my: Optima Secure

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

Claim settlement ratio 97%

NCB* Up to 100%

PED Waiting# 36 months

Network Hospital 12000+

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Overview of my Optima Secure

my: Optima Secure is a health insurance policy available with four times guaranteed coverage at no extra charges. The plan comes with a 5% discount if you buy it online and has several lucrative features. This value for money policy can be bought by debit and credit card holders at no cost installment paying no extra charges.

USP features of HDFC ERGO my Optima Secure

  • HDFC ERGO my: Optima Secure plan allows the policyholder to avail 5% discount on base premium if you buy the policy online
  • In addition to the premium discount, the plan also allows family discount of 10% in case there are 2 or more members covered under a single policy on the basis of individual sum insured
  • Further, if the policyholder buys the plan by paying premium in advance for 2 or 3 policy years, they can avail additional discount of 7.5 % and 10% respectively
  • The my: Optima Secure plan let the policyholder to choose from wide coverage ranging between 5 lakhs to 2 crores
  • The plan is available with the option of both individual and family floater with tenure ranging from 1 to 3 years
  • The option of No Cost Instalment for Credit and Debit card holders is another lucrative feature of the plan

What’s not covered under my: Optima Secure?

  • HDFC ERGO my Optima Secure plan excludes coverage on injuries and other treatment expenses caused due to participating in adventure sports
  • If there is a condition that is caused due to breach of law, the expenses for the same are excluded from the plan
  • Any health issue or accident caused during war are also not covered by the policy
  • Cases like congenital external illnesses as well as defects/anomalies are not included under the plan
  • Treatment expenses for drug abuse and alcoholism are among the other exclusions of the policy
Frequently asked questions

Optima Secure plan offers sum insured up to INR 2 Crore. You can choose from any SI such as INR 5, INR 10, 15, or 20 lakhs as well as INR 50 lakh to INR 1 Crore as per your need and pocket.

Yes, children as old as 91 days are allowed to be included under the plan till the age of 25 years (If they are dependent).

The feature is available to one-year tenure policies. It can also be availed by debit and credit card holders.

Yes, you can opt for AC single room with Optima Secure plan as there is no room rent capping under the plan. Further, the plan also doesn’t have any disease capping feature.

  • * 10% Cumulative Bonus (CB) will be applied on the Base Sum Insured for each claim free Year, which can go up to a maximum of 100% of the Base Sum Insured.
  • # Expenses related to the treatment of a pre-existing disease (PED) and its direct complications shall be excluded until the expiry of 36 months of continuous coverage after the date of inception of the first policy with the insurer.

(For Detailed Information Refer to the Policy Wording)