Arogya Supreme

SBI General Health Insurance

Claim settlement ratio 98.7%

NCB* 15%, up to 100%

PED Waiting# 48 months

Network Hospital 6000+

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Overview of Arogya Supreme

The SBI Arogya Supreme is a health insurance policy to protect your family under a comprehensive health plan. This plan works as a complete solution for all your healthcare needs. The plan is available with 20 basic and 8 optional covers to allow you comprehensive coverage.

USP features of SBI Arogya Supreme

  • Among the best features of the plan include the sum insured refill facility
  • The plan also features domestic emergency assistance service including air ambulance services
  • The expenses of hospitalization for mental healthcare treatment are also covered under the plan for any mental illness during the active policy period
  • The plan allows coverage on HIV/AIDS. So, people diagnosed with HIV during an active policy period can get coverage on hospitalization etc.
  • Alternative treatment or AYUSH is also covered under the plan

What’s not covered under SBI Arogya Supreme?

  • The plan excludes coverage of investigation and evaluation expenses
  • Expenses of treatments undertaken for obesity or weight control are also not covered under the plan
  • Treatments that are undertaken for change of gender are excluded under the SBI Arogya Supreme plan
  • The plan doesn’t include cosmetic and plastic surgery expenses
  • Treatment undertaken for alcoholism and drug abuse or the abuse of any other addictive substances as well the consequences of the same are also not covered under the plan
Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can port the policy. All you need is to submit an application in the appropriate form to the insurer at least 45 days prior to the renewal date.

The policy offers a PED of 3 years, which can be reduced to 1 year by paying an extra premium amount.

Yes, air ambulance expenses are covered only if the sum insured of your policy is INR 7.5 Lakh.

Yes. There is a room rent capping under the plan and you would have to share costs with the insurer for choosing a luxury room

Yes, the plan does offer restoration benefit of up to 100%

* On each Renewal of the Policy with the insurer, a 15% of Basic Sum Insured under expiring Policy will be paid as Cumulative Bonus, which can be can be accumulated up to 100% of Basic Sum Insured

# Coverage under the Policy after expiry of 48 months for any Pre-Existing Disease is subject to the same being declared at the time of application and accepted by the Insurer

(For Detailed Information Refer to the Policy Wording)

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