Is Health Insurance Important for Women?


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Updated on Sep 23, 2022

For ages, Indian women have been neglecting their health while giving priority to other things or the other people in their lives.  In fact, health has always been given the least priority in most Indian women’s life in the past. Thus, very less number of Indian women have bought health insurance policies for themselves. And so, most of them especially the elderly struggle with illnesses without proper financial support to take care of their medical expenses.

However, things are changing and health insurance for women has been gaining more prominence. Women these days are aware and know the importance of health. They know that if they keep well, then only they can look after their family members.

Moreover, since a large population of Indian women have joined the organized sector they have been exposed to the advantages of getting a health insurance. The search for a good health insurance policy for their wellbeing and to be able to fight health issues is now prevalent. Further, women do realize that there are different kinds of considerably new and strange diseases cropping up every year. So, to be safe, it is better for everyone to be secure under some medical coverage.

In this blog, we will uncover more details about the importance and need of having a health insurance for every woman.

Why woman need a health insurance?

Health insurance is a financial support that every person needs against serious health conditions. With so many new and emerging diseases making life vulnerable, especially for woman, having a good medical policy is a must.

Further, there are greater chances of woman becoming a victim of several critical illnesses after reaching a certain age. Some such diseases like diabetes, high BP, arthritis, cancer, cardio-vascular diseases etc. can become a cause of worry for any woman after a particular age. Also, pregnancy or maternity related disorders are becoming very common.  Thus, the need of insurance for women is more pronounced. Women should not ignore their health issues due to lack of finances.

Things that a Women’s Health Insurance coverage should include:

  • Maternity benefits.
  • Accident cover for individual.
  • Hospitalization expenses for critical diseases.
  • Post hospitalization treatment costs.
  • Cover for accidental death or disability under ‘livelihood support benefit’
  • Cover for diseases like cancer pertaining to women organs, such as cervical, breast, ovarian, uterus and so on.

It’s time for every female to purchase the best health insurance for women to avoid any situation or financial crisis which could affect not only them but their family too. Since you don’t know what future holds in store for you, so staying prepared is better. After all, health insurance is not an insignificant expenditure but a necessary investment.

Also, health insurance for mothers is especially important so that they can look after their family, and their children well.

Things/coverage to look for when purchasing a health insurance plan for women?

Here are the most important things to look for while planning to purchase a health insurance cover for women:

  • Cover against Infertility or Maternity cover – Since the rate of infertility is on the rise, this cover has become the most significant one for woman to have in her insurance plan. Also, women want to focus on their career in the early years and choose to embrace motherhood when they are ready. At times age becomes a factor and creates complications while conceiving. Thus, it is very advisable for woman’s health insurance coverage plan to have maternity and fertility cover.
  • Cover against critical diseases – With the rise in the number of many critical or serious diseases, especially in case of woman, the need and importance of having an all-inclusive health cover is definitely a must. Further, the busy lifestyle of woman and the responsibilities of both home and outside makes life quite stressful for most of the womenfolk. Thus, they are more vulnerable to diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, different types of cancer, heart diseases and much more. And the treatment for most of these critical diseases demands a lot of money. Having so much savings in not always feasible, thus a good health policy is what every woman needs.
  • Benefits of lower premium rates – If a health insurance for women is purchased at an early age, it gives many advantages because you could pay lower premium. Since young women are less vulnerable to diseases, they can get more coverage at a less premium.
  • Benefits against Recovery – Another thing to keep in mind while buying an insurance for women is concerning the incidentals incurred by the insured person. Just ensure not to overlook the recovery benefits offered by the insurance policy in case of prolonged stay at the hospital to get fully recovered.   Though, most insurance companies would comply by the recovery claim or recuperating claim only after the completion of the period of recovery. However, it important to include it in your policy.

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Bottom Line  

It is high time for every woman to give due importance to her health. Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, you must ensure that there is a safety net of health insurance for your medical expenses. Never underestimate the need of an insurance for women and never think that you can overcome every ailment with home remedies. You are strong but you do need protection, especially against the severe illnesses. Further, since cancer and heart ailments have become normal diseases these days and taking numerous lives every year, it is very important for every woman to stay prepared to fight such deadly diseases by preparing yourselves financially.

So, go ahead and buy the best health insurance for single female and avail the coverage for numerous ailments which could otherwise ruin your happiness and your life. Stay strong, stay positive with a good women’s health insurance coverage.

Feb 02, 2022
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