Care Advantage 

Care Health Insurance

Claim settlement ratio 95.2 (2019-20)

NCB* 50% of SI per year, max up to 100% of SI*

PED Waiting# 48 Months

Network Hospital 9400+

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Overview of Care Advantage Health Insurance Plan

The Care Advantage Health plan from Care Health Insurance Company is an apt policy to beat the ever-rising medical inflation and to lower the burden of people from the highly-expensive healthcare treatment. The policy comes with an extensive coverage of wide-ranging sum insured of up to 6 Crore

USP features of Care Advantage Health Insurance

  • Care Advantage Plan is available on an individual and family floater basis
  • The Plan allows In-Patient Hospitalization and Daycare Treatment up to Sum Insured
  • Care Advantage plan also cover Pre and Post Hospitalization of 60 and 180 days respectively
  • Ambulance Coverage, Organ Donor Coverage and Ayush Coverage are allowed under the plan among other features up to Sum Insured
  • The plan also allows automatic recharge up to Sum Insured once in a policy year

What’s Not Covered under Care Advantage Health Insurance?

  • Care advantage plan do not cover expenses for any treatment that is not specified in the list of non-medical items
  • The plan does not allow coverage for treatment of drug abuse and alcoholism or any addiction and their consequences
  • Coverage is not allowed under the plan for expenses associated to infertility or sterility
  • Coverage for treatment of subnormal intelligence, incomplete development of mind, mental intellectual disability etc. are also not included under the Care Advantage plan
  • Treatment costs of infertility, miscarriage, abortion or childbirth, etc. are also not included under the plan

Frequently asked questions

The minimum and maximum entry age for the Care Advantage plan include 5 years in case of individual plans. family floater plans, it is 18 years for adults and 91 days for kids. However, there is no upper age limit for entering or exiting the plan.

Care Advantage is a comprehensive health insurance policy by Care Health Insurance company. The plan is available with multiple sum-insured including 25L, 50L and 1 Crore. The Care Advantage plan presents several benefits under its coverage against expenses like hospitalization expenses, daycare treatment, pre and post hospitalization medical expenses along with offering tax benefits.

Depending on the conditions and terms of the plan, a person up to the age of 50 years may not go through any pre-policy health check-up if the person doesn’t have any PED or pre-existing health conditions. However, individuals of 51 years and above might have to take up some specific medical tests before availing the policy.

Yes, the plan offers a Sum Insured of INR 25 lakh

* 10% increase in SI per policy year in case of claim free year. Max up to 50% of SI

# 48 months of pre-existing diseases waiting period