Arogya Plus

SBI General Health Insurance

Claim settlement ratio - 95.04%

NCB* starts at 10%, up to 50% of SI

PED Waiting# 48 months

Network Hospital 20,000+

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Overview of Arogya Plus Policy

The health of a person is his/her prized possession. Without good health no one can think of living a quality life. If you want to secure your and your family’s good health with an insurance plan, you can trust the SBI Arogya Plus Policy with fixed and low premium to suit your pocket. This is a comprehensive health plan to suit you and your family including your spouse and 2 children.

USP features of SBI Arogya Plus Policy

  • The most interesting feature of Arogya Plus Policy is that it requires no medical check-up for people up to 55 years of age if they don’t have any medical history
  • The plan offers multiple coverage under both individual and family floater options
  • Multiple sum insured is another good feature that appeals to people about this plan
  • The policy covers alternative treatment undertaken in any of the accredited hospitals
  • The plan allows up to 7.5% discount on long term policy and family cover
  • The coverage of OPD expenses is another feature of the Arogya Plus Policy

What’s not covered under SBI Arogya Plus Policy?

  • The policy excludes the coverage on pre-existing diseases starting from date of buying the policy till it is active for up to 4 years
  • The plan excludes the expenses of certain illnesses in the first year of the policy like gall bladder stones, ulcers, hernia, cataract, sinusitis, etc.
  • The plan doesn’t cover treatment that was undertaken outside the country
  • The policy doesn’t allow hospital admission of insured for evaluation and investigation purpose
  • It also excludes experimental treatments like change of gender
  • Sterility and infertility are also not covered under the plan
Frequently asked questions

Alternative Treatment such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Unani are covered if it is carried on in a government run hospital institutes recognized by government up to the SI.

The Arogya Plus Policy doesn’t levy any co-pay to the insured.

Yes, the Arogya Plus Policy can be bought for minors in case the parents of the minor are covered under the plan.

You can have 2 policies but cannot avail benefit under both the policies simultaneously. The insured can raise claims under any one policy of the two. However, if the amount claimed exceeds the limit of that policy, the person can use the other policy for the additional amount.

Yes, it allows portability.

* Cumulative Bonus shall mean any increase in the Sum Insured granted by the Insurer without an associated increase in premium

# Coverage under the policy after the expiry of 48 months for any pre-existing disease is subject to the same being declared at the time of application and accepted by Insurer

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