Health Insurance Plans for Family – Exclusions

What is not covered under health insurance plans for family

Substance abuse

Plans that don’t include treatment for drug/alcohol or any other intoxicant abuse.

Cosmetic surgery

Plans that do not cover costs for cosmetic procedures.


Plans that do not cover treatment costs for HIV/AIDS.


Plans that do not cover outpatient department costs and regular health check-ups.

Life support

Most plans do not cover expenses incurred on buying life support machines.

Overseas treatment

Plans that do not cover expenses incurred outside India.

Injury caused by criminal activity

Most plans do not cover injuries caused due to willful involvement in criminal activities.

Pre-existing illnesses

Plans that cover existing medical conditions only after waiting period completion.

How to Select the Best Health Insurance Plan for Family

Choosing the best health insurance plan for family is an important decision on which the welfare of your family depends. With the rising cost of medical expenses, the best health insurance for family will ease your mind about any future health conditions.

Here are a few factors you need to consider before selecting the best health insurance policy for your family.  

Proper coverage

Ensure the family health insurance covers a wide range of medical conditions.

Type of plan

Choose a plan that offers maximum protection and benefits.


Select a plan that fits your budget; add-ons can be added later if needed.

Maximum renewal age

Look for plans with lifetime renewability or renewal until a specific age, like 60-65 years.

Hospital network for cashless treatment

Check the insurer's network of hospitals for cashless treatment.

Claim settlement ratio

Verify the insurer's claim settlement ratio, indicating how many claims they settle compared to total claims received.

Sum insured

Confirm the coverage amount; consider options like sum insured enhancement with no-claim bonus benefits.

Waiting period for existing diseases

Check waiting periods for pre-existing conditions, especially if immediate treatment may be needed.

Add-on benefits

Explore available add-on benefits before choosing a plan.


Understand disease-specific or room-rent sub-limits in the policy.

Medical examination

Pre-screening is usually optional, but some insurers may require a test.

Choose the Health Cover As Per Your Need

Factors Affecting Premium for Health Insurance Plans for Family

When an insurance provider calculates their premium, many factors are taken into consideration, including family size, age, pre-existing diseases, location, and more.

Family size

Premium increases based on the number of dependents.

Health history

Healthy individuals pay less than those with health issues.

Policy duration

Long-term policies have lower premiums.

Payment frequency

Annual payments often get discounts as compared to monthly payments.

Avoid harmful habits

Smoking, drinking, and chewing tobacco can raise premiums.


Premiums vary based on the geographic location – metro, tier 1 or 2 or climate, and other medical and healthcare facilities.

High BMI

Premiums are higher for members with higher BMI due to increased complications risk.

Starting plan for family of three
₹1,550/ month *

*The starting price is Indicative and may vary. Pricing and eligibility depends on the profile. Standard T&C apply.

Family Health Insurance - Premium Calculator

The Earlier You Buy, Lesser the Premium

How to Buy Health Insurance Plans for Family on Mahindra Paybima

Buying a health insurance plan for family is very simple. You can follow these steps to buy a health insurance policy online at Paybima.

Share personal details

Provide personal and health information to begin the policy procedure.

Browse plans

Analyse the plans, compare quotes, features, network hospitals, waiting period and other details.

Compare shortlisted policies

After shortlisting 2-3 policies as per your requirements, review them together by clicking the ‘compare product’ box.

Add riders

Select the appropriate riders or add-ons for extra cover.

Complete proposal form

Enter required details for e-KYC.

Make payment

Pay online using credit/debit cards, UPI, wallets, or net banking.

Document upload

Upload the required documents.

Get the policy

Post insurer’s approval, the policy is sent on the registered email id.

How To Compare Health Insurance Plans for Family – Factors

Here are some of the factors you should consider while comparing health insurance policies.

Start Early for a Lower Premium  

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*The starting price is Indicative and may vary. Pricing and eligibility depends on the profile. Standard T&C apply.

Benefits of Buying and Comparing Health Insurance Plans for Family

It is important to compare the best health insurance plans in India for your family, and here are some of the reasons why:

Get the best rate as per your requirements

Clearly understand the policy features and benefits

Maximize coverage amount

Avail wellness and discount opportunities

Guaranteed Claim Support

When you buy an Family health plan from us, we guide at every step till your claim is settled.

Start your claim process with us to get our support

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We recommend coverage of ₹10 lakhs per insured member, which means coverage of ₹40 lakhs for a family of four. However, with a slightly extra amount, one can go for ₹1 crore coverage, which gives complete peace of mind.

In a single policy, a maximum of 2 adults and 4 children can be added. For any more members, another policy is needed.

Yes, almost all insurers allow adding a spouse in case of marriage or a child born during the policy period.

Yes, a a child can be added to the policy. Few insurers allow child addition from Day 1 of the birth, while others allow addition after 90 days of birth.

Yes, all the above can be included in one health insurance policy. In-laws can also be included in place of parents. However, considering the age of parents and their pre-existing health conditions, they should take one policy for them and a separate one for themselves, spouse, and children to get the best premium options.